Voting Has Ended

Voting results will be announced at The Den at 5:30 PM on Thursday, March 7. Come and join the party!


The 2019 General Election Candidate platforms are available on the Candidates page.

Candidates – GE 2019

Notice of election

Notice is hereby given that an election will be held for the filling of the following offices:

# of Positions
Vice President External1
Vice President Operations and Finance1
Faculty Representative, Arts4
Faculty Representative, Cumming School of Medicine2
Faculty Representative, Schulich School of Engineering2
Faculty Representative, Science3
Board of Governors Student-at-Large1
Senate Student-at-Large2

See the complete Notice of Election here.


Notice of Referendum

Undergraduate students will have the opportunity to vote YES or NO on this referendum question on March 5, 6, and 7 via online ballot.

Volunteer Services Referendum Question

Sponsoring group: The Students’ Union

Background: In 1991, University of Calgary students voted to create a dedicated fee to support the operations of Volunteer Services. This fee remains at its original level and is one of the lowest fees students pay at the University of Calgary. It is also one of the lowest fees for these types of services compared to other Canadian institutions. Due to inflation and service expansions since 1991, the student fee accounts for roughly only 19% of the annual total operating expense. Over 400 undergraduate students a year participate in 11 diverse volunteer opportunities with Volunteer Services, including the Info Centre/Lost and Found, the SU Centre for Sexual and Gender Diversity and the SU Campus Food Bank, all of which can be included on the University of Calgary Co-curricular Record. A modest fee increase will result in an additional $30,000 in funding and help make Volunteer Services more financially sustainable. Without increasing the fee, Volunteer Services will continue to struggle in maintaining these needed services, with the hardest hit program being the SU Campus Food Bank which relies heavily on donations and fees.

Therefore: Are you in support of a Volunteer Services Fee increase of $0.75 for full time students and $0.50 for part time students, as outlined in the table below, beginning in the Fall 2019 term?



More information about Volunteer Services can be found here.

Every March, the Students’ Union holds a General Election to fill positions on the Student Legislative Council (SLC). SLC is made up of 24 students who are elected for a one-year term. If a position becomes vacant, a By-Election may be held in the fall semester.

The executive team, made up of the president and four vice presidents, are full time salaried positions and keep regular Monday to Friday office hours in the SU office. There are also 19 part-time positions, known as faculty representatives. SLC meets once a week to address new issues and represent the undergraduate student body in the areas of quality of education, quality of student life, affordability and accessibility. The election also includes races for one Board of Governors representative and two representatives for the Senate.

Running for office is not an easy decision to make.  However, the experience gained from participating in an election campaign, and if victorious, developing and executing a policy agenda can be invaluable. We want to support you through this process – check out the sections on campaigningrunning and position descriptions for more info. Once nominations open up for the year, visit the election documents page for your nomination package with the election rules and manual.

Contact the SU Chief Returning Officers (CROs) at for all elections related questions. Appointments are required and drop-ins will only be taken at the discretion of the CRO and may be limited by time.

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Are you an effective leader? Do you want to make a true difference in your campus community? Does the idea of representing you faculty peers excite you? If you answered “yes” to these questions then you should consider running for a position with your Students’ Union (SU).

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If you are thinking of running for an elected position with your Students’ Union you should be familiar with the demands and priorities of that position. The following is an overview of the responsibilities, time commitments and duties of elected officials of the Students’ Union (SU), also referred to as Student Legislative Council (SLC) members.

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Election docs

The Students’ Union Bylaws and the election rules and manual describe the rules for the SU election from the nomination to the appeal process.

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If you have successfully received a nomination to run in either the Students’ Union (SU) General Election or SU By-Election -  congratulations! Now the work to get elected truly begins.

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