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[entry]The Students’ Union is often mentioned or written up in the media, and where appropriate we will include links here.


[subheader]78th SLC[/subheader]

May 14, 2020, The Gauntlet: 78th SLC settles in for marathon meeting, university administration joins for consultation

May 14, 2020, The Gauntlet: Grades are in for the outgoing 77th SLC

May 15, 2020, Global: Coronavirus: Alberta universities look to mostly online courses for fall semester

May 20, 2020, Livewire Calgary: University of Calgary will waive fees for some on-campus services in upcoming year

May 20, 2020, The Gauntlet: Haskayne students voice their opinion on university’s handling of transition to online learning

June 8, 2020, The Gauntlet: Petitions to lower online fall 2020 tuition circulating

June 12, 2020, Sprawlcast: A Fair Ride: Equity And The Green Line

June 13, 2020, Calgary Herald: Collecting race-based data is key to real change, say advocates

June 13, 2020, Flatten the Curve Alberta: The New Normal

June 17, 2020, The Gauntlet: Performance-based funding delay seen as a win by CAUS

June 23, 2020, The Gauntlet: SAIT letter requests Minister of Advanced Ed. to halt tuition increases for Fall 2020

June 24, 2020, The Gauntlet: UPass cancelled for Fall 2020, university and SU looking for alternative

June 24, 2020, Calgary Herald: U of C aims to boost enrolment, revenue as budget cuts loom

June 24, 2020, Livewire Calgary: U of C to find new revenue, increase grad students in new 10-year plan

June 25, 2020, Livewire Calgary: U of C responds to letter, says addressing systemic racism requires ‘longitudinal journey’

June 30, 2020, CTV: Some students weighing the option of taking a gap year due to COVID-19 regulations

July 10, 2020, The Gauntlet: Variety of anti-racism resources available from Students’ Union

July 13, 2020, CBC: Alberta universities plan to do away with dormitory residences during COVID-19 pandemic

July 13, 2020, CTV: First-year students will pay more to live on campus at University of Calgary

July 17, 2020, Calgary Herald: Some Calgary post-secondary students face pricier housing as dorms scrapped during pandemic

July 23, 2020, The Gauntlet: SU sends letter to Minister of Advanced Education outlining series of asks

July 28, 2020, The Gauntlet: Board of Governors votes to approve new Sexual Violence Policy amidst concerns from students

August 5, 2020, Calgary Herald: Student union wants province to better support post-secondary institutions

August 5, 2020, Livewire Calgary: U of C students plea for financial support from the province for the 2020-21 year

August 10, 2020, The Gauntlet: We need to talk about the Wellness Centre

August 13, 2020, The Gauntlet: Discounted transit tickets available for UCalgary students in light of cancelled Upass

August 19, 2020, The Gauntlet: Students concerned about University of Calgary’s tech requirements for online courses

August 19, 2020, Calgary Herald: Concerns around access, cost emerge as U of C preps for remote learning

August 26, 2020, CBC Homestretch: University students talk back to school

August 28, 2020, The Gauntlet: Celebrating Pride at UCalgary: Message from SU President and university, and events you can attend

September 3, 2020, The Gauntlet: Sixty per cent of respondents concerned with access to reliable study spaces, says SU survey

[subheader]77th SLC[/subheader]

May 25, 2019, Global News: University of Calgary looks to address sexual violence at post-secondary institutions

June 11, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in the SU: President

June 19, 2019, Edmonton Journal: Advanced Education minister promises Chicago Principles details coming soon as students, academics concerned for September deadline

June 20, 2019, The Gauntlet: Students for Direct Action launch campaign for mental health

June 21, 2019, The Gauntlet: Second Board of Governors meeting without student-at-large, appeal still ongoing

July 10, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in the SU: Vice-president operations and finance

July 22, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in the SU: Vice-president student life

July 29, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in the SU: Vice-president academic

July 31, 2019, The Gauntlet: Board of Governors representative appeal results are in: Ayachit as BOG Rep

August 1, 2019, Calgary Herald: 5 family-friendly things to do Heritage Day weekend

August 1, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in the SU: Vice-president external

September 4, 2019, Global News: MacKinnon Panel report urges Alberta post-secondary schools to rely less on government funding

