RUN With US Workshops: So You Think You Can SLC?

January 28, 2015  |   Found in Elections // News

SLC (Student Legislative Council) is like a dance, a complicated dance. The choreography is quite challenging, thanks to the Speaker, who runs all the practices. The Speaker of SLC has a lot of rules, Robert’s rules. If you ever took ballet, you might occasionally have horrible flashbacks to being told that your toes aren’t pointed enough—those embarrassing moments as everyone quickly looks at you, and down at your feet. Only with SLC, it won’t be your toes that people are looking at but something you said wrong. Like you used someone’s first name instead of their last name or you made a motion when it was question period. So the other kids won’t look at your feet. They’ll look at your red face.

This shouldn’t scare you away from your audition.

SLC does have long meetings. They can be exhausting and you must come prepared by reading documents ahead of time. But they can also be fun and really interesting. Most importantly, SLC meetings are important. So if you have an actual dance class on Tuesdays at 6:30pm during SLC time, that won’t work out because you’ll be doing the SLC in Council Chambers, with all 19 Elected Officials (the Faculty Representatives) and the 5 Executives (President and Vice Presidents).

SLC meetings are where SU decisions are made. Where we decide how we will function as an organization and how we can best represent you, our students. They’re also where people snap instead of clap because sensitive mics record everything that is said (which let’s face it is kind of weird, but you get used to snapping or pretending to snap if you are snap-challenged).

Big and over-arching plans are decided at SLC. But we would be nothing without the dedication and hard work of our SU staff. The staff are the ones who do the grunt work for us and make sure we’re prepared to represent students when we attend meetings with U of C admin and faculty. How this fits into my whole dance analogy, I’m not sure, but I can tell you that they’re great. The work they do is crucial to the SU’s functioning.

So you if you think you can SLC, and really SLC, know that it’s a commitment and lots of work. It’s not a dance class for funsies, it’s the type of dance class where you practice before the practice. But when you’ve done that, and you’re doing your best for the students in that Tuesday night meeting, I promise, you’ll still be having fun.

(Originally posted on Jan. 29, 2015.)

Kalista is a 4th year student majoring in archaeology with a minor in geography. She enjoys hiking and hockey in her spare time, writing poetry, and doing weird art.