Your Students’ Union (SU) is here to help you succeed during your time here at the University of Calgary. Whether it’s attending a professional development conference, embarking on a project to improve campus life or being recognized for a research project – your SU can support you in ensuring your time at the U of C is one filled with exciting learning and development opportunities. The following is a rundown of the various monetary awards, financial assistance programs, and project funding your SU offers or promotes in partnership. Click through to the section to learn more details.


Every year your SU supports U of C students through student awards. Last year student donations through the peer bursary levy led to over $1 million in bursaries distributed to deserving students. The SU provides several awards to outstanding students who excel in a variety of areas.

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Bright Ideas

Do you have an idea for a program that could enhance your experience on campus? Is there a project your faculty could start to support your learning? Have a suggestion to foster sustainability at the U of C?

The SU has funding available through the Quality Money program, Campus Improvement Fund and the Sustainability Board (SUSB) that could help turn your bright idea into the next big thing on campus.

Students, faculty and other campus members are eligible to receive funding for their projects.

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Student Club Grants

Are you a member or leader of an Registered SU club? If so, you can take advantage of SU Club awards to support special project related to student club activities.

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Travel & Conference Funding

Is there a particular professional or academic conference you think would be of great benefit to your academic or professional development? Is there an academic competition that you feel you would be a cinch for you to walk away with the prize? Your SU offers financial assistance for you to attend these opportunities.

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