Voting will take place on the 6th, 7th, and 8th days of March 2018, 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. in MacEwan Student Centre, TFDL, Professional Faculties, and Science Theatres. You can also vote online by logging in to your student portal anytime on voting days.

Candidates on Ballot

Platforms for candidates that will be on the ballot will appear in this section. Platforms for winners by acclamation will appear in the next section.

Vice President Academic

Omer Mansoor VP Academic GE2018Hello UCalgary students! My name is Omer Mansoor and I would be thrilled and honoured to be your next VP Academic! I am in my third year of a Biological Sciences degree and would love to ADVOCATE for YOU! As an SU Faculty of Science Representative, I have had the opportunity to represent an amazing Faculty, learn about the dynamic relationship between the University and the SU, and develop a strong passion for advocacy! If elected, I will work hard for each and every student to have a memorable academic experience at this University! Check out my platform below:

  1. Increased Scholarships & Open Educational Resources (OERs)

Attending University is expensive, and oftentimes, students have to take on a part-time job to pay tuition and course fees. If elected, I will:

  • Advocate extensively for the creation of more student scholarships. I will work with the Students’ Union staff and Elected Officials to develop more internally funded SU Scholarships to be available for students, irrespective of their Faculty.
  • Through student discussions and feedback, I will advocate on different University Committees for the expansion of scholarships and work with different offices on campus to secure funding for new scholarships.
  • I will continue to advocate for OER’s to ensure their continued implementation within different courses on campus beyond the OER Pilot Project. Having access to free textbooks and resources is an important part of creating a more accessible University!
  1. Revitalize SU Academic Programs

Having access to meaningful academic programs is a top priority of mine! Many current SU academic programs are out-of-date and have not been updated in recent years. If elected, I will:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of both the SU Online Exam Bank and the Tutor Registry to help navigate the benefits of both programs. These programs, although helpful, have not been extensively reviewed and updated since their inception in 2001.
  • Continue to develop an SU Academic Rights Guide to outline processes for academic appeals and provide clarity as to what rights students have during these occurrences. This document will also aim to alleviate any confusion surrounding academic misconduct!
  • Expand, market, and promote the SUPER Work program to encompass more undergraduate research pay subsidies to ensure equitable pay for these research positions!
  1. Undergraduate Research & Experiential Learning

The VPA role oversees the Undergraduate Research Symposium (URS) and advocates for ongoing participation from students and greater awards for student researchers. I strongly believe that all Faculties should be represented within URS! If elected, I will:

  • Revitalize URS by introducing a visual art/performance aspect to ensure under-represented departments and faculties are shown at the Symposium. I will also publicize the abstract selection rubric and streamline the application process for URS to improve transparency for award selection.
  • Coordinate with the Student Success Centre to provide practical workshops on how to apply for different researching funding opportunities, such as PURE & NSERC to ensure students are better prepared to receive research funding!
  • Advocate for the integration of research components into different courses on campus to promote experiential learning.

Thank you for reading my platform! I would love to be your next VP Academic and will work hard to ensure that each and every student has a successful undergraduate experience at the University of Calgary!

VOTE Omer for VP Academic from March 6-8th! My ideas are finger lickin’ good!

Facebook/Instagram: @omer4academic



JRevington-VPAca-GE2018My name is Jessica Revington, and I am running to be your next VP Academic! I believe that every student has the potential to excel academically, and I want to ensure you have the resources and support you need to be successful during your time at university.

My promises to you fall under the following three pillars:

Proactive Academic Outreach

  • Advocate to increase support for programs (i.e. Thrive Priority Support Network, PASS/Peer Mentoring) with proven impacts on student academic success
  • Proactively perform outreach to students across campus via class talks and D2L introductions at the beginning of each semester
    • Ensure students recognize who they can approach if they require academic support or resources
  • Engage with faculty clubs, organizations, and associations in discussions about specific academic successes and challenges faced by the students they represent

Champion Undergraduate Research

  • Overhaul the annual SU Undergraduate Research Symposium by:
    • Expanding the event to include introductory research workshops, additional award sponsorships, and a variety of presentation formats
    • Revamping the abstract selection process and the working group mandate to accurately reflect the breadth of undergraduate research on campus
  • Advocate for the creation of additional undergraduate research positions across campus, especially in faculties with limited access to undergraduate research opportunities
  • Publish a campus-wide, generalized introductory research resource for students interested in undergraduate research

Advancing Academic Accessibility

  • Evaluate the success of the Open Educational Resources (OER) Pilot Project on campus and continuing to advocate for the expansion of OERs, which are resources proven to improve student learning and eliminate cost access barriers
    • Advocate for faculty members to receive recognition and incentive for developing OERs
  • Ensure that students have access to resources (i.e. academic journals, scholarships/bursaries, emergency funding) that are essential to academic and personal success
  • Continue advocacy efforts to restructure and improve the U of C undergraduate academic appeals processes and the U of C exam deferral processes

Help me fight for your academic success by being your voice on campus.

Vote Jessica REVINGTON for VP Academic!



