University agrees to permanent Credit Granted option

June 21, 2021  |   Found in News

Towards the beginning of the pandemic the university, thanks to SU advocacy, implemented a Credit Received (CR) option. This CR option recognized the challenges that students were experiencing during the pandemic. It allowed students who passed a course, but may have received a lower grade, to not have that grade affect their GPA while still acting as a prerequisite for more senior level courses.

The SU believes that this should be permanently available to students and have advocated to the university that they implement a permanent CR option. Though the SU had hoped to have this news sooner, we are very pleased to announce the university has committed to a permanent CR option starting in Fall 2021.

This new permanent option will be called Credit Granted (CG).

All faculties across the university will have some type of CG model. Students will largely be able to assign nine credit units as CG over the course of their degree.

For the typical, semester-based courses, this means that students can use the CG option three times over their degree. Students must apply to do this within two weeks of the end of a course and cannot save up their CG designations to the end of their degree.

This is good news for students and is reflective of what’s going on at several other universities across the country. The SU is proud to have pushed the university to adopt this Credit Granted approach.

Each faculty, department, and program is allowed to add additional restrictions about which courses are eligible. In some cases, not all students enrolled in a particular course will be eligible to use the CG option by virtue of them majoring in different programs. It is imperative, and up to students, to check their degree, department, and program restrictions so there are no surprises if students elect to use one of their CG options.

The SU is continuing to advocate to ensure that students can go to a one-stop shop to view any and all restrictions to the Credit Granted program. Students deserve to have all the information they need to make an educated decision about whether to use the CGs afforded to them or not.