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April 23, 2018  |   Found in Advocacy // News

Hello UCalgary students!

I know I said that my previous message would be my last to you, but I was so inspired by all the amazing teachers that we honored last week at our annual Teaching Excellence Awards that I wanted to share the list of them with you. Since 1975, the SU has been giving you the opportunity to nominate and recognize excellent instructors and TAs. This year, we received 1,146 nominations from students and, on April 19, we honoured 39 outstanding individuals. They are as follows:

Teaching Assistants

Christopher James Hooey (Science)
Tony Stevens (Veterinary Medicine)
Pier-Luc Champagne (Science)
Benjamin Blyth (Arts)
MohanaGowri Arumugam (Science)
Jennifer Retzlaff (Science)
Joshua John Horacsek (Science)
Allison Bajt (Arts)
David Ledo Maira (Science)
Mike D. Law (Science)


Caleb Lee (Arts)
Ted McCoy (Arts)
Anne Moore (Arts)
Dick Averns (Arts)
Leighton Wilks (Business)
Catherine Burwell (Education)
Ahmad Ghasemloonia (Engineering)
Uttandaraman Sundararaj (Engineering)
Brad Kilb (Kinesiology)
Jonnette Watson Hamilton (Law)
Jason Waechter (Medicine)
Mayi Arcellana-Panlilio, PhD (Medicine)
Zenaida Roxas Boerhave (Nursing)
Claude Laflamme (Science)
Heather Addy (Science)
Jo-Anne Brown (Science)
Cari Gulbrandsen (Social Work)
Cameron Knight (Veterinary Medicine)

Honourable Mentions

Dr. Howard Kislowicz (Law)
Randy Head (Education)
Brianna Strumm (Social Work)
William Bridel (Kinesiology)
Melissa Eastveld (Nursing)
Chris Morton (Engineering)
Gareth Jones (Arts)
Melanie Kloetzel (Arts)
Catherine Mitchell (Nursing)
Jennifer Koshan (Law)

Hall of Fame

Larry A. Wood (Business)

Winners of the SU Teaching Excellence Award receive an Apple Award and a framed certificate. In addition, the SU will make a $5,000 donation in recognition of the winners to the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning.

For more information about the SU Teaching Excellence program and the award criteria, please visit www.su.ucalgary.ca/tea/.



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