TFDL: The library of magic, adventure, and procrastination

December 14, 2016  |   Found in Editorial

TFDL is known to all UCalgary students as a place to hunker down and write a 3000-page paper in under 6 hours. With a countless number of study spots, computers, and work rooms, students often forget that TFDL is a library! And within that library, there are over 16,900 films and video material, and over 3,300,000 images in its digital collections. TFDL also is full of wonderful galleries, resource offices, and the library helps make the University of Calgary one the most technologically-rich educational facility in North America!

But let’s be real. As students, TFDL is also one of the best places on campus to find a spot and binge-watch our favourite TV shows and movies. So whether you’re craving a Game of Throne, Harry Potter, or even Lord of the Rings twist to the library we all know is home, keep on reading!


Varys’ Little Birds

If you’re looking fo a source for all the gossip and information on campus, check out the eight LCD panels that are banked together on a wall on the first floor of TFDL. Touchscreen, audio, and visual, these displays allow students to present and work on their own projects, keep up to date with major news events, or challenge each-other in a game. Rumor has it Varys doesn’t let his little birds keep their tongues, but we trust that you won’t tell the wrong people.


The Hogwarts Library: Restricted Section

On the fifth floor of TFDL, we have over four kilometres of archival records in the Archives and Special Collections. The collection includes rare book holdings, significant literature, historical, musical, and cultural archives, collections of popular and science fictions, and the largest collection of Canadian architectural drawings and records in Canada!


Pai Sho with Uncle Iroh

Though we can’t band together and join the Order of the White Lotus, TFDL does have the largest retro-gaming collection in Canada! There’s a special area that allows gamers to step back into the 1970s and try your hand at old-school gaming devices. With the mix of classic and modern, the game space on third floor allows all users to take full advantage of the incredible motion sensing capabilities the gaming center has!


Experiencing the beauty of Rivendell

On the fourth floor of TFDL, a special visualization room allows professional research to be displayed in detail on a full floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall, high resolution screen with the coolest surround sound system. Whether it be exploring deep space, the mysteries of the Aurora Borealis, or even looking at detailed geological samples, the visualization room is where to go!


Accio USB stick!

Luckily for us students, TFDL has a ton of vending machines on every floor! And they’re not just for gum and chips anymore. Some vending machines offer USB flash drives, laptop master locks, packs of batteries, even calculators! For any sudden headaches, they even give packs of Tylenol. Now if only it was that easy to accio ourselves some A’accios …

There you have it! A little twist on the library we all know and love. So next time you’re procrastinating on a lab report or research paper, don’t be afraid to wander through the 6 floors of TFDL. You never know what you may find!

Sherry is a 3rd year history student, intersectional feminist, and lover of books&coffee