Around Campus, Around Town, Around the World

The Students’ Union Volunteer Services is dedicated to advancing the distinct role of the community sector here on campus. We foster volunteerism, social innovation, collaboration, community/social enterprise and service learning that directly supports students on campus and creates real world experiences in the greater Calgary community.


Since 1990, Volunteer Services has provided students with a number of ways to make a difference in our community, gain professional experience and just get involved in campus life.

Volunteering is a rewarding experience, but it also serves as a great way to build your academic and professional portfolio. Thanks to an idea and formal proposal from the Students’ Union, the university offers a Co-curricular Record Program to all U of C students. This program formally documents your involvement in extra-curricular activities including volunteerism – a great asset when presenting yourself to employers and making that important transition from school to full-time work.

You can access your co-curricular record through the UCalgary Involvement Portal.

Volunteer Services is more than you expect. We offer ten diverse volunteer programs to fit different schedules and skill-sets. From gaining practical administrative experience in our offices, to working with a homeless shelter or arts association in the Calgary region, chances are we have an opportunity to interest you. Visit our volunteer programs page to learn more and apply to our exciting volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Programs are open to Undergraduate Students Only.

SU Volunteer Services is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.