PS541-5569Jessica Revington is a born and raised Calgarian who considers the mountains to be her second home. She has been a proud University of Calgary student since 2013 and is currently pursuing a double degree in nursing and biological sciences. Her love of medicine and science is only matched by her love for crossword puzzles, cute puppies, and coffee.

Jessica has been involved in student advocacy and leadership throughout her undergraduate degree. She began her leadership journey in the university’s Office of Leadership and Student Engagement, taking part in programs such as Camp LEAD, the Emerging Leaders Program, the Sophomore Leadership Program, UCalgaryCares, and the office’s Student Advisory Council. In fact, Jessica maintains that she can trace every single friend, connection, and opportunity she has had at the University of Calgary back in some way to her first experiences at Camp LEAD. She continued her leadership roles in the Faculty of Nursing, working as the Year One Nursing Council co-chair and, most recently, undertaking a two-year term as the Students’ Union Faculty of Nursing representative.

One of Jessica’s true passions is medical research, specifically in acute pediatric populations. She has worked in clinical research at the Alberta Children’s Hospital for seven years, conducting research on pediatric concussions, preventative medicine, and emergency medical standards of care. Jessica understands the importance of undergraduate research on campus and wants to use her own success to help support and further student-led research initiatives.

When Jessica is not in the office, or on campus, she can often be found working on paintings and sketches of the outdoors or sweating it out in a hot yoga class. She has travelled to over 20 countries and is always looking forward to finding her next adventure (or just a beach to lie on).

Advocating for student rights is a genuine passion for Jessica and she looks forward to continuing that work as the new Students’ Union vice president academic.