Hardship Fund

The Student Hardship Assistance Fund (SHAF) was created to assist students who demonstrate financial need. The SHAF is a fund of last resort which provides short term financial help due to unexpected and emergent circumstances encountered by the applicant and its purpose is to help the applicant to remain enrolled at the University of Calgary.

The applicant shall have exhausted all other forms of student aid and emergency assistance prior to applying for this fund.


The SHAF is available to all undergraduate students at the University of Calgary who:

  1. Have completed at least nine credits (three half courses) at a post-secondary institution;
  2. Are enrolled in at least one course during the current academic session, or are between sessions and are enrolled in at least one course during the upcoming academic session; and
  3. Have demonstrated the submission of applications for other forms of financial aid including emergency funding from the University of Calgary’s Student Awards and Financial Aid office.


Students seeking hardship funding must contact the SHAF administrator to begin the application.

Please contact:

Michael Hedgecock, Coordinator, Student Support: <michael.hedgecock@ucalgary.ca>