Vice President External

Emma_Hopper-VPExt-GE2018I’m Emma Hopper, a second year political science major, and I’m running to be your VP External. I may not be a real detective, but there are things that need to be addressed, that you don’t have to be a meddling kid with a dog to see.

  1. Affordability and Accessibility
    University’s expensive, we all know that. To manage the cost of school and to help those that need it the most, I will be your voice to government to:

    1. Tie tuition rates to Consumer Price Index, and close market modifier loopholes.
    2. Keep tuition for international students predictable and stable.
    3. Federal funding to develop Open Educational Resources. Textbooks are expensive, while Open Educational Resources (OERs) are affordable and often free. I will also advocate for student-friendly federal copyright policy.
    4. Expand the federal Post-Secondary Student Support Program. This program removes cost barriers for indigenous students’ post-secondary education. It’s underfunded and needs expansion to support students that are not receiving funding they’ve been promised.
  2. Engagement
    The VP External’s role shouldn’t be a mystery students have to solve for themselves. Recently, it’s a role that’s been absent from the student body. It is important for students to know what’s being said on their behalf, and have the tools to take part themselves. I will reconnect the role with students by:

    1. Implementing a 5-session program where students can learn more about the government and current issues that are being worked on by the Students’ Union.
    2. Creating a monthly vlog of my progress. This small and easy step gives students the ability to hold me accountable and monitor progress on these promises.
  3. Student Employment
    One big reason students attend university is to get a job at the other end. Getting a foot-in-the-door is hard, so it is important that students get a leg up however we can. I will achieve this as your voice to government by:

    1. Advocating to allow international students to participate in co-op opportunities and internships under a study permit, eliminating the need to apply for a separate permit.
    2. Advocating for the expansion and improvement of the Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP).
    3. Advocate for expanding the Summer Work Experience Program to be expanded to a full year program.
  4. Get Out the Vote
    There’s a provincial election next year, and politicians listen to votes. It’s important for us to show we as students mean business at the ballot box. To do this I will:

    1. Organize a Get Out the Vote campaign that’s in person, on social media, and includes an MLA meet and greet.
  5. Secondary Suites
    Students live in (currently illegal) secondary suites because they’re cheaper and convenient, but at the cost of safety standards. Good news is there’s a bylaw set to be passed to fix this. However, it is important to ensure that the implementation of this is sustainable and serves students’ needs. I will make sure city council gets our message by:

    1. Stressing the importance of secondary suites to students.
    2. Giving students a voice in the implementation and evaluation of the legislation.

We have a #Hoppertunity for change, and I hope you choose me to shed some light on the solutions.

Vote Emma Hopper for VP External!

Social Media:

Facebook: @emma4external –
Instagram: @emma4external –
Twitter: @emma4external


PunchamJudge-VPExt-GE2018Hello U of C students, my name is Puncham Judge and I am running to be your next Students’ Union Vice President External. Over the past 4 months as your Students’ Union Vice President External, I have worked on a number of projects that I would like to continue working on in the next year to make your university experience better! I believe that I have the necessary skills and experience to advocate on your behalf to all 3 levels of government. Here are my priorities:


  1. Legalization of secondary suites to ensure safe and affordable housing for our students. Students need to have access to housing that complies with land use and the Alberta Building Code and Alberta Fire Code.
  1. Improve Calgary Transit services for university students and work on making it more accessible during non-peak hours.


  1. Find a predictable tuition solution for students. Tuition is only frozen until the end of the 2018/2019 academic year, so I will continue to work with the provincial government and advocate for the legislation of tuition and tying it to Consumer Price Index. This is crucial because in other provinces students have seen their tuition increase by 25-30% once the freeze ended. We are very close, but this is my biggest priority and I want to continue working on it until we have a solution for our students. By legislating tuition, we can provide a long-term, predictable, and affordable opportunity by encouraging students to access post-secondary education without the additional concerns of financial unknowns.
  1. Ask for the regulation of international student tuition and also tie it to the Consumer Price Index.
  1. Eliminate market modifiers and regulate mandatory non-instructional fees.
  1. Advocate to make the Student Temporary Employment program a year round program and work on ensuring that students are getting degree relevant work experience.
  1. Advocate for education tax credits to be converted to up-front needs based grants for students.


  1. Canada Student Grants needs to increase the amount for the disability grant, as it is the only grant that has not increased in amount. I will lobby the federal government to review the definition of “permanent disability” and who is eligible to apply for this grant. By reviewing the definition, this grant will be open to students who suffer from a mental illness or have episodic disabilities, which are not labeled as permanent. The current definition of “permanent disabilities” is too restrictive, and by reviewing it we can ensure that it meets the diverse needs of students.
  1. The Post-Secondary Student Support Program provides financial assistance to First Nation and Inuit students who are enrolled in an eligible post-secondary program. The PSSSP is currently underfunded and Indigenous students face significant barriers when participating in post-secondary education. I will work alongside CASA to continue supporting this ask and the proposal of investing $2.1 billion over three years into this program.

