How to waste your time during reading break

February 13, 2015  |   Found in Editorial // Student Life

*If you actually don’t want to waste your week skip down to the bottom half of the article.

Step one: On the last Friday before your reading week starts, make sure to go out and party hard! It’s Friday the 13th and everyone knows that a few drinks will help to counteract the bad luck. Also most of you are probably single so the following day, Valentines Day, will be better spent watching Netflix and sleeping off your massive hangover.

Step two: Throw all your textbooks into the closet and don’t pull them out until your next final. It’s important to resist the urge to study, so if you’re feeling tempted then throw a smelly blanket over the books to keep you away. Those pesky things might distract you from your Friends marathon and we just cant have that. Which brings me to the next step:

Step three: Make a schedule for all the shows you need to catch up on. Since you wont be leaving the couch, you can keep watching through the night. You don’t need sleep! You’re on a break.  Don’t forget to schedule in snack breaks with all your favourite junk food. Be efficient and keep them within arms reach of the couch. You don’t want to do too much exercise.

Step four: Do not, under any circumstances go outside. There is a whole world of things for you to do and discover, it’s much safer to stay inside where nothing can get to you. Close the blinds and turn off the lights, then you’ll know you’re safe and the screens you’re staring at will look better and brighter!


How to make sure you have a productive reading break:

Step one: Don’t do any of the steps above (duh). In fact, do the opposite of most of them.

Step two: Remember to give yourself some time to rest and recuperate, catch up on some sleep! Otherwise you’ll come back to school just as frazzled as when you left.

Step three: Schedule in some time to study as well. If you struggle with studying as much as I do, maybe now is a good time to try some new methods like rewarding yourself with candy or taking frequent but shorter breaks.

Step four: Try and spend a little time on that hobby that you can never do when you’re in the middle of a busy semester.

Step five: Have some fun, enjoy the week and come back ready to tackle the rest of the semester. BSD is less than two months away!



Dylan is a 3rd year Drama major and an event coordinator at the SU. You can see him in upcoming the upcoming SCPA performances of “Man Equals Man” and in the Taking Flight Festival. Get in touch with him on Instagram @dillsauce7 or on Twitter @Dill_sauce