In 2007 your Student Legislative Council (SLC) first approved the Students’ Union (SU) Sustainability Policy. It was then reviewed by the SU Committee on Sustainability Initiatives and an updated version was approved in 2013. Established in 2013 through the SU Quality Money program, the SU Sustainability Fund is designed to provide the necessary capital required to support projects that promote and support sustainability on campus.


SU Sustainability Fund grants are intended for on-campus projects that work on inspiring, creative, and impactful environmental projects at UCalgary. More specifically the fund is designed to:

  • Encourage student involvement in sustainable practices and initiatives on campus
  • Provide financial support for dynamic, innovative student-led sustainability projects
  • To generate information and ideas to accelerate sustainable practices at UCalgary

Sustainability Fund projects must have support from, and show benefit to, students at UCalgary. Students, faculty, and other campus members are eligible to apply. All projects must align with at least one of the Funding Pillars, outlined in the project application.


Applications for the 2019/20 Sustainability Fund will be available in August and will be accepted starting on September 15. The deadline for this year is Friday, February 14 at 4:00 p.m. Please read the guidelines in the application package carefully prior to submission. Only complete applications will be reviewed.

Larger projects may be directed to the SU’s Quality Money fund. If you have questions about the application process or which fund your project fits best, please email us!

Sustainability Fund Projects

To date the Students’ Union has awarded over $100,000 to a variety of student-led projects through the Sustainability Fund. These diverse projects showcase how your SU is actively supporting students in creating a healthier, greener and more environmentally responsible campus.

Project List

  • Refundable Beverages Program Cart Replacement $ 4,899.79
  • Waste Oil Containment and Transport $ 12,419.00
  • Anti-Idling Campaign $ 190.00
  • Paperless Waivers $ 5,388.83
  • CLL Edible Gardens $ 550.00

  • Garden Infrastructure Updates $ 7,599.70
  • SU Campus Food Bank $ 10,700.00
  • Food Waste Awareness Week $ 2,471.00

  • Campus Community Kitchen $ 2,304.40
  • 3D Interactive Energy Use Model $ 5,500.00
  • Community Garden Solar Project $ 4,103.13
  • Undergraduate Residence Hall Composting Pilot $ 11,121.50

  • Aquaponics Club Workshops and Vertical Towers $ 9,721.00
  • Bike Share $ 9,433.00
  • Eco Club Waste Diversion $ 13,735.00

  • SU Undergraduate Research Symposium Award $ 7,500.00

  • Residence Eco Move Out $ 4,500.00

  • Compost Educator $ 1,800.00
  • Greenlite Arts Festival $ 5,400.00
  • Promoting Sustainable Purchasing $ 7,500.00
  • Sustainable Residence Move Out $ 2,000.00

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The SU Sustainability Board (SUSB) operated between 2008 and 2012. Projects supported include:

  • MacEwan Student Centre Waste Audit
  • Fair Trade Fair
  • My Market
  • Stor Composting
  • Green Cafe
  • Sustainability On
  • Campus Composting Project (phases 1, 2, and 3)
  • Campus Climate Challenge
  • Enviro Action Team
  • And more!