Summer renos in MacHall: some spicy new spaces

September 2, 2015  |   Found in MSC Spaces // News

There is a commonly-held belief that the summer is a quiet time around MacHall. In fact, the summer is one of the busiest times of the year for the SU. While students are working at summer jobs and enjoying the outdoors, staff and elected officials are already hard at work crafting new spaces, new experiences and even new flavours.

The SU is a fundamental resource here on campus: helping you find ways to get involved beyond the classroom, providing essential services, and managing the building at the heart of campus, MacHall. The summer is our opportunity to build and improve on existing resources so that they will be ready for students returning in September. This summer we renovated Volunteer Services, updated The Den, and brought tacos to the MacHall Food Court.

Volunteer Services is one of the most beloved branches of the SU. Each year, hundreds of friendly and hardworking students volunteer their time with programs such as the SU Campus Food Bank, Students for Literacy, or the Volunteer Tax Program. These students help provide everything from free healthy breakfasts to free income tax services to peer mentoring and support. Thanks to SU Quality Money, Volunteer Services enjoyed a much-needed renovation that makes their space even more effective and welcoming.

The Den has been a U of C tradition for over 45 years – if you haven’t been there yet, you will! Inspired by classic beer halls, the newly-renovated space incorporates features like exposed brick, bench-seating, and barrel-tops. Images of student traditions like Bermuda Shorts Day line the walls. The Den’s signature burgers are back, as are healthy choices like iceberg lettuce wraps.

And finally, meet the newest edition to the SU family – La Taqueria! This summer, our kitchen created some fresh and authentic Mexican flavours and brought them straight to MacHall. Even the spicy tomatillo salsa is freshly made, in-house. La Taqueria serves gluten-free, vegan and halal tacos, and is located at the east end of the food court.

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