SU Approves New Strategic Plan

March 13, 2019  |   Found in News // Press-release

Vision for next three years built on empowering students and embracing diversity

March 13, 2019

The Students’ Union (SU) is committed to embracing students’ evolving and diverse needs in order to ensure that the organization represents all undergraduate students through its programs and advocacy.

After months of consultation with undergraduate students and SU staff, the Students’ Legislative Council (SLC) approved the SU’s new, three-year strategic plan at their meeting on March 12. The three-year plan, which includes a refreshed mission, vision, and guiding values for the organization. The SU’s strategic plan guides the annual goal-setting and planning process that each new executive undergoes when they first take office each year.

The SU’s new mission statement balances the many aspects of the organization, from its numerous services and programs to its role as the voice of students through its governance and advocacy functions. It continues the SU’s commitment to consulting with students before decisions are made and recognizes that issues of diversity and accessibility are increasingly important on campus.

“At its heart, the SU is about empowering and supporting students to make things happen for themselves and their peers,” says Jessica Revington, Vice President Academic. “Everything we do starts with listening to students and hearing what they tell us is best for them. This plan will guide future executives and remind them of why the SU exists and who we serve.”

The plan also includes a list of values that SLC feels encapsulate what the SU stands for and which motivate its elected officials and employees. These include striving to be leaders in accountability, inclusivity, and innovation.

“Given the changing needs of students, it’s especially important for the SU to be flexible and quick to adapt as needed,” emphasizes Revington, “I’m confident our new strategic direction sets us up for success in this regard.”

Learn more about the SU’s strategic plan by visiting our website.