University of Calgary Students’ Union Supports U of A Students’ Fight Against Institutional Budget

April 10, 2018  |   Found in Advocacy

The University of Calgary Students’ Union (SU) believes post-secondary education in Alberta should be accessible and affordable for everyone. To ensure this, we have always advocated for, among other things, prudent and forward-thinking fiscal planning at universities and colleges across the province.

University of Calgary students should be comforted by the actions of their institution which continues to prioritize the kind of sound financial planning that limits drastic budgetary actions, such as large cuts or cost increases. The same cannot be said for the University of Alberta. In mid-March the administration of that institution passed a budget that included a four percent cut across the board, an increase to international student tuition and residence rates, and the implementation of an all-you-care-to-eat meal plan.

The SU stands with the University of Alberta’s Students’ Union in their condemnation of this budget, especially in light of the recently released provincial budget that included a two percent base grant increase and $17 million in tuition backfill to the university. These budget cuts will result in unnecessary layoffs and service reductions which will directly impact the student experience at the University of Alberta.

The SU also call on the Government of Alberta to not accept the University of Alberta budget, to request that increases to fees and the four percent cut be reconsidered given the provincial budget, and to take action to protect taxpayers, students and staff such as by regulating international student tuition.

We have been fortunate at the University of Calgary that our administration has not balanced the budget on the backs of our international or residence students. We are appreciative of the work of our administration and encourage other publicly funded institutions to follow their lead.