sadiya-nazir_vp-externalVice President External

Sadiya Nazir was born and raised in Calgary. She spent the last year as a SU Faculty of Science Representative learning about the issues students face and the various ways through which the SU aims to support students in their multitude of programs and services.

Her time on campus began early–very early. She grew up in family housing when her father was a student at the University of Calgary over 20 years ago. At the age of three, she started with Dinos gymnastics and later started skating at the Olympic Oval.

Sadiya started her undergraduate degree in biological sciences in 2014. In her second year, she had the opportunity to work with chickens (yes, chickens) with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and co-authored a PLoS ONE journal publication on the role of macrophages in viral replication of infectious bronchitis virus. After attending the Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases in Chicago she became interested in policy and decided to add political science to her degree to explore the intersectionality between research and policy development.

During Sadiya’s gap year between high school and university, she got interested in interior design and consulted clients on custom designed furniture with Kiya Home, a Canadian retailer. She continued working as a design consultant for most of her degree, as a creative outlet between chemistry labs and biology lectures.

She is passionate about the Calgary community as well, having volunteered with the Drop-In Centre, the Calgary Public Library and youth outreach programs with the City of Calgary. Her other interests include helping youth with their non-profit projects by helping them design logos and websites, as well as helping connect them to mentors in the industry. She also helps Calgarians plan community events such as fundraisers with the Orphan Sponsorship Program, Islamic Relief, and YYC Helping the Homeless.

In Sadiya’s spare time, she practices her calligraphy skills and spends time hiking, skating, and trying out the hippest food in Calgary.

Helping students is her passion and she is looking forward to advocating for student needs to government during her term this year!