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The SU cares about your wellbeing! That’s why we offer competitively-priced health and dental plans for all full-time undergraduate students. Below are a list of commonly asked questions about the plans. Scroll further down further to learn about more ways that the SU works to keep you healthy and happy!

Your Student Health and Dental Plan is provided through Gallivan: Student Health & Wellness. Gallivan: Student Health & Wellness has created an online centre exclusively for U of C undergraduate students as a convenient way for you to source information specific to your benefit plan. For more specific assistance, drop in to visit the knowledgeable staff at the SU Student Health and Dental Plan office located at MSC 352, phone 403-220-3906, or send an email to


  • All full-time undergraduate students (taking three or more courses per session) at the University of Calgary are automatically enrolled in the Student Health and Dental Plan when they register for classes.
  • AmbulanceReimbursed at 80% to a maximum of $250 per occurrence.

    Prescription DrugsReimbursed at 80% to a maximum of $3,000 per benefit year. The drug coverage is based on a specific list of medications called the national formulary, more information about the formulary can be found here.

    Vision: Reimbursed at 100% to a maximum of $50 for one eye exam and $150 for glasses or contact lenses every 24 months.

    Health PractitionersThe services of physiotherapists*, registered massage therapists*, chiropractors, speech language pathologists*, psychologists* or social worker*, osteopaths, naturopaths and podiatrists are reimbursed at 80% to a maximum of $20 per visit. Each service has an overall plan maximum of $300 per benefit year.

    *Physician’s prescription/referral required for indicated services.

    Medical Equipment and SuppliesWheel chairs, walkers, hospital beds and traction kits are reimbursed at 80%. A physician’s prescription is required. It’s recommended that you apply for pre-approval to the insurer prior to making any purchase for any item to be claimed under this category.

    DentalExams covered at 100% limited to once per benefit year. Overall plan maximum of $750 per benefit year. Note that these benefits can only be used at Dental Choice clinics in Alberta. Locations can be found hereServices performed at other dental centres will not be eligible for reimbursement.

    Dental AccidentReimbursed at 80% to a maximum of $1,000 per dental accident at Dental Choice clinics in Alberta. Locations can be found here. Services must be performed within 12 months of accident. It’s recommended that you apply for pre-approval to the insurer prior to making any purchase for any item to be claimed under this category. Dental Choice can help you do this.

    TuitionShould you be medically unable to continue your studies as a result of a death or severe and prolonged disability, you may receive a benefit of up to $10,000 to cover tuition, fees, and the cost of textbooks for courses you’ve been unable to complete.

    Note: In the event of any discrepancy between this information and your contract with the insurer, the terms of the contract will apply.

  • The combined health and dental plan costs students $218.30 a year ($110.76 for the health plan/$107.54 for the dental plan as of May 1st, 2024). This fee gives you 12-month coverage, regardless of whether or not you remain a student for that period.
  • The fees for the Student Health and Dental Plan are assessed automatically when you pay your tuition. This fee is paid annually on the date that eligible students are first charged fees and tuition (usually in September for most programs).
    Note: The single annual fee is a change that was introduced in September 2018. Previously, students paid the fee in two instalments, one at the beginning of each of the fall and winter semesters. This change was made so that students whose programs begin in the spring/summer semester can start receiving health and dental coverage immediately, as opposed to waiting until September. If you have any questions about this change you can contact the SU’s Vice President Operations and Finance at
  • Co-ordination of Benefits: Benefits under the two plans can be co-ordinated to maximize your coverage up to 100% of the actual expenses incurred. In other words, following payment under this plan you can submit outstanding balances to the other plan for consideration.

    Opting Out of the Plan: If you are an eligible student and have comparable health and/or dental coverage you may apply to opt out of the Student Health and Dental Plan. To do this, you must submit an Opt-Out Form online by the applicable deadline. Because you pay an annual fee, you can only opt out once a year on the anniversary of your enrolment in the plan (usually this is in September). Details about opting out of the Student Health and Dental Plan, including forms and deadlines, can be found here. Once opted out, you do not need to opt out ever again. The opt-out stays with your student ID until you need to opt back into the plan.

  • If the coverage used to opt out of the health and/or dental plans terminates or changes, you have 30 days from loss of coverage to opt back into them. Confirmation of loss of coverage is required on re-application for coverage. Drop in to visit the SU Health and Dental Plan office (MSC 352), phone 403-220-3906, or send an email to to do this.
  • On the account summary page, it will always show UG Health and UG Dental Charged even if you opted out. In order to view your charges, click on Payments to view payment history. You should see Waive UG Health and/or Waive UG Dental as proof of opt-out or it won’t show at all. Click on the dollar amount you paid for tuition to view charges included in that payment. UG Health and/or UG Dental should not be included on the Payment Breakdown.
  • No, the health and dental plan does not include travel benefits. You will need to purchase additional coverage for yourself.
  • For more assistance, either visit our Student Health and Dental Plan website, drop in to visit the knowledgeable staff at the SU Health and Dental Plan office located at MSC 352, phone 403-220-3906, or send an email to


The SU has been providing free condoms to the campus community for decades. In 2018, we also began distributing free period products. Both are available at the Information Centre/Lost and Found in Mac Hall.


The SU Wellness Centre is here for your well-being. Visit us for your holistic care – from medical to mental health.


The centre offers:


In 2009 your SU was proud to introduce a new dental office right here on campus. Located next to the SU Wellness Centre on the third floor of the MacEwan Student Centre, Dental Choice offers priority service to students.

For more information on Dental Choice’s services or to book an online appointment, visit their website  or call 403-261-4777.


Campus Vision, located in the lower level of the MacEwan Student Centre, provides professional and complete optometric care and a full optical dispensary including optical frames, sunglasses and contact lenses. Their full-time doctors of optometry are available for appointments and offer priority service to students.

Did you know your undergraduate health insurance plan includes vision coverage! Campus Vision direct submit claims on behalf of undergraduate students to the SU Student Health and Dental Plan. No paperwork and prompt reimbursement of your claims. Direct billing is also available for many health insurance plans including Alberta Blue Cross and Great-West Life. Save yourself the out-of-pocket costs and let us take care of the paperwork as well!

Consult them for:

  • Complete eye health examinations and health concerns
  • Contact lens fittings
  • Prescription glasses
  • Sunglasses and lenses

In addition to the insurance coverage provided by your student insurance plan, Alberta Health covers the cost of all medically necessary optometric appointments (such as dry eye, sudden vision changes, eye infections, etc.).

For more information on Campus Vision or to book an appointment, visit their website or call 403-451-2779.