September 6, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in the SU: Faculty of Arts Rep Marley Gillies

September 6, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in the SU: Faculty of Arts Rep Rayane Issa

September 6, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in the SU: Faculty of Arts Rep Ayotomiwa Oje

September 12, 2019, The Gauntlet: New waste diversion system in place in MacHall

September 13, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in the SU: Faculty of Arts Rep Justin Gotta

September 17, 2019, 660 News: University of Calgary investigating faulure of emergency alert app

September 20, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s who in the SU: Faculty of Science Rep Manpreet Sahota

September 24, 2019, The Gauntlet: Faculty of Arts rep Tomiwa Oje says arts grads can be entrepreneurial too

September 25, 2019, Global: University of Calgary food bank in ‘dire need’ of donations due to dramatic rise in demand

September 25, 2019, LiveWire Calgary: Spike in demand at University of Calgary Students’ Union Food Bank

September 25, 2019, CBC: Student food bank running out of food, asks community to help

September 25, 2019, Calgary Herald: Facing higher tuition fees in ‘an expensive city’, international students turn to U of C food bank

September 27, 2019, Global Calgary: Community responds quickly to call for help from University of Calgary foodbank

September 28, 2019, LiveWire Calgary: ‘You have people going hungry’ to fund post-sec education: SAMRU rep

September 30, 2019, The Gauntlet: Campus Food Bank issues emergency plea for donations

October 1, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in the SU: Faculty of Science Rep Angie Hu

October 2, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in the SU: Faculty of Science Rep Michael Nguyen

October 2, 2019, Utoday: Federal election debate on campus today

October 2, 2019, Radio Canada (ESP): Estudiantes extranjeros, principales usuarios de banco de alimentos ¿por qué?

October 3, 2019, The Gauntlet: Calgary Confederation candidates debate student aid, climate change and more

October 3, 2019, CBC: ‘Everybody’s got a camera phone’: Navigating the digital minefield of modern-day campaign debates

October 4, 2019, The Gauntlet: SU health plan offers options for birth control coverage

October 8, 2019, The Gauntlet: Jabs and jests: Federal leaders’ debate recap from The Den

October 10, 2019, The Gauntlet: Arts rep Rayane Issa launches monthly wellness nights

October 11, 2019, CTV: Decided voters set to cast ballots as advance poll stations open

October 15, 2019, The Gauntlet: SU Byeletion: Cumming School of Medicine Representative

October 15, 2019, The Gauntlet: Students-at-large host event to connect undergrads with Senators

October 20, 2019, The Gauntlet: SU closes La Taqueria

October 21, 2019, The Gauntlet: Joshua Lee wins medicine representative in byelection

October 24, 2019, CBC: Alberta’s post-secondary budget reduced, tuition freeze removed

October 24, 2019, Calgary Herald: UCP budget freezes K-12 education funding, cuts post secondaries

October 24, 2019, Calgary Sun: Provincial budget cuts post-seconday funding, freezes K-13

October 24, 2019, Radio Canada (FR): Les villes et les étudiants : grands perdants du budget de l’Alberta

October 24, 2019, The Gateway: Budget 2019 leaves students feeling “overwhelmed,” seen as an attack on post-secondary by NDP

October 25, 2019, CBC Eyeopener: What the Alberta budget will mean for post-secondary students

October 28, 2019, CBC: Eliminated summer employment program a surprise for students

October 28, 2019, CBC: CBC Calgary News (skip to 10:00)

October 30, 2019, The Gauntlet: “The budget should not be balanced on the backs of students”: SU appeals to student body for support

November 2, 2019, Lethbridge Herald: Post-secondary students voice concerns over budget

November 4, 2019, The Gauntlet: UCP budget cuts will damage student experience through tuition hikes, SU says at SLC

November 8, 2019, The Gauntlet: Dean Sigurdson on budget cuts to campus services: “Everything is on the table”

November 8, 2019, Globe & Mail: Cannabis on campus: A year later

November 12, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in the SU: Faculty of Law Representative Dalal Souraya

November 12, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in the SU: Cumming School of Medicine Representative Siavash Zarazadeh

November 12, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in the SU: Faculty of Kinesiology Representative Mathieu Chin

November 12, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in the SU: Faculty of Engineering Representative Barney Maio

