PS513-3254Nabila was born in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates, and moved all around the Middle East until she made a home of Canada in 2013. She grew up with a passion for horseback riding and gymnastics, but this also didn’t stop her from trying to discover her artistic potential (which she later deemed to be almost non-existent). Nevertheless, her favorite class throughout high school was drama, and one of her favourite pastimes is still to play improv games.

Nabila also has a strong passion for traveling and has been to thirteen countries and counting so far. She believes that life lessons should largely be learned from first-hand experience, and what better way to learn than to travel? She hopes to bring a lot of the experiences she’s gained into her leadership role as the Students’ Union’s vice president student life.

Nabila is going into her fourth year of a law and society degree with a minor in sociology, and she hopes to become a lawyer in the future. Her leadership journey began in her first year of university through involvement with the Leadership and Student Engagement Office and several clubs on campus. Nabila volunteered for programs including but not limited to Camp LEAD and Orientation Week. She also took on the leadership role of finance director for the Calgary World Health Organization for 2017-2018. She cultivated her passion for advocacy and working for students when she joined the Students’ Union in 2017 as a Faculty of Arts representative.

Some of her proudest accomplishments as a Faculty of Arts representative include hosting the Arts Town Hall and working with her fellow arts representatives on securing $50,000 for faculty renovations, as well as sitting on several committees. Nabila believes that her strong voice and passion for activism will come in handy with her new role. She is excited to build on existing programs and bring some new ones to campus that students will greatly benefit from. When she’s not at the University of Calgary, you will probably find her trying out a new brunch place or taking trips to see the mountains. Nabila is always willing to meet with students, so you can always contact her or stop by her office to chat!