Campus Food Bank


Food security means different things to different people. For some, that means skipping breakfast to keep costs down, for others that means a lack of access due to transportation or other reasons to healthy food on a regular basis. Whether it’s an emergency or a chronic issue, nobody should go hungry, or have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from.


MONDAY to FRIDAY: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Please contact us by email at with any questions.

Please email or phone to make an appointment to request a hamper.


Curious about what is offered in the food hampers?  The exact contents will depend on what we have available as well as what you prefer.  We try our best to provide nutritionally-balanced hampers, with vegetarian options available for both adults and children.  Specific items are subject to availability and are largely dependant on donations.

Possible hamper items include perishables like apples, oranges, carrots, potatoes, eggs, frozen vegetables, meat and bread. Non-perishable items could include cereal, canned beans, dried beans, flour, Mac & Cheese, pasta, peanut butter and soup.  In addition vegetarian hampers can include Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP), and some gluten free items can be provided on request (if available).

Looking for ways to use the food hamper? Check out our CFB cookbook filled with recipes compiled by our volunteers! All the recipes can be made with the items included in the food hamper.


We understand that money can be tight over the holiday season so to eliminate some of your stress the Campus Food Bank has introduced the Holiday Hamper. The Holiday Hamper will be available as an add-on to your regular hamper request or can be ordered as a stand-alone hamper. All your favourite holiday food items will be included!

Dates for the 2024 Holiday Hamper requests TBD. Stay tuned!
  • Clients are only eligible to receive one Holiday Hamper. Must show valid University of Calgary ID.

For more information contact the SU Campus Food Bank at or 403-220-8599.


The SU Campus Food Bank always appreciates food and cash donations. However the following is a list (in order of importance) of items that are especially in demand.

Food donations are always appreciated. However, monetary donations help us to provide nutritionally balanced hampers that include perishable items such as fresh vegetables, milk and eggs.

Food donations can be dropped off at the Information Centre/Lost and Found on the main level of the Macewan Student Centre.

  • Monetary Donations
  • Tomato Paste
  • Tomato Soup
  • Baked Brown Beans (with and without pork)
  • Kidney Beans
  • Chickpeas
  • Black beans
  • Hamburger Helper
  • Canned Salmon
  • Canned Turkey
  • Canned Sardines
  • Canned Pasta (Spaghettios)
  • Canned Chili
  • Instant Oatmeal
  • Dry Laundry Soap
  • Tampons/Pads

For those interested in making a financial donation to the SU Campus Food Bank, cheques can also be mailed to the Main SU Address found on the contact page.  Please address cheques to SU Campus Food Bank

We also have a GoFundMe page to receive monetary donations:

Food donations can be dropped off at the Information Centre/Lost and Found on the main level of MacEwan Student Centre.


We have additional information about programs that combat food insecurity around Calgary, as well as resources for free or low-cost food included here as a PDF document should you need them.


Welcome to our Meal Planning & Grocery Shopping Notion Template! This Notion template streamlines your meal planning and grocery shopping, making it simple and efficient. Add it to your Notion account to easily plan meals, organize recipes, and manage your shopping list—all in one place. Get ready for a hassle-free culinary organization experience!


Welcome to the ultimate resource that aims to make your culinary journey a breeze. This booklet is your go-to guide for all things related to meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking. We understand your time is valuable, and our goal is to ensure that you can focus on enjoying delicious meals instead of stressing about them.

The SU Campus Food Bank, administered through SU Volunteer Services, provides a  seven day emergency food relief service to the campus community. This relief is provided through nutritionally sound hampers in accordance with the Canada Food Guide along with information to clients regarding resources available on and off-campus.


For the past twenty years, the Adopt-a-Family program has allowed us to assist student families with limited resources to provide them with holiday gifts by matching student families in need with campus community members interested in acting as sponsors. We are lucky to help to ensure as many students as possible have a festive holiday season. Participation in the program as a recipient is limited to student families with children (18 and under) only, and we welcome and encourage sponsorship from the campus and Calgary community.

Adopt-a-Family applications will open for the 2024 holiday season in Fall 2024. The submission deadline for both Families and for Sponsors is TBD. Stay tuned!


Please complete the following form and submit it in person to the SU Campus Food Bank.  Remember to bring your UCID card and ID for each of your children.


Please complete the following form and submit it either in person to the SU Camus Food Bank, or by email to


We are offering a special food hamper for those campus community members who may need a little support to celebrate the occasion this year. The Ramadan Hamper will be available as an add-on to your regular hamper request or can be ordered as a stand-alone hamper. All of your favourite Ramadan food items will be included!

Ramadan hampers for 2025 can be requested on a date TBD. Stay tuned!


In the summer of 1993, a group of students at the University of Calgary formed a Student Action Committee to tackle the perceived need students had for food assistance. At its inception, the SU Campus Food Bank acted as a depot for the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank. The Action Committee had no idea how many students needed or would access the service. During the first seven months, 60 student families were fed, this included 141 people.

The SU Campus Food Bank soon outgrew its role as a depot, and became part of the roster of services provided by the Students’ Union.  The SU Campus Food Bank is one of almost 51 food banks found on university and college campuses across Canada.


Mandate:  The SU Campus Food Bank aims to provide 7-day emergency food relief to the campus community.

  1. A valid campus ID is required to access the Campus Food Bank services (Unicard, staff ID card or current paystub). A Confirmation of Registration letter may be requested and verified.
  2. Clients may access the service a maximum of 3 times per Fall Semester, 3 times per Winter Semester, 1 time per Spring Semester and 1 time per Summer Semester. A minimum of 30 days between request periods is required.
  3. Exact appointment time for a hamper pick up must be scheduled. No dropping by is permitted.
  4. If you are unable to come for a scheduled pick up appointment you need to call and reschedule. Hampers that have not been rescheduled within 1 business day from their original pick-up appointment will be unpacked, and clients will be required to wait 30 days before they can request another hamper.
  5. Clients are required to arrive 5-10 minutes before their scheduled appointment time. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment you will be required to reschedule your hamper pick-up.
  6. Clients are required to check-in at the Volunteer Services/Food Bank office (MH 225) to complete their hamper pick-up.
  7. Clients will be required to answer a series of statistical questions. Your personal information is used to determine how often a client has accessed the CFB. All personal information will be kept confidential by the CFB.
  8. The CFB reserves the right to request a minimum of 1 business day (not including weekends) before the hamper becomes available.
  9. Returning CFB clients are required to bring in their own bags for hamper packing during the pick-up appointment.
  10. Additional Resource information is available upon request of the client.
  1. Clients may claim up to 2 legal dependents aged 19 and over and 5 dependents aged 18 and under. Dependents are defined as persons for whom the client is legally responsible and who are financially reliant solely on the client’s income to provide their basic needs.
  2. Dependents need to permanently reside within the same household as the client. Visitors, household guests or roommates are not eligible to be claimed as dependents.Dependents can only be claimed on one hamper per 30-day cycle.
  3. A physical copy of Age ID is required for all members of a household. (license, passport, government identification card, health care card, birth certificate, ucid.)


SU Campus Food Bank, Rm 225 MacEwan Hall (MH)
2500 University Drive NW  Calgary, AB   T2N 1N4

Phone: (403) 220-8599
Fax: (403) 220-1019