November 12, 2019, Calgary Journal: More to Alberta’s post-secondary woes than over-spending

November 18, 2019, The Gauntlet: Q Centre celebrates nine years of support, resources and activism

November 19, 2019, Global News: University of Calgary to Slash 250 jobs after provincial budget cuts

November 19, 2019, Global News: University of Calgary promises support for exchange students after recommending they leave Hong Kong

November 19, 2019, CTV: University of Calgary cutting 250 jobs

November 19, 2019, National Post: University of Calgary to slash payroll after post-secondary funding cuts

November 19, 2019, Global News: 250 jobs being eliminated at University of Calgary following 2019 Alberta budget

November 22, 2019, Global News: U of C students brace for proposed tuition hikes

November 22, 2019, CBC: Everyone will participate:’ U of C proposes tuition hikes to cover grant cut

November 26, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in the SU: Haskayne Rep Huzaifah Abbas

November 26, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in the SU: Haskayne Rep Maggie Shortt

November 26, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in the SU: Faculty of Nursing Rep Candace Cho

November 26, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in Student Government: Senator Jonah Secreti

November 26, 2019, The Gauntlet: Who’s Who in Student Government: Senator Raquel Jackson

November 29, 2019, The Gauntlet: Med rep resigns following SLC motion to recommend impeachment

December 3, 2019, UToday: Top undergrad researchsers tackle orphan wells, anti-vax messages, needs of autistic university students, and more

December 3, 2019, The Gauntlet: Wetzel’s Pretzels to open in MacHall

December 5, 2019, The Gauntlet: SU Reps organize Frozen-themed event for student parents

December 16, 2019, University Affairs: Alberta’s universities tally up the budget cuts

December 17, 2019, Calgary Herald: Calgary campuses adopt new government-mandated free speech policies

December 28, 2019, The New Telegraph: Free Speech on Alberta Campuses, officially a reality

January 10, 2020, 660 News: University of Calgary Students to protest tuition and fee increase proposals

January 10, 2020, Calgary Herald: U of C approves tuition fee hike, putting blame on government cuts

January 10, 2020, 660 News: University of Calgary approves tuition increases

January 10, 2020, CBC: Tuition and student fees going up at the University of Calgary

January 10, 2020, The Gauntlet: Board of Governors Approves U of C Tuition Hikes

January 11, 2020, The Gauntlet: UCalgary releases Statement of Free Expression

January 15, 2020, CBC: Why students and institutions welcome change in Alberta’s post-secondary funding model

January 20, 2020, Calgary Herald: Post-secondary funding in Alberta will be tied to performance, says minister

January 20, 2020, CBC: New performance-based post-secondary funding model elicits mixed reactions

January 20, 2020, CBC: Alberta post-secondary funding will be tied to performance

January 27, 2020, The Gauntlet: Opposition Education Critic predicts another 2020 post-secondary budget cut as Advanced Minister of Education urges “fiscal restraint”

January 31, 2020, The Gauntlet: Sex Week returns to campus on Monday

February 4, 2020, The Gauntlet: SU collecting feedback on performance-based metrics despite lack of information regarding consultations

February 4, 2020, The Gauntlet: Joshua Lee sworn in as med rep in wake of election controversy

February 5, 2020, The Gauntlet: Meeting minutes appear to show lack of student consultation on part of BoG rep

February 6, 2020, The Gauntlet: SU Arts Rep goes viral after Crowchild Classic with controversial sign

February 10, 2020, Calgary Herald: University students urge province to take action against sexual violence on campus

February 10, 2020, Edmonton Journal: Province needs to address sexual violence on post-secondary campuses: Council of Alberta University Students

February 10, 2020, CBC: Report calls for province to develop sexual violence policy for universities

February 10, 2020, The Gateway: Student advocates call on provincial government to better address campus sexual violence

February 28, 2020, Calgary Herald: U of C president anticipates job losses following UCP budget cuts to post-secondary institutions

March 2, 2020, The Gateway: Budget 2020 unveiling a “sad day” for Alberta students and post-secondaries, says NDP

March 2, 2020, The Gauntlet: CAUS Chair talks sexual violence white paper

March 9, 2020, UToday, Students Union elects Frank Finley new president

March 19, 2020, The Gauntlet, U of C holds virtual town hall to address its response to COVID-19 pandemic

