Campaigning in an SU Election

If you have successfully received a nomination to run in either the Students’ Union (SU) General Election or SU By-Election – congratulations! Now the work to get elected truly begins.

In February, the SU designates a period known as “Campaign Week(s)” for the SU General Election (and in October if there is a By-Election).

Campaigning Week(s) offers you an opportunity to let students know your platform, your plans to improve student life, as well as why you feel you would be an effective representative for your constituents.

All candidates must follow the election policy and manual when campaigning. The CRO addresses complaints against candidates on a case-by-case basis and will implement the appropriate sanctions (including disqualification if necessary).

During this period your SU offers a number of resources for you to get the word out about your credentials. These include:


Held throughout campaign week(s) during the General Election, all Executive nominees are invited to participate in an SU scheduled open forum devoted to a particular position. These forums are open to the entire student body and offer a chance for candidates to share their platforms and debate the issues. Candidates for all positions may also be invited to take part in forums hosted by clubs, faculties or other university departments. The schedules for forums are posted on this web site leading up to campaign week(s).

Postering / Advertising

During campaign week(s) candidates are permitted to display campaign materials including banners, posters and other printed media. The rules and regulations on where and how you can post this material is very strict and is outlined during the mandatory All Candidates Meeting, held immediately after the nomination period. The rules are also available in the election policy and manual.

Questions or concerns in regards to campaigning should be brought to the Elections Staff:

Gauntlet Supplement

The Gauntlet produces an editorial supplement each year for the SU General Election. Candidates may be contacted directly by the Gauntlet staff, or through the CROs, with an invitation to participate in interviews during the election period.

Please refer to this site for official candidate platforms under the current election heading.

Campaign Videos

Short campaign videos are a popular way for candidates to promote their platforms on social media or YouTube. Videos are permitted as long as they are approved during the campaign approval process.

For more details on campaigning opportunities and guidelines please refer to the Nomination Package document.