Your voice matters and I want to ensure that your concerns are heard! You can find more information about my platform on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – @punchamjudge. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at #YouBeTheJudge

Vice President Operations & Finance

KDang-VPOpFi-GE2018Hello! I’m Kevin Dang (aka KD), and it would be an honour to serve as your Vice-President Operations and Finance. As a fourth-year Biological Sciences student, I’ve been involved as one of the SU Science Representatives, as a Peer Helper for the Wellness Center, and worked with the Office of Leadership and Student Engagement. My personal goal is to ensure students have all the resources they need to succeed on this campus, and give you a voice in what influences your student experience.

  • Building the Future of Mac Hall
    • The Mac Hall dispute has been successfully settled, and our student center can finally enter its next stage: Redevelopment. Since building management now belongs to students, I plan to help guide our building’s future by doing the following:
      • Developing strong working relationships with the new Joint Liaison Committee (JLC) and the University Executive Leadership Team (ELT) to actively collaborate for the benefit of all students
      • Build the foundation for future Mac Hall infrastructure and service expansions by creating refreshed development plans driven by student consultation
      • Using the returning funds from the Mac Hall SU/University agreement to further improve and strengthen our events, programs, and services
      • Addressing Mac Hall maintenance and repair needs to ensure that all students can enjoy a safe and healthy student center
  • Advancing Student Resources and Services
    • Continue to work with students to evaluate current SU services (i.e. the Health and Dental Plan) to ensure that the programs address student needs, are sustainable, and give students the most “bang for their buck”
    • Continue collaborating with the Cannabis Working Group to implement new policies that provide students with resources for safe usage of cannabis on campus
    • Develop a pilot program with non-profit organizations and MacEwan Conference & Events to reduce food waste, increase program sustainability, and address food insecurity on campus
    • Increase the variety of food options offered by Mac Hall vendors to cater to students with dietary restrictions (i.e. vegan, halal, gluten-free)
  • Helping More Students Engage with their SU
    • Committees are an integral part of the Students’ Union, and I plan to make them more accessible to all students by doing the following:
      • Creating a simplified and centralized application process for student-at-large SU committee positions
      • Developing a standardized training program for students appointed to SU committees to ensure they have a fulfilling and informed experience
    • Collaborate with student media groups (i.e. NUTV, the Gauntlet, CJSW) to develop recruitment campaigns for SU opportunities and services – such as student-at-large positions, part-time jobs, and ELECTIONS!

Thanks for your consideration! Vote KEVIN DANG for VP OPFI, and remember – IT’S GOTTA BE KD!

BStallcup-VPOpFi-GE2018Hello U of C, my name is Briana Stallcup and I am running to be your next SU VP Operations and Finance!

I have spent the past four years searching for my place and purpose, and that journey has culminated in my decision to run as your OpFi. My experience in numerous clubs, leadership roles, volunteer work, and passionate activism makes me the best and most well-rounded leader on the ballot.

  1. The Joint Liaison Committee
    As of May 1st, the SU will retain full management of MacHall. The committee created to handle building operations and management is the JLC. As VP OpFi, I see this as an opportunity to redirect SU advocacy so that it prioritizes student needs above all else.

    • When it comes to both SU owned and shared spaces, I will focus time on facilities management, specifically the top concerns of students: deferred maintenance, study spaces, and renovations.
  2. The Health and Dental Plan
    The current VP OpFi has worked on executing a survey to understand which services students are utilizing the most and least. As of now, the plan costs more than what student fees cover. In order to not only maintain a balanced budget, but also to better serve students, I will use his findings, build upon them in the upcoming school year, and search for a more efficient allocation of funds.
  3. The Travel and Conference Budget
    The T&C Budget is one of the most utilized services of the SU, as evidenced by how quickly the funds are distributed each school year. This fund contributes directly to the quality of the student experience, and for many, is the only option to explore both academic and non-academic opportunities. I will consider multiple avenues to expand this budget for future students.
  4. Improving the Image and Awareness of the SU
    Each year the SU Strategic Plan sets the goal of engaging with students and prioritizing advocacy- which I 100% support. Although the mandate of VP OpFi does not include student experience, the purpose of the SU as an entity is advocacy, which I wholeheartedly know I can improve upon.

    • Replace Colour Night with an event that invites students-at-large to join the celebrations. I believe elections should be celebrated with the voters. Replacing this event with an open one would not only improve the image of the SU, but also fulfill its purpose to give back to the students who make its existence possible.
    • I will never support any decision, barring extreme circumstances, that increases the already immense financial burden students are facing.
    • Our campus has sadly experienced many hateful, prejudiced, and harmful incidence this past year. If elected, I will, as regularly as possible, hold open office hours. The purpose of these is up to the students- be it mental support in times of great distress on campus, or concerns about student fees. I believe it is my job as an executive to extend this invitation to students, and not expect them to come to me.

RVALENCERINA-VPOpFi-GE2018Hello U of C! My name is Rio Valencerina and I am running to be your VP Operations and Finance. I have been working for SLC and the Student’s Union for 3 years; during my time as Speaker I have facilitated discussions for student issues across campus, from the MacHall dispute to the SLC Code of Conduct. I have helped keep members of Council accountable by investigating complaints, helping draft new policies, and updating old ones to ensure that we establish best practices in the SU.

