Sex and Taxes

February 2, 2016  |   Found in Advocacy // News

Welcome back to school everyone. I’ll keep this brief and talk to you about everyone’s 4 favourite things:

  1. Doing their taxes
  2. Filling out the SU survey
  3. Pack the Jack
  4. Sex (distant fourth though)

First up, let’s talk about taxes. It’s going to be the only constant thing in our sad, sad lives so might as well get it done for free with the SU. Near the end of the month, watch for more details on the Volunteer Tax Program opening Feb. 29, or for more information or to book an appointment visit our website.

Next, let’s talk about everyone’s favourite thing to do morning, afternoon, or at night – filling out the SU survey. Not only is it sure to get your heart racing, you’ll be entered to win one of two hundred $10 vouchers to use in MacHall. The survey has a big influence on how the SU does what it does (I read every single comment on the survey last year). Do the rest of your fellow students a favour and fill out the survey now.

What’s everyone’s favourite thing to do with a big group? If you said Pack the Jack, you’re absolutely right. We almost blew the roof with the CIS attendance record-setting Crowchild Classic, let’s do the same for the basketball team at the annual Pack the Jack event on Thursday, Feb. 11 at the Jack Simpson Gym. Come watch the Dinos pound Regina at the most exciting basketball game of the year. More details on the Pack the Jack webpage.

And finally, sex. Sex Week is happening and is a great opportunity to have all of your questions about sex, love, relationships and so much more answered. Starting today and throughout the week, the Students’ Union, Women’s Resource Centre, and the SU Wellness Centre team up to bring you a week full of workshops, forums and even a carnival this afternoon. For all the details and schedules, check out our website.

Thanks for reading all the way through, and I hope the beginning of your semester has been great!

Levi Nilson
President, The Students’ Union
PS – Next time your phone/laptop/iPad has a low battery, we’ve got you covered with the SU PowerBank! Pick up a free, portable USB battery pack from the Stor and charge your device – compliments of your SU.