75th-SLC-head-6725-PS284Born and raised in Calgary, Ryan Wallace grew up in a hockey family, but this didn’t stop him from pursuing the performing arts. Ryan was a member of the Young Canadians of the Calgary Stampede for six years. His passion for leadership and marketing started to develop when he took on many leadership roles and served as a public media ambassador for the organization. He is currently in his last year of his Bachelor of Commerce, concentrating in Marketing and minoring in Communications Studies.

Towards the end of his first year of university, Ryan joined the Haskayne Students’ Association (HSA) where he was a member of the inaugural House System Task Force. This team organized and designed the new Haskayne House Cup point system which divides all business students into one of four houses. Later, Ryan was asked to fill the vacancy of Vice President Marketing for the students’ association; in this role, he worked to improve communication channels between students and student leaders.

Upon completing his term as Vice President Marketing, Ryan was elected President for the HSA where he represented students on multiple faculty committees and continued to improve student life at the Haskayne School of Business. During his term, Ryan and his team designed the Haskayne Huddle smart-phone application which aimed to improve communication with students and the faculty, as well as further integrate the Haskayne House Cup point system. This smart-phone application was later adapted by the Engineering Students’ Society. Working closely with the SU representatives and the President of the Commerce Undergraduate Society, Ryan defined the scope of the HSA to minimize confusion amongst students and improve awareness about the three instrumental organizations.

Ryan was elected one of the Haskayne School of Business faculty representatives for the 74th Students’ Legislative Council (SLC) where he continued to represent students on SU, faculty and university committees. During his term, Ryan focused on mental health advocacy as a member of the Campus Mental Health Communications Subcommittee. He also streamlined funding between the Haskayne Student Levy Committee and the Haskayne Student Experience Fund. Finally, he designed a conference called the Haskayne Student Leadership Summit which aimed to improve the transition process of over fifteen Haskayne student clubs.

When he’s not at the University of Calgary, Ryan is volunteering with the Grandstand Show Committee at the Calgary Stampede, taking trips to the mountains and traveling, or trying new restaurants. Ryan is looking forward to his upcoming term as SU VP Operations and Finance for the 75th SLC.