I have been glad to serve students and I hope to continue to do so as your VP. I hope to improve the services we offer, and to make campus somewhere students want to be. My plan for the Student’s Union follows:

  1. Begin consultation and review for possible renovations to MacHall to accommodate new food vendors, student spaces, and expanded services;
  2. Review funding of SU services, particularly the Campus Food Bank, and Health and Dental plans to promote sustainable practices;
  3. Review and update SU governance policies to improve efficiency and representativeness of the SU, making the SU more accessible and accountable to students.

With the funding we’ve secured as primary managers of MacHall, we can begin review and consultation for building renovations, allowing us to bring more healthy or vegetarian food vendors to campus, and expand heavily used services like the wellness centre and food bank. As we are the building managers and key stakeholder, this funding review can also assess the viability of adding additional bystander intervention training programs at the Den and support to other student resources, helping create a safer and more welcoming campus community for students.

My review of SU finances and policies will begin with a review of the Nominations Committee Terms of Reference to remove inefficiencies and add students-at-large to the committee. These changes will improve our governance processes, give students more of a voice in the SU, and keep members of SLC accountable to students. Our policy review will also consider how we can incorporate Indigenous perspectives into our operations and governance processes so that we can respect the traditional territories and values of Treaty 7 peoples.

With your vote, we can build a stronger campus community that is able to serve all University of Calgary students. If you would like to know more about my platform, follow me on social media @KeepItRio4VP.

Thank you for your consideration!

Social Media

Twitter: @KeepItRio4VP
Instagram: @KeepItRio4VP
Facebook: @KeepItRio4VP //

Vice President Student Life


My name is Assad Ali Bik, and I am running for the position of Vice President of Student Life. I believe that this is the most important position in the SU because regardless of who you are, where you come from, or how you choose to express yourself, we all have two things in common and those two things are that we are all students, and we all have lives!


My biggest goal as VPSL is to create a solid community on our campus.

I plan on achieving this through various events that include, but are not limited to, friendship day, Dino’s athletic events, fine arts performances, and club of the month events.

I want to build a stronger community within our campus by incorporating inclusivity movements like the “Purple Bench Project”, where we would strategically paint specific tables or benches the colour red. These red areas would be reserved for strangers who are open to meeting new friends. I also plan on creating a system where students are able to sign out board games throughout the day. Ultimately, creating a greater community atmosphere, as well as giving students gateways to explore, and expand their life here on campus

With everything I plan on doing, my goal is to bring us all together.

Now let’s talk MENTAL HEALTH.

Mental health is an unspoken ongoing concern in today’s society, and is highly prevalent within the population on our campus.

The university and I both recognize that when it comes to the factors that influence the lives, well-being, and mental health of our diverse student population, one shoe does not fit all.

There are many opportunities, facilities, and events on campus that are solely purposed to bring awareness to the importance of mental health. As your VP of Student Life, I will make it my responsibility to be the liaison between these initiatives and the student body, by shedding light on what our university can offer. I want to make it very clear that the SU and I are driven to create a safe, and accepting environment within our community which caters to the unique experiences of every individual. Together, we can diminish the social stigma around mental health, and reaching out for help. No one should have to go through this alone.

A direct action I plan on taking is bringing back nap rooms, but shedding more light on it, and making it more accessible.

With the events I plan on bringing to campus as your VP of Student Life, such as Spirit Week and Club of The Month, I hope to create a stronger, and more inclusive community on campus by giving students something to look forward to as a collective, beyond just academics, and in doing so expand their overall student experience.


In my years at the University of Calgary, the university and the SU have done a great job of making a clear distinction between students, and Dinos. As your VPSL, I plan on getting rid of this distinction by enforcing the idea that “WE ARE ALL DINOS”.

To instil Dino’s pride within our university I want to create a reserved student section in the stands at athletic events that is ran by a “hype squad”. This is a group of volunteers that are in charge of crowd pumping and creating chants to engage the student body.

Alongside these ideas, I also plan on having themed games. Themes such as a rivalry game, costume dress up, and white out games.

By creating an atmosphere that people feel a part of, attendance should increase drastically.

Although the SU funds a lot of single events for different sports, we do little to keep people coming back consistently. I believe this is due to a lack of Dino’s Pride, which I intend on bring to our University.


Now, let’s talk clubs.

I believe clubs are a huge part of the student life, or at least they should be! However, other than Club’s Week, they don’t really get the opportunity to expand, and showcase the unique ideas they bring to our campus.

That is why I am introducing “Club of The Month,” where clubs get the opportunity to apply for a chance to gain exposure. Chosen clubs will hold a university-wide event with the help of their VP of Student Life. This event is yet another effort in bringing people together, and building an inclusive community on our campus.

NFarid-VPSL-GE2018Hello fellow UofC students!

My name is Nabila Farid and I would be honored to be your next VP Student Life! I believe that my current experience as a Students’ Union Arts Representative has cultivated my passion to advocate for YOU, and allowed me to see how strong the student voice really is.

