SU Teaching Excellence Awards Recipients: 2015-2016

April 21, 2016  |   Found in Advocacy // Media Releases // News

On Wednesday April 20, 2016, the Students’ Union (SU) honoured 34 faculty members and instructors for their commitment to student success at its annual Teaching Excellence Awards ceremony. The awards recognize individuals who make significant contributions in assisting students in reaching their highest potential. The SU’s campus-wide recognition program is for instructors who make a long-lasting impact on students – and most importantly, it is the students that determine the nominees and winners.

“It is a great honour to grant awards on behalf of undergraduate students to show our gratitude and recognize these 34 very deserving recipients,” said Stephan Guscott, SU Vice President Academic. “I love these awards because they are a unique opportunity for students to appreciate the impact these fantastic professors, instructors, and TAs make in a truly meaningful way, because the entire award process is student-run.”

First handed out in 1984, the awards provide students with the opportunity to give feedback on the quality of instruction within their course. They also ensure that excellence in teaching remains a key priority, which is in-line with one of the three primary commitments made in the Eyes High vision to enrich the quality and breadth of learning at the University of Calgary.

Based on student nominations submitted over a six week period in both the fall and winter semesters and a wide range of criteria previously set out by the SU, the Teaching Excellence committee conducted 102 class visits throughout the year to collect written feedback about the short-listed instructors. The winners were then decided after the committee analyzed 2,040 evaluation forms.

Winners of the Teaching Excellence Award receive an Apple Award and a framed certificate. In addition, the Students’ Union will make a $5,000.00 donation in recognition of the winners to the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning.

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Jo-Anne Brown, Science, Winner in Teaching Excellence

Jo-Anne Brown, Science, Winner in Teaching Excellence

Dr. Lauren Zanussi, Medicine, Winner in Teaching Excellence

Kara Sealock, Nursing, Winner in Teaching Excellence

Mark Magotti, Arts, Honourable Mention in Teaching Excellence