March 19, 2020, The Gauntlet, All SU events, including BSD, cancelled

March 21, 2020, The Gauntlet, Federal and provincial student loan relief among emergency COVID-19 measures

March 22, 2020, The Gauntlet, U of C gives students option for credit/fail in lieu of grades

March 24, 2020, CBC, How students are dealing with online learning

March 26, 2020, CBC, University of Calgary offers students choice when it comes to final grades during pandemic

March 27, 2020, CBC, Alberta college and university performance-based funding changes delayed by pandemic

March 31, 2020, UToday, Students’ Union approves 17 projects to receive Quality Money funding in 2020-21

April 1, 2020, CBC, Help available for Calgary university students suffering financially due to COVID-19

April 2, 2020, The Gauntlet, Elected BoG rep grilled for almost twenty-five minutes regarding international student tuition vote

April 2, 2020, The Gauntlet, SLC moves online, COVID-19 questions dominate meeting

April 2, 2020, The Gauntlet, SU rejects proposed mandatory Arts and Culture fee

April 3, 2020, Calgary Herald, Student group pushes for province to extend delay to funding changes

April 10, 2020, Calgary Herald, Students facing steep declines in summer work due to COVID-19

April 14, 2020, The Gauntlet, Quality Money initiatives announced for 2020-21

April 15, 2020, CTV, Calgary post-secondary schools eyeing online courses through 2020

April 16, 2020, The Gauntlet, VetMed students struggling with cancelled summer work experience

April 16, 2020, The Gauntlet, Three projects approved for Faculty of Kinesiology improvements

April 22, 2020, CTV, Student emergency relief announced

April 22, 2020, Calgary Herald, Federal emergency funds to lessen financial burden for Calgary’s university students

April 24, 2020, UToday, Recipients of 2020 Students’ Union Teaching Excellence Awards announced

April 26, 2020, The Gauntlet, Multisensory room coming to U of C, first of its kind on a university campus

April 26, 2020, The Gauntlet, New governmental and UCalgary COVID-19 financial supports for undergrad students

[subheader]76th SLC[/subheader]

March 28, 2019 The Gauntlet SU expands Refugee Student Board after club dissolution

March 27, 2019 The Gauntlet Quality Money to fund 18 on-campus projects

March 4, 2019 CBC News More student jobs: Calgary council votes to restore summer hiring program

January 30, 2019 The Gauntlet SU brings national mental health campaign to U of C

December 19, 2018 The Gauntlet University of Calgary Students’ Union prepares to create three-year Strategic Plan

December 4, 2018 UToday Students’ Union rewards 102 undergrads for excellence in research

November 30, 2018 The Gauntlet Proposed academic misconduct policy undergoes review

November 22, 2018 UToday Undergraduate Research Symposium scope magnified to appeal to wide audience of current and future researchers

November 8, 2018 The Star Calgary University of Calgary picks Ed McCauley as its next president and vice-chancellor

October 29, 2018 The Star Edmonton Alberta government proposes legislation that would allow it to limit increases in post-secondary tuition

October 22, 2018 The Gauntlet U of C Students’ Union joins municipal advocacy group Calgary Student Alliance

October 19, 2018 The Gauntlet SU continues de-stress efforts with Stress Busters workshop series

October 3, 2018 The Gauntlet Reformed URS opens applications for 2018 event

September 24, 2018 The Star Calgary Not all students are fans of University of Calgary’s new cannabis policy

September 17, 2018 UToday Students’ Union undergrad health and dental plan sees new fee structure this semester

September 14, 2018 The Gauntlet U of C scraps medical note requirement for absences, deferrals

September 7, 2018 The Gauntlet SU releases municipal advocacy priorities

September 5, 2018 UToday Advice to Class of 2022: ‘You do your own thing, but we are all connected’

August 29, 2018 The Gauntlet Stave off stress in That Empty Space

July 12, 2018 The Gauntlet The numbers behind Bermuda Shorts Day 2018’s near-$100,000 deficit

July 6, 2018 The Gauntlet SU passes amendments to Sustainability Policy

June 22, 2018 The Gauntlet Discussions begin for potential MacHall food court renovations

