Tackle Food Insecurity: Club Style

March 10, 2017  |   Found in Editorial

The SU Campus Food Bank has been feeding and supporting students in need for over 24 years. Clients are provided with nutritional food hampers in accordance with the Canada Food Guide along with information to resources available off campus. The number of people using the Campus Food Bank (CFB) has more than doubled in the past two years. With an increase in demand there is an increase in need for donations. Being part of an SU club, you are able to make a difference by gathering your club members to support the CFB. Below are some fun ideas to help the CFB:

Host a Domino’s pizza party

Not just for your club members, but for anyone! This is a great opportunity to promote your club and entice new members. Your club could charge an entrance fee of about $5 and then donate all your profits to the CFB. You’d be completing 3 tasks at once: promoting your club, feeding hungry students and helping the food bank!

Create an inner club competition

Challenge your club members to collect as many donations (food or money) as possible, in teams or individually. Create a small prize for the winner(s) which could include a Mac Hall gift voucher or Tim’s Card.

Compete in an SU Food Drive

The SU organizes two food drives each year. The SU Spring Food Drive is open to any student and takes place from March 13 to 16 this year. Remember to contribute with a food or monetary donation. Or, you can take part in the Holiday Food Drive that happens in MSC each November. Clubs set up tables in the building and compete to collect the most donations (and win awesome prizes!). You can either take part as an SU Club and sign up to participate, or you can make an effort to donate to your favourite Club.

The CFB’s most needed items

Most often people think to donate to food banks during the Christmas holidays or other holidays likes Thanksgiving, but the need is year round! The CFB is open all year and are always looking for donations so they can always help their clients (located in MSC 225). Monetary donations are the most impactful! If you are planning to donate food items, pre-check the expiry dates to ensure that all food is given out to those in need. Here is a list of the CFB’s most needed items:


  1. Cereal and oatmeal
  2. Boxed macaroni and cheese
  3. Pasta sauces, pasta and dry soup
  4. Canned fruit and vegetables
  5. Canned meat (ham, turkey, chicken), seafood (salmon, tuna) and beans
  6. Meal helper (Sidekicks, Hamburger Helpers, etc.)
  7. Peanut Butter
  8. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate
  9. Gluten-free products
  10. Toiletries (toilet paper, menstrual hygiene products, travel-sized deodorant, bar soap, etc.)

For more information about the SU Campus Food Bank, check out their web page.

Look for SU Spring Food Drive Tables in MacHall from March 13 – 16 to make your donation!

Nicolle Tokarek is a fourth year Law and Society and Sociology minor student. Holistic, embarrassingly indecisive and always on the go. A bit of a dreamer and always down for a burrito.