Sustainability Fund

In 2007 your Student Legislative Council (SLC) first approved the Students’ Union (SU) Sustainability Policy. It was then reviewed by the SU Committee on Sustainability Initiatives and an updated version was approved in 2013. Established in 2013 through the SU Quality Money program, the SU Sustainability Fund is designed to provide the necessary capital required to support projects that promote and support sustainability on campus.


SU Sustainability Fund grants (max. value $10,000) are intended for on-campus projects that work on inspiring, creative, and impactful environmental projects at UCalgary. More specifically the fund is designed to:

  • Encourage student involvement in sustainable practices and initiatives on campus
  • Provide financial support for dynamic, innovative student-led sustainability projects
  • To generate information and ideas to accelerate sustainable practices at UCalgary

Sustainability Fund projects must have support from, and show benefit to, students at UCalgary. Each project must align with one of the guiding principles from the University’s Institutional Sustainability Strategy, as well as two of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations. Please see the application form for more information about project criteria.

Students, faculty, and other campus members are eligible to apply.


Applications open on August 28, 2023 at 8:00AM. The deadline for this year is Friday, November 24, 2023 at 4:00 p.m. Please read the guidelines carefully prior to submission. Only complete applications will be reviewed.

Larger projects may be directed to the SU’s Quality Money fund. If you have questions about the application process or which fund your project fits best, please email us!


Although there is no perfect science to submitting an application, there are certain aspects that the SU Operations and Finance Committee looks for to help them evaluate each project. This application guide and tip sheet will cover everything you need to know to help make your submission as strong as possible. It also includes guidelines for SU Quality Money.


Please be aware that due to the changes with the application process for the Quality Money Program and Sustainability Fund Program, we will ONLY BE ACCEPTING THE CURRENT VERSION OF THE APPLICATION DOCUMENT. As of August 2023 the current application document is:


Application documents prior to August 2023 will not be accepted. 

Completed applications for the Quality Money Program and the Sustainability Fund Program must be submitted via email before 4:00PM on November 24, 2023 to:

Michael Hedgecock <>


For Quality Money, Sustainability Fund, or CIF projects, please use the appropriate logo provided in this download on websites, in newsletters or emails, or on posters or printed materials. This package also includes a PDF template for a plaque, to be used when acknowledging renovations.

If a logo is not appropriate for the medium please use this wording: A Sustainability Fund project, brought to you by your Students’ Union.


Project Holders must provide an interim report on March 15 every year their initiative is active. A final report is due 30 days after the Project End Date specified in their contract. Please use the report template below for all project reporting or extension requests.


To date the Students’ Union has awarded over $128,000 to a variety of student-led projects through the Sustainability Fund. These diverse projects showcase how your SU is actively supporting students in creating a healthier, greener and more environmentally responsible campus.