Tutor Registry :: Privacy

We take privacy and security very serious at the Students' Union

We highly recommend you read our safety tips. The Students' Union has meeting facilities that will be available to first-time meetings between tutors and students (by appointment only.)

Students Seeking Tutors

We do not store or track the identities or personal information of those seeking tutors. We do, however, maintain regular usage metrics and information on numbers of visitors and pages visited.

Tutors and Tutor Applicants

We actively maintain contact and academic records on each student obtained during the application process. All records or copies obtained in hardcopy formats are kept locked in a secure location. The hardcopy information is not transferred to the web site at any time.

Electronic information obtained during the application process is stored in a encrypted database. This database is not available to any others web server but our own. We also do not display personal contact information. Initial contact is provide via our web servers. At no time is your phone number or email address made available to the public until you, the tutor, make follow-up contact.


If you have concerns regarding the SU Tutor Registry please contact the Tutor Registry Administrator at 403.220-6551 or email at tutor@su.ucalgary.ca.