Student Bill of Rights

Do you know your rights as a student at the University of Calgary? Students’ rights are spread across a number of university policies and documents, so they can be hard to find. That’s why we’re working to get the university to publish a Student Bill of Rights. This document, a draft of which is available below, will point you to the official policy documents that explain your rights in any number of situations. It should help you understand when something you’ve experienced on campus is unfair. It should also help you to make complaints, navigate disciplinary processes, and avoid choices that can put you and others at risk.

The draft document below is still in the process of being approved by the university. However, everything in it is accurate which is why we’re not waiting to share it with you. While this document provides links to many policies, it is by no means exhaustive, and you are encouraged to reach out to the Student Ombuds Office if you are unable to locate the policy or information you’re looking for.