Where Arts Students Congregate Online

September 22, 2015  |   Found in Editorial

I was one of those people who studied the campus map rigorously the summer prior to my first year. Being able to navigate campus in a sea full of lost students brought me comfort and went a long way in my smooth transition from a 13-person grade twelve class to a university with over 25,000 students. However, what a campus map couldn’t help me navigate is the best way for me to connect to other students in my program and faculty.

The Faculty of Arts is rich in student engagement and an array of students find themselves connecting with their peers through social media. Soon after I was elected as a Faculty of Arts representative I went about trying to map the student social media hubs where art students congregate. Turns out, there’s a lot of them. There are faculty and department social media accounts, club social media accounts, and random Facebook groups started by students years ago. The ones I have compiled are active digital spaces that students make use of.

Now I highly recommend that every student joins, likes and follows the accounts that are most relevant to them. Not only will you feel more connected to your program and faculty but you’ll be able to know about neat events that are being held. You’ll also be able to utilize it for things as simple as asking for advice on what class you should take or if anyone is selling a textbook you need.

I hope that these resources provide you with a little sense of belonging that often eludes us in this big faculty of ours. Soon that random Facebook user that likes to nerd out about urban planning, military aircraft, or Mozart will be your closest friend.

Fun facts:

- Law and Society have the only department run social media account for an interdisciplinary program which is funny because the Department of Sociology which administers law & society has no social media itself
- International indigenous studies and latin American studies have the only Facebook Groups that are administered by their respective program coordinators
- The Department of Anthropology & Archaeology, English, and Philosophy are the only departments that have both Facebook and Twitter

Originally posted Oct. 14, 2015.

Haider is a 4th year international relations student and a Faculty of Arts representative at the SU. Get in touch with him by email at arts1@su.ucalgary.ca or on Twitter @Haidermys.