The SU Survey: what’s important to YOU?

January 7, 2019  |   Found in Feature // MSC Spaces // Student Life // SU Survey

It’s that time of year again! Classes are back in full force, we are trying to get back into a school routine, and the annual SU Survey is launched for students’ feedback. You may be thinking “what SU Survey?” or “oh I don’t need to fill that out, my opinion won’t matter anyways”, BUT this is not the case. There is a lot more to the SU Survey than you may think.

Think of any changes you would like to see in the programs and services the SU provides. What kinds of events would you like to see in the Den? What snacks do you wish you could purchase at the Stör? Do you have any ideas for new programs and events offered by the SU? Now is your chance to let the SU know what you think! Students’ feedback in the SU Survey is strongly valued and considered.

For example, the SU opened La Taqueria in MacHall (that awesome new taco place on the 2nd floor, 10/10 recommend trying) because students asked for a food court vendor that offers halal, gluten-free, and vegan options. Debit and credit options have been added in the Stör, a new study space at the east end of MacHall was created, and the funding available to student clubs has been increased - all because students told the SU that these things are important.

With the SU Survey, not only are you able to contribute to the future quality of student life on campus, but you are entered to win prizes like a flight vouchers or gift certificates to use in MacHall!

Fill out the survey now and have your voice heard!