• Den & Black Lounge

    The Den and Black Lounge has been the food and beverage establishment on the U of C campus for 45 years. The Den and Black Lounge features two floors of restaurant and bar space, as well as a large outdoor patio on the second floor. The Den features a performance stage and dance floor with modern [...]

  • Volunteer Services

    The Students’ Union Volunteer Services is dedicated to advancing the distinct role of the community sector here on campus. We foster volunteerism, social innovation, collaboration, community/social enterprise and service learning that directly supports students on campus and creates real world [...]

  • SU Campus Food Bank

    The SU Campus Food Bank, administered through SU Volunteer Services, provides a  seven day emergency food relief service to the campus community. This relief is provided through nutritionally sound hampers in accordance with the Canada Food Guide along with information to clients regarding [...]

  • Partnership Program

    The Students’ Union is always looking for ways to partner in improving undergraduate students' quality of education and student life on campus. That’s what the SU Partnership Program is about. If you are a student group, university department, or outside organization interested in hosting an [...]

  • Refugee Student Program

    In some developing countries, getting an education can be dangerous. Whether due to war or political repression, students are often persecuted, imprisoned or forced into exile. In March 1986, the students at the University of Calgary voted to establish a levy to annually sponsor a refugee [...]

  • Health and Dental

    The SU cares about your wellbeing! That's why we offer competitively-priced health and dental plans for all full-time undergraduate students. Below are a list of commonly asked questions about the plans. Scroll further down further to learn about more ways that the SU works to keep you healthy and [...]

  • Stör

    Stör takes good care of us, doesn’t it? It makes sure we have all the stuff we need, like fresh food, newspapers, transit tickets, and phone cards, not to mention nutritional powerhouses like chocolate, pop, chips, and ice cream. Based on YOUR feedback, we've added more healthy and fresh [...]

  • Lost & Found

    Misplaced your textbook? Panicking because you can’t find your wallet? Found a piece of jewelry that looks valuable? If you’ve lost or found an item on campus the best place to find or turn in an article is the Lost and Found, located on the 2nd floor of MacEwan Student Centre at the end of [...]

  • The Q Centre

    The Students’ Union’s Q Centre is a safe, comfortable and inviting space for the LGBTQA+ community at the University of Calgary. Featuring a library and peer support services, the program coordinators and volunteers plan events and direct clients to relevant resources. Guests are also welcome [...]

  • Bound and Copied

    Bound and Copied is your first choice on campus for all your copying, printing, and bindery needs. We also run a successful consignment service, taking the stress and hassle out of selling your used text books. Bound and Copied is committed to offering the campus community exceptional services at [...]