Worst Places to Study on Campus

October 16, 2014  |   Found in Editorial // Student Life

Amongst all the quiet pockets here on campus that are excellent for studying, there are several that disguise themselves as a good place to study, and are in fact the worst places to study. When you finally manage to convince yourself to go study instead of using every fathomable excuse to procrastinate, here are the 5 places you don’t want to go.

  1. TFDL (The bottom 3 floors)
    Despite the fancy exterior and state of the art technology inside, this library isn’t always your best choice for getting some solid studying done. If you are able to find a seat, the first 3 floors are very popular, often crowded and loud. Unless you’re the type of person who likes noisy spaces for studying, in which case you are an advanced species of human being, and you’ve got better things to worry about. That being said, the first 3 floors are excellent for group projects. With the sound of collaboration and great ideas in the air, you and your group will be sure to come up with brilliant ideas for your next project. I would like to take this opportunity to remind you, that the 4th floor is a quiet study area, so kindly stop talking while you’re there. Thank you from everyone trying to study quietly.
  2. Arts Lounge
    If you’re up with what’s happening, you would already know that FASA doesn’t want the arts lounge to be a study space. Why? Because they host spectacular events, panel discussions and social engagements. Designated to the largest faculty on campus, but open to all faculties, the Arts lounge is a great place to hang out and chat. But if you’re trying to read your text book, or write a paper …good luck.
  3. Mac Hall
    If you’ve never been to Mac Hall, then you probably don’t go to this school and I don’t really know why you’re reading this. But if you have been there, then you know that the only time it’s quiet is in the middle of the night and you should be in bed because sleep is important. Even if you manage to find a nice space, there are so many people coming and going it’s nearly impossible to keep focused. And yes, even on those couches on the 3rd floor, although I don’t know how you got a seat there because I never can. If you need to get some studying done, get your food and get out because it’s impossible to be productive in Mac Hall.
  4. That rock thingy in Kinesiology (Kinesiology Atrium?)
    I can’t deny that this is an exceptional place to watch attractive people go to and from the gym, but for that exact reason and a few others, it’s awful for trying to study. Its comfy and nice to sit here if you’re chatting with friends or waiting for class however being right at the main intersection between Mac Hall, the Oval, and Kines makes for tons of traffic at almost all times of day. Really, this space was designed for hanging out with friends between classes, eating your lunch, or pretending to be on a mountain. Trying to study here is simply not in your best interest.
  5. Second floor of Scurfield hall
    Have you ever noticed that scurfield hall is shaped kind of like a giant cavern? Well it sounds like one too. You might be able to find a place to sit, but you’ll have to crank your study tunes in order to drown out the echoing voices around you. Not to mention, that it can be kind of difficult to find a plug in for your laptop. However, if your study tunes just so happen to be most excellent and you can drown out the other sounds, and you remembered to charge you computer before going, you may have success with studying because it’s not always crowded in there.

So the next time you’re looking for a place to study, just remember that all study spaces are not what they seem and if you’re left wondering “well where the heck can I get some studying done?!” Be sure you check out the top 5 best places to study, another article from the SU.

Dylan is a 3rd year drama major in the School of Creative and Performing Arts. You can see him in upcoming productions such as Jebat and West Side Story. You can follow him on twitter @Dill_sauce or Instagram @Dillsauce7