Vice President Operations & Finance

Although born in the United States, Omer has lived in Calgary for more than 15 years and is a proud Dino and Canadian. From exploring the mountains to taking in the scenery, he is glad to call Canada his home! He grew up with a strong interest in both the field of the arts and sciences. Pursuing a degree in biological sciences has allowed him to learn the fundamentals of biology, while still having the flexibility to explore the arts and humanities.

In addition to academics, Omer has learned an extensive amount through his involvement outside of the classroom. As the President of the Biology Students’ Association (BSA), he’s been able to redraft the constitution and increase membership by 513 percent. He and his team crafted five new undergraduate awards for students and expanded the team with 15 new leadership positions. The extensive reformation of the BSA eventually allowed his team to win Club of the Year! He’s also served previously on the SU as a Faculty of Science Representative, was a member of the Scholar’s Academy, and participated in the University of Calgary’s Emerging Leaders Program.

Omer has explored issues outside of the university through his involvement with the International Development and Relief Foundation (IDRF) as their Director of Communications. From helping raise $50,000 for victims fleeing persecution abroad to collecting more than 5,000 hygiene products for women in Calgary, Omer has provided aid on both a local and international scale. He hopes to be an active, global citizen that is able to be inclusive of the needs of others and adapt to the changing environment around the world.

When away from the campus community, Omer loves travelling, hiking and getting involved outdoors. Whether it’s getting robbed in Istanbul or off-roading in Dubai – he’s always got an exhilarating story to tell!

Omer’s excitement to be involved with the SU comes from learning and examining the intersection of different fields. Seeing how policy, student experience and advocacy interact with one another in these dynamic roles is what pushed him to run for Vice President Operations and Finance. He’s excited to work with staff and other elected officials to improve the SU this year!