June 14, 2018 Voice Online Calgary’s Sagar Grewal is among the 10 new members of Prime Minister’s Youth Council

May 11, 2018 The Star Calgary University of Calgary on a journey to Indigenize campus

[subheader]75th SLC[/subheader]

April 30, 2018 CBC News Campuses offer free menstrual products in the name of educational equality

March 19, 2018 The Gauntlet Twelve projects approved by Students’ Union Quality Money Committee

March 15, 2018 The Gauntlet Students’ Union says U of C lack of cooperation behind Bermuda Shorts Day price-tag

March 14, 2018 The Gauntlet Student politicians pitch secondary suite reform at City Hall

February 7, 2018 CTV News University and Students’ Union settle lawsuit over ownership of MacEwan Hall

December 15, 2017 CTV News University Campus Food Bank

December 13, 2017 Calgary Herald ‘It’s about time:’ Council’s decision on secondary suites widely praised

October 13, 2017 The Gauntlet Student advocacy group sets sights on deferred maintenance

September 20, 2017 The Gauntlet Mayoral candidates take campus for forum

September 8, 2017 Global News Alberta commits $7.5M to improving mental health resources at Calgary colleges and universities

June 20, 2017 The Gauntlet Province announces $25.8-million post-secondary mental health fund

June 1, 2017 The Gauntlet U of C sexual violence policy comes into effect

May 4, 2017 The Gauntlet Research remains a focus as University of Calgary revives Eyes High

[subheader]74th SLC[/subheader]

April 27, 2017 The Gauntlet CASA forms two-year partnership with Quebec Students’ Union

February 3, 2017 The Gauntlet University of Calgary to push for fall reading week by 2018

January 19, 2017 The Gauntlet Students’ Union sets municipal advocacy priorities

January 17, 2017 The Gauntlet Student wellness space to open in Yamnuska Hall

November 15, 2016 Calgary Herald Student leader says focus needed on building maintenance as U of C expands

October 7, 2016 Calgary Herald U of C Students’ Union loses fight to operate MacEwan Student Centre

October 7, 2016 CBC University of Calgary students’ union loses control of Mac Hall

September 9, 2016 Calgary Herald Student jobs still available in weak economy, but not always the right ones

August 30, 2016 The Gauntlet University of Calgary and SU prepare for Calgary Pride Parade

August 1, 2016 The Gauntlet Calgary city council rejects two proposals on secondary suite reform

July 6, 2016 Calgary Herald U of C defends staff salaries amid access, campus repair woes

June 3, 2016 The Gauntlet University strikes back as MacHall injunction decision postponed

May 5, 2016 Metro U of C Students’ Union not yet granted injunction in MacEwan Hall dispute

May 5, 2016 The Gauntlet U of C Students’ Union retains operation of MacHall

May 3, 2016 The Gauntlet University of Calgary turns down SU “olive branch” with MacHall court injunction set for Thursday

[subheader]73rd SLC[/subheader]

April 25, 2016 Metro Court date set for MacEwan Hall ownership injunction

April 15, 2016 CBC U of C Mac Hall ownership fight ramps up as mediation breaks down

April 12, 2016 Calgary Herald U of C campus bar not allowed to serve booze on Bermuda Shorts Day

December 4, 2015 CBC News Nap room at U of C helps students catch up on needed sleep

November 20, 2015 VICE Media There Is Some Shady Shit Going Down at the University of Calgary

October 27, 2015 Calgary Herald Update: Post-secondary funding rises, tuition freeze remains

October 22, 2015 CBC News University of Calgary sued by student union over MacEwan Hall ownership

October 21, 2015 Calgary Herald Ownership battle for MacEwan Hall headed to court as students’ union files lawsuit against U of Cl

October 21, 2015 CBC News University of Calgary students especially engaged this election

October 13, 2015 The Gauntlet Refugee student program welcomes new students to the University of Calgary

September 17, 2015 Calgary Herald U of C, students’ union at odds over management of MacEwan Hall

September 8, 2015 CTV News Fee freeze goes into effect for Alberta’s post-secondary students

May 23, 2015 Calgary Herald NDP promise to roll back market modifier tuition hike

May 14, 2015 The Gauntlet Students’ Union campaign urged 3,000 students to vote in provincial election