Section 124 of the Students’ Union by-laws state that the Executives and General Manager shall develop a strategic plan that will prioritize and influence the SU’s allocation of resources. The plan shall include a mission statement, vision statement and guiding principles, and every three years, a comprehensive review will be conducted of the strategic plan. The original intent behind the directive was to assist elected officials holding a one-year term of office to take a longer view of the organization when creating their plans. In April 2016, a three-year strategic plan was adopted by the 73rd Students’ Union (SU) Executive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance and support the needs and interests of undergraduate students at the University of Calgary, including their academic and extra-curricular success. We champion the diverse student voice with unwavering advocacy and thoughtful representation. We provide services that contribute to the wellbeing of students and enrich the campus community.

Our Vision

We imagine a vibrant student community that is accessible to everyone. We imagine a university where students shape their learning journey. We imagine a society where the student voice is respected and has an immediate and long-lasting impact.

Our Values

These values are what we stand for and believe in, and will guide our behavior as an organization.

Adaptability – We are flexible and responsive to the issues and needs of students.

Honesty – We operate with integrity and we are open and responsible in our decision-making.

Inclusivity – We celebrate and support diversity, including diversity of opinion.

Courage – We take stands on important issues and represent the best interests of students with confidence and determination.

Empowerment – We foster a sense of community and empower students to be leading voices on campus and to better themselves and their communities.

Kindness – We treat others with compassion, remain grounded as an organization and always remember our duty to students.

Professionalism – We value a fun environment where we conduct ourselves and treat others in a respectful and professional manner.

Forward-thinking – We act in a way that protects the future needs of students.