With such a large campus community, it is important for students to feel respected, included, and engaged in their university experience, so this is how I plan on making that happen:


  • With roughly half the undergraduate population being involved in a collective total of over 300 clubs, clubs have become a crucial part of student life. I will work with the university to advocate for increased free spaces and services for clubs to use in order to successfully host their events. There will be a main focus on increasing the classroom booking limit throughout the year.
  • I will advocate for more club funding in order for clubs to continuously host events throughout the year and grow their member rates without worrying about the finances. A bigger clubs budget will allow the special events last minute funding application limit to increase from a maximum of $400.00 to $500.00.
  • I will work with the clubs committee to clarify the current club award evaluation criteria, and ensure the nomination process is more thorough, which will guarantee fair eligibility. I will also be proposing the addition of an “Outstanding Junior Exec.” award to clubs committee.


  • Although plenty of mental health resources are available for students on campus, many students still remain unaware of these resources. As the VPSL sits on the Mental Health committee, I plan to work with university administration in order to effectively promote the mental health services that the wellness center has to offer, and other support initiatives present on campus so that students are able to take advantage of them as needed.
  • I think it’s important for continuous events where students can relax and de-stress to be occurring on campus, which is why I will implement monthly workshops where students can participate in roundtables to discuss stress-coping strategies, create their own stress balls along with other crafts, pick up a midterm survival pack, and much more!
  • I will work with the university to effectively kick start new stigma reduction workshops, with a similar approach to Queens University’s “Awareness. Anti-Stigma. Response” workshop. These workshops will educate both students and staff to approach, listen, support and refer their friends and family who may be undergoing mental health stress.


  • I will work with the university to ensure the financial prioritization of programs like primary prevention programming workshops, as well as support services for sexual violence on campus. I will also advocate for the funding to be channeled through a student body such as the Consent Awareness and Sexual Education club.
  • I will continue the mini Stepping Up module program and advocate for as much funding as possible in conjunction to putting a Quality Money application in place to launch the large-scale Stepping Up Program, a dating violence prevention program.


  • I want students to feel connected to the University of Calgary more than just academically- which is why I will collaborate with faculty clubs in order to host large scale faculty-pride events.
  • I want diversity to be continuously appreciated, which is why I plan to host a “Minorities in Diversity” event that brings together different cultural aspects of our student body.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or ideas you may have!

HelenWang-VPSL-GE2018Hello, DINOs! My name is Helen Wang and I am running for VP Student Life. I am currently a 3rd year student in the Bachelor of Health Sciences. During this school year, I have the opportunity to work as the Community Advisor of the first year community in 7th floor Rundle Hall. This experience has allowed me to witness the issues faced by my students as a third party. I have taken note of these challenges in student life and have centered my platform to address these issues. I am here to advocate for you!! Here’s how:

  1. Campus Resources

Imagine how much easier first year Calculus and English may have been if you had known, back in September, that you can get free tutoring? Would you know where to go? How about for someone to help take notes for you when you have a broken arm? All these services are readily available to be used by YOU. These campus resources cannot be properly utilized if there is a portion of student body that does not know of their existence. These services are supplemented with fees from your tuition to help you on your journey to achieve success at university.

It is my goal to incorporate a campus resources tour into the orientation week of incoming first year and international students to help ease their transition into the university. These tours would also be available on a sign-up basis for current students! Through this imitative, I hope to increase student traffic in the utilization of campus resources and will offer my support to increase the efficiency and impact of these offices.

  1. Clubs

Although student clubs are registered on OrgSync, not all pages include descriptions of their initiatives and purpose for browsing students to read. As an incentive to update the profiles of the clubs, I will bring back an initiative called “Club Matchmaker”. First implemented in Fall 2014, this program consists of a short survey that allows for students to get matched to clubs that are compatible with their future career goals or the area that they are interested in. Profiles completed prior to a deadline will be featured in this initiative, and be awarded extra funds to use in club activities.

In addition, the Junior Executive Program has great potential for helping clubs transition to new executive teams. I aim to create more guidelines so that Junior Execs can have a more defined roles and responsibilities in the current workings of a club. The potential succession of a Junior Exec into a full executive role will also be more clearly outlined.

  1. Mental Health

The phrase “restructuring Mental Health” have been heard over and over, and there have been substantial improvements in the university system to help address this. One example of this is the opening of the Community Hub, another place on campus that offers wellness support. Even with this progress, there is still potential to increase general awareness of mental health through understanding the different conditions.

As VP Student Life, I will plan monthly events at MacEwan Student Centre and feature one mental condition per month. All student and faculty members are welcome to attend and guest speakers, including student clubs, will be invited. The purpose of these series will be to shed light on the definition of each condition, and the experience that a student who shares the illness may go through. By holding these sessions, I aim to further decrease the stigma surrounding mental health and use the events as a portal to increase awareness of the support available on campus.

  1. Transparency

Every year, changes in the university happen using student contributions. As an executive in multiple clubs and an undergraduate researcher at several university laboratories, I understand the importance of transparency in building trust. To allow the student body to see what is being done by me, I will make sure that financial information of funds allocated to improve student life are more accessible.

