Branden Cave came to the University of Calgary in the fall of 2012 from the family farm north of Rimbey, Alberta. Growing up he spent more time around cows than he did around people and that is why if you startle him, he tends to kick. When he makes trips back home he loves to ride horses and spend time with his animals. Branden is extremely proud of his rural roots and loves to talk about all things cows, farm, and country.

Setting aside his love of agriculture, Branden came to Calgary to pursue a degree in economics. When he is done with his time here at the university, he plans to attend grad school to further study and focus on the field of econometrics.

Branden has been a strong voice and leader for various student groups across campus. He has been a student rep for the Residence Students’ Association, spent two years as president of the Students of the Arts and Science Honours Academy, served as the economics department rep for the Faculty of Arts Students’ Association, and as VP Academic for the Society of Undergraduates in Economics. Due to his heavy involvement in these organizations he can speak fluently in acronyms, much to the chagrin of people he talks to outside of student government. It was this heavy involvement in student organizations that last year led him to the position of SU VP Op-Fi. He spent the past year strengthening the organization by making it more attuned to students and ensuring it provides them the resources they need for success.

He is excited to take up the mantle of President and plans to ensure that 2017-18 is a turning point for student life on campus. If you have comments, questions, or concerns, or an idea about how the SU can better serve and represent students, drop by his office (the door is always open) or send him an e-mail.