Information Centre / Lost & Found

Misplaced your textbook? Panicking because you can’t find your wallet? Found a piece of jewelry that looks valuable?

If you’ve lost or found an item on campus the best place to find or turn in an article is the Lost and Found, located on the 2nd floor of MacEwan Student Centre at the end of the food court.


During the school year the SU Information Centre/Lost and Found is open weekdays and is closed on weekends and holidays. Reduced hours may occur during exam periods and Reading Week.

There is a 24 hour drop box for items found. Items not claimed in 14 days will be recycled.

If the Information Centre is unattended then the SU Office may provide information from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.

NOTE: SU Office personnel do not have access to lost-and-found items. 

Other Lost and Found Locations on Campus – Call Ahead

Information Centre in MSC

Call – 403-220-2997

Arts Undergraduate  Office in AB 612

Call – 220-5251

Information Centre in MSC

Call – 220-2997

Department Of Music CHF 217

Call – 220-5313

Residence Services in  Dining Hall, room 018

Call – 220-3210

Gallagher Library

Call – 220-6042

Engineering Undergraduate office, room ENC 204

Call – 220-5732

Heritage Medical Research Building, Information Desk between Northern and Eastern HSC entrances

Call – 220-8403

Engineering Undergraduate Office ENC204

Call – 220-5732

Equipment Room ENA 104

Call – 220-5029

SU Information Centre, 2nd floor at the end of the food court.

Call – 220-2997

Mechanical Engineering Building, room 507

Call – 220-5771

Computer Science Help Desk 1st floor MS

Call – 220-6613

Bennett Jones Law Library
(only for Law Library lost/found items.)

Call – 220-7274

Nickel Arts Museum front desk

Call – 220-7234

Olympic Oval front desk, room 140

Call – 220-7954

Olympic Oval front desk, room 140 or Cascade Hall Conference Housing CD 104
Call 220-7954 or 220-3203

Nursing Undergraduate office, room PF2259

Call – 220-6262

Residence services, Dining Centre room 01

Call – 220-3210

See Social Sciences or Math Sciences

Tri-Lab in SS basement room 018

Call – 220-5406

Business Library, room 301

Call – 220-7236

Service Desk

Call – 220-8895

Front of House, room CHG 117

Call – 220-4901