The results are in: the best of MacHall 2015 contest winners

December 18, 2015  |   Found in MSC Spaces // News // Tenants

The results are in: we love MacHall, and so do you!

Thanks to all those who voted in our Best of MacHall contest. And thanks to all of our friendly businesses who work tirelessly all year long to keep our bellies full, our brains caffeinated, our bags full of textbooks, and so much more.

So who does serve the best breakfast? Who is the best kept-secret, anyway? The competition was fierce friendly. Here are the top three businesses selected by voters in each category:

The 2015 Best of MacHall Contest Winners

Friendliest Service

  1. Opa
  2. Bake Chef
  3. University Book Store

Convenience Award

  1. Stör
  2. University Book Store
  3. Varsity Pharmacy

Best Kept Secret

  1. Bound and Copied
  2. Varsity Pharmacy
  3. University Book Store


Best Breakfast

  1. A&W
  2. Fuel for Gold
  3. Bake Chef


Best Healthy Snack Options

  1. Fuel for Gold
  2. La Prep
  3. Jugo Juice


Best To Take To Class

  1. Starbucks
  2. Jugo Juice
  3. Bake Chef


Best to Eat in MacHall

  1. Korean BBQ
  2. Bake Chef
  3. Umi Sushi