In addition, I will create an email subscription that is available for all University of Calgary students and faculty members. This channel of communication will be used as the primary way to communicate initiatives. As VP student life, I will spearhead the goal of further improving the transparency of this student body organization. From this, I hope the other executives can also take inspiration, and together, make the Students Union an even more transparent organization to better help the university community.
Phone: (587)979-5876

Faculty representative, Arts

MGillies-Arts-GE2018Hello arts students! I am a Political Science student, avid to represent you on the Students’ Union. After much consideration and input from arts students, I am honoured to present an attainable and seamless platform, in hopes to enhance and maximize your experience in the best faculty on campus.


Every student can testify the limitless hours they spend studying on campus. But unlike the other faculties, arts students have yet to obtain a space that reflects our ambitions, dedication, and drive. An aesthetically pleasing, safe and inviting place is crucial for us to socialize, host events and of course, study. Myself, partnering with other Arts Representatives, the Faculty of Arts Students Association, and other SU Elected Officials, will work to solidify and secure funding, such as that from the Campus Improvement Fund, to finally launch renovations on our Arts Lounge. Through the renovation process as Arts Representative, I will be the facilitator to ensure that student voices are heard throughout the project, and not dismissed. Being the most creative faculty, I can guarantee that student ideas and words for our space will not be lost, and that I will proudly be an advocate for them.


Our faculty is so multifaceted that it ranges from students pursuing economics, all the way to dance. Because of this, it is reasonable to infer that uniting the arts family would be a difficult task. My solution to this to create a biannual “Arts Town Hall”, that would bring together all of the diverse students and faculty members under one roof. This project would be funded partially by Faculty support and the Presidential Elective Official Initiative Fund. An evening surrounded by food and drinks, this would be an opportunity for students to network, showcase their talents and projects, provoke mentorship and collaboration, and improve communication within our faculty. The invitation would also outreach to leaders in the community that originated from this faculty, or have a direct career links to our students. This rare opportunity to interact with government officials, city innovators, esteemed lawyers, or established artists would be unique to the townhall event and to our faculty. This event has the potential to extract all that there is for arts students in their current and future careers. The townhall would represent the sea of opportunities that already exists in our faculty, and those that await arts students post graduation. With the implementation of this event, our inter-disciplinary faculty finally has a medium that would establish healthy relationships between students, faculty members, and community leaders. We are the largest faulty with extreme diversity, but we all interlace. As your Arts Representative, I am thrilled to take on this challenge and to host a townhall for all you incredible, diverse, and driven people.


Continuing with the notion of unification and alliance, as Arts Representative, I would be proud to be the facilitator in universal awareness of difficult subjects that concern our campus. This way of thinking would align with responsiveness towards Indigenous awareness, gender equality, and LGBTQIA2+ recognition. This widespread knowledge will make way for collaboration and interdependency with one another and this in turn strengthens our arts community. From the Women’s Resource Center, the Native Center, the Q Center, the Sustainable Development Goals Alliance, and of course the Student’s Union, I will be faithful to facilitating these collaborations and creating and maintaining this atmosphere on campus. Workshops or social evenings in this light will give students a secure environment in which we can share our stories, concerns, and ideas. Having those difficult conversations will be the only way in which we can band-together to tackle issues that do not always get enough attention simply because they do require difficult conversations, possibly regarding sexual assault, gender equality, or sustainable development. As Arts Representative, I would foster an environment that would let Arts students know that they are not alone when it comes to these issues, and that they have an entire faculty standing behind them always.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at the facebook page: Marley Gillies. And remember to vote MARLEY for your Arts Representative!!

THnidey-Arts-GE2018My name is Tanner Hnidey. I am an Economics major who is running to be an Arts Representative. My platform is simple.


Freedom above all else. There is a need for a drastic increase of freedom for every individual enrolled at the university.


  • Transit Pass-The transit pass that makes students pay a mandatory fee of $140/semester is an inefficient system. For those that do not take government transit throughout the year, this is an extensive waste of money. The Student Union ought to lobby the municipal government to reintroduce a taxpayer funded subsidy. Students who use city transit would pay the same fee they do now to purchase a pass each semester, but students who do not use city transit would not be required to pay any mandatory pass fees.
  • School Paper-Each student has a portion of their student fees put towards The Gauntlet. A founding principle of economics is that price signals value. With the paper being paid for involuntarily by students, the value of the paper cannot be determined. There is a much more efficient alternative to pursue. Have The Gauntlet charge for each paper. In creating a market, The Gauntlet can determine exactly how many papers to print, and what cost they should be sold at. This saves paper, saves students money, and introduces a competitive news source.

These are only a few ideas that come to mind. In fact, there are many more ways to improve economic freedom.


  • The foundation of every great society is the ability to freely exchange ideas with others without fear of being censored. A society conquered by a tyrannical state has their freedom of speech eliminated first. In the university, engaging in conversations about varying issues are paramount to the learning experience. To start, the Student Union must pass a bill that guarantees the absolute protection of the Freedom of Speech in the university.


