Puncham was born and raised in Calgary. Growing up, she honed her leadership skills by participating in every sport you can think of. From hockey to basketball, she truly exemplifies the qualities that are needed to be a team leader – qualities such as confidence, passion, accountability, and positivity.

In the last few years, she has been heavily involved in the community and volunteers at several different local organizations. This is when she became passionate about advocacy. Currently, she spends her Friday evenings at the Carewest Colonel Belcher seniors’ home engaging with seniors and playing bingo. She is also heavily involved with the refugee community in Calgary through the Calgary Bridge Foundation, where she works with immigrant and refugee youth and provides them with help in learning English and developing life and leadership skills.

Puncham became involved with the Students’ Union in May 2017 as a Faculty of Arts Representative. During her time as an Arts Representative, she worked on projects to increase the quality of education and student life in the Faculty of Arts. She is thoroughly engaged in student politics and her goal for her term as Vice President External is to ensure that student voices are heard at all three levels of government.

She brings a lot of experience to the table in regard to working with government as she is also currently interning for the World Federation of United Nations Associations. She has been advocating for human rights and the improvement of the quality of life for citizens across the world and has attended conferences in India, Brazil, and the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. It’s a good thing that Puncham is an enthusiastic world traveller – she has been on 36 flights since January!

Puncham is always willing to meet with students to discuss any issue, so please do not hesitate to stop by her office.