MacEwan Student Centre is the heart of the University of Calgary campus – a home away from home that serves thousands of students each week. Managed by your Students’ Union (SU), the building is a hive of activity that includes office, retail and event space.

Your SU is committed to maintaining and improving sustainability throughout MacEwan Student Centre. There are many initiatives already in place in the areas of waste management, energy and emissions, and responsible purchasing.


(The Den and Black LoungeMacEwan Event Centre and Concerts)

  • Fair Trade Coffee and Tea available
  • Majority of SU event bookings are done via email, leading to a reduction of printing
  • Alberta Processing collects used cooking oil to be turned to fuel.
  • Pre-consumer composting in the kitchen.


(StorBound and Copied)

  • Customers are provided with healthy and organic food choices.
  • Xerox supplies recycled paper
  • All cardboard, newspapers, and packing materials are recycled.
  • Any damaged or expired product is emptied out so that the bottle/can/carton can be recycled.
  • Books not sold at Bound and Copied are donated.
  • Scrap paper is used to create notepads for Den servers.
  • Receipts are printed on recycled paper.
  • Compostable cutlery is available.


  • “Green” cleaning supplies are used wherever possible, including soap, counter, and floor cleaner.
  • The floor is washed with cold water.
  • Wooden pallets are recycled through the Physical Plant.
  • The SU manages a container recycling program, with the help of a special needs labour force backed by the DDRC. All labour is paid for with the proceeds from the containers.
  • Paper and cardboard recycling program, in partnership with the Developmental Disability Resource Centre.
  • Paper towel and toilet paper contain recycled content and are produced using chlorine free bleaching.
  • All SU furniture is used to the full extent of its lifetime before being donated or discarded.
  • All construction and demolition related waste is handled to ensure each project is set up to achieve the highest level of waste diversion.


  • Equipment purchases are energy star certified.
  • Seek out vendors with strong environmental practices.
  • Double sided printing is used whenever possible.
  • The LOOP (digital message boards) replaces most of the original poster boards throughout MSC and significantly reduces the use of paper.
  • The slurpee machines shut themselves off during the night to conserve both water and energy.
  • Electronic equipment is switched to power saving mode after office hours.
  • Lighting in SU offices are triggered by motion sensors.
  • Printer ink cartridges are returned for recycling.
  • Recycled paper is used in the office printer.
  • Electronic equipment and computers are used for five years before recycling.
  • Election Nomination packages replaced by cd-rw disk or usb flash drive.
  • SU Volunteer Services, Info Centre and main SU office collects eyeglasses, ink cartridges, cell phones, CDs, light bulbs and batteries for recycling by the U of C Eco Club.
  • Materials such as file folders and binders are re-used before ordering new supplies. Internal mail envelopes are re-used.
  • Posting office announcements in central locations, emailing and sharing documents eliminates unnecessary copies, notes, and memos. Correspondence via email whenever possible.
  • Printed t-shirts and other swag are ordered through fair-trade suppliers.
  • Staff carpool to attend events.
  • Travel is minimized by utilizing conference calling or Skype when possible.
  • Marketing designs, where possible, are developed to last for more than one event or program cycle to reduce printing and other costs. Re-use large format banners.
  • Business cards are printed in smaller quantities by printing in-house at Bound and Copied and used only when needed.
  • Replaced paper day-timer with a robust online, mobile-friendly calendar.
  • Installed TV screen to display Cinemania movie posters, reducing printed posters.