  • The only person who knows what is best for you is yourself. This axiom of free market economics holds true for the student union as well. While it is the Union’s job to represent each student at the university, only the individual can truly decide how to maximize their interests. Therefore, it is necessary that the Union allow for the greatest amount of free choice possible. The smaller the Union, the freer the individual.

So when the time comes to vote, vote for your freedom.

RJackson-Arts-GE2018Hi ARTS,

My name is Raquel Jackson and I am currently a third year International Relations student running to represent YOU on the Students’ Union. I am dedicated to further developing our community and creating an enriched university experience.

As your next Faculty of Arts representative, I hope to improve three specific topics:

    • Your networks can get you anywhere and I aim to expand them. I propose to organize events together with the Faculty of Arts Student Association (FASA) where students can interact with specialists in their desired fields.
    • Internships are a great way to further yourself professionally which is why I plan to work collaboratively with Career Services to ensure there are a varied and sufficient amount of internships available to you
    • Department-Specific clubs do a great job at informing and advancing students, I hope to work along side them to facilitate the creation of Networking Events and Degree Workshops
    • Our faculty is the largest on campus and as a community we aren’t incredibly cohesive, therefore I propose working alongside clubs to organize inter-club events and bridge the gap between our departments
    • I plan to hold “learn a major in a day” events as a way for arts students to familiarize themselves with other programs
    • Learning workshops are a great opportunity to connect. Alongside FASA I hope to create workshops in which we will learn useful study tricks followed by de-stressing activities
    • The arts faculty is the largest in the University of Calgary. Despite the large amount of students in Arts, many scholarships offered are tailored to faculties with a specialized or restricted amount of students. I hope to work alongside FASA to advocate for more funding and scholarships
    • Additionally I will complete Quality Money Funding applications to implement more scholarships and awards specifically to students who are frequently engaged in numerous Arts related activities, to demonstrate appreciation for their hard work

Thank you and don’t forget to VOTE March 6-8th!

Contact me on Facebook:

OmarMufti-Arts-GE2018Hello UCalgary Arts students! My name is Omar Mufti and I am a second year Political Science and Theater student, minoring in Economics. In my two years as an arts student, I have worked hard to be as much of a part of this community as I can be in all the facets of the arts, be it performing arts or social sciences; but my second home is the Model UN team of the University of Calgary. As a VP for the team and a theater student, I have seen and experienced many of the problems that arts students face. Simply put, arts students are not getting the resources and support they need to take their time here as a student and elevate it to the standards we desperately need. My platform consists of:

  • Elevate Arts Programs
    Arts students in all departments need access to supplementary resources as well as extracurriculars to improve their learning, engagement, be better candidates in the hiring market and enjoy their time as a university student. I would move to create SU quality money grants that help fund and organize anything from added workshops or studios for specific skills, trading simulations, speaker series, and more. I will also advocate for the increased usage and awareness of Summer Temporary Employment Program.
  • Increased Research Opportunities
    We have no shortage of talent, capability and drive, yet research opportunities for undergraduate arts students is minimal. Having more research projects and learning opportunities not only makes arts students even more capable and hireable, cultivates critical thinking, spreads ideas and as the research program grows it can improve the university’s reputation. I will work with faculty and push for SU funding to encourage research projects, provide research grants, and connect interested students with faculty and professors to get arts research at the U of C to become a stable and long term reality.
  • Improved Arts Spaces
    The faculty of arts has well over 7200 arts students, all of whom require dedicated spaces to work, study, and spend their time. We are lacking dedicated spaces for arts students and lack dedicated spaces for arts clubs. The spaces we do have including many of the spaces we have our classes (see Craigie Hall) are just not at a standard that is uniform with the rest of the campus, as well as the standard the largest faculty on campus deserves. I will work with the University and advocate through the SU for grants and funding to improve our spaces, through renovation budgets and SU quality money grants, while expanding on the campus improvement fund. I will also advocate for better spaces dedicated to clubs on campus.
  • Grow UCalgary Arts Beyond The University
    There are competitions, conferences, symposiums, meets, workshops, and countless other events that occur outside of Calgary, Alberta or even Canada. U of C arts students have an immense amount to give to these events and just as much, if not more, to gain, not to mention representing the U of C all over Canada and even the world. However, the reality is that we participate in these events far less than what we proportionally should. This can be attributed to three things: lack of awareness, lack of outreach and lastly and most unfortunately is a lack of funding. I would like to remedy all of those by using SU resources to find, index and advertise such opportunities. Adding to that, traveling to or just attending these events can be expensive. As of now, we only get funding from SU Conference and Events Funding, which is a pool of money that quickly drains and leaves many looking for support left with absolutely none. I would work to expand this fund and to create more opportunities for funding or grants to ensure that affordability is never the reason that keeps any student from gaining the experiences they need.
  • Grow The Arts Community
    Though the arts faculty is massive, a sense of community is what binds us. I will work to make that sense of community and interconnected support even stronger. This starts with continued advocacy and representation in the arts for students of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, and backgrounds, while working closely with Indigenous arts students to ensure they feel represented. This also includes working with faculty to create that community as well. I would strongly advocate for better relationships between clubs, and faculty to ensure a dialogue that makes our clubs stronger and improves faculty to student relations.

