Section 89 of the Students’ Union Bylaw state that the Executives and General Manager shall develop a strategic plan that will guide the SU’s allocation of its resources. The plan must include a mission statement, vision statement, and guiding principles. This strategic plan is reviewed and updated every three years. The original intent behind the directive was to assist elected officials, who only hold one-year terms of office, to take a longer view of the organization when creating their annual plans.

In March 2019, the following three-year strategic plan was adopted by the 77th Students’ Legislative Council.

Our Mission

We serve to enrich the student experience by providing exceptional programs and services.

We represent the voices of undergraduates through meaningful engagement, consultation, and advocacy.

We support the diverse needs of the university community by embracing inclusivity and accessibility.

Our Vision

The Students’ Union envisions a vibrant community where students thrive and are empowered to shape their unique university experience. We foster a culture of collaboration, trust and respect that values the student voice. Together, we have both an immediate and lasting impact on students, the university, and the surrounding community.

Our Values

These values are what we stand for and believe in, and will guide our behaviour as an organization.

  • Accountability – We achieve transparency in our procedures and conduct through meaningful consultation and good governance.
  • Inclusivity – We celebrate, support and embrace diversity in all its forms to build a welcoming student community.
  • Innovation – We strive to adapt to the changing needs of students in creative and dynamic ways.
  • Integrity – We exemplify honesty and responsibility in all our actions and decisions.
  • Leadership – We aspire to demonstrate and cultivate an environment of excellence.