My Facebook Page:
Omar Mufti for Arts Rep

DanaNasser-Arts-GE2018Hey everyone! My name is Dana Nasser. I am a candidate to be your Arts Representative. If elected, I will strive towards representing you to the best of my abilities by taking on the responsibilities of an Arts Representative which includes sitting on Students’ Union Legislative Council, various Students’ Union committees, Faculty of Arts committees, and University committees. In addition to these responsibilities, I would like to address issues that deeply impact arts students by collaborating with other SU Executives, the Faculty of Arts, and the University. These issues are:

1. Mental Health Workshops

  • Workshops for healthy study habits
  • Understanding sleep hygiene
  • More regular, continuing de-stressing activities
  • Sex & Gender and racism information talks

To achieve these goals, I will work closely with your SU VP Student Life. I will integrate what I have learned in my psychology degree to help students feel a little bit happier while they get their education. I will create events after consulting with SU Executives for the costs and the Faculty of Arts or FASA for the use of the spaces needed.

2. Improving FASA lounge

  • Professional Audio/Video system that is reliable, permanent and easy to plug & play for events.
  • Advocate for a larger second Arts lounge, since the FASA lounge is over crowded by Arts and non-Arts students.
  • A large, visible digital calendar on the exterior of the FASA lounge wall to display future events.

I will apply for the Quality Money grant to get some funding for these ideas, as well as the Campus Improvement Fund. It is time we started advocating for a second Arts lounge. I will work with the SU Executives as well as the Board of Governors student Representative to make headway.

3. Advocate for Arts co-op, STEP

I will advocate for additional co-op opportunities for Arts students as well as resources for students currently on work terms and for those looking for a work term. I’ve had experience with STEP and I felt it was beneficial to my degree.

  • Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP) offers a 4-16 week program between May and August for high school and post secondary students

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to representing you.

Facebook: Dana Nasser
Instagram: imdanasser

SaraPeppinck-Arts-GE2018Hello everyone! My name is Sara Peppinck and I am seeking the opportunity to represent you as an Arts Faculty Representative. I put a high value on community and through my involvement with the Students Union, hope to help strengthen the student and campus communities at the University of Calgary.

As a member of the SU I will support and continue the initiatives in place and also develop new ones to pursue engagement, sense of community, vibrancy of campus life and safety. I intend to help develop new and sustainable activities for students and to assist in cultivating a positive student experience. There are many great events hosted on campus every year but I think there is still room to grow. I hope to hear from students about what events they are most interested in attending and what they feel has been the successes and shortcomings of some they have attended to date.

2017 saw the launch of the official Indigenous Strategy at the university. I intend to work towards the engagement and fulfillment of this strategy and supporting its long term success. I believe the enacting of this strategy is of great value to the student body, the university and the larger community and it is the responsibility of those of us who are present for its inception to support its realization. I hope to aid in the facilitation of this. Engaging those that developed the initiative and providing the support and facilitation to students and staff will be a priority.

To address safety on campus, I hope to spur a review of some of the safety practices. While there are some positive initiatives already in place, there are a few I would like to look into to improve the sense and existence of safety on campus in later hours.

One more area that I would also like to explore is the engagement of the mature student body on campus. As a mature student myself, I would like to see more opportunities for this segment of the student body to connect and interact.

A little about myself. I am currently in the midst of completing dual degrees in Arts, one is in Development Studies and the other in International Indigenous Studies. I hope to purse a career in the areas of community development and engagement, with the scope being locally, nationally and internationally.

My work and life experience will benefit me greatly in a role on the SU and in pursuing some of the goals I have laid out. I have been a life long fan of music and in years past, was responsible for organizing a number of charitable music events that showcased local bands and provided contributions to a number of community causes. Other music volunteering has included with a radio station at a previous college I attended, have volunteered at music festivals such as the Dawson City Music Festival, Sled Island and the Big Winter Classic festival most recently. I hope to utilize these experiences and love of music and to help bring some fun events to campus.

I believe my experience working within Human Services will also be of benefit in this role. That experience has included working in addictions and mental health, homelessness, housing supports and supporting behaviorally challenged kids in care. This work has helped me develop strong problem solving and people skills. I believe that these skills will help me to evaluate needs within the student body and also assist in cultivating potential supports.

Beyond music I also have a great love of photography, the outdoors, and a passion for travel. I appreciate new experiences and perspectives and like pushing myself out of my comfort zone. My travels have taken me to Central America, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and throughout North America. Road trips are a beloved pastime and have taken me from the Pacific to Atlantic coasts and up to the Yukon and down to Texas. I love talking about different experiences, cultures and places so would love to hear about yours.

I have no doubt that my abundant and varied experience will serve me well in a role on the SU. I hope to utilize my existing skills in the favor of the student body and look forward to dev3eloping new skills on the SU to use in the future. I look forward to the adventures that lay ahead and am excited for this new experience.

QStevenson-Arts-GE2018Hello! My name is Quinn Stevenson and I am a ‘Law and Society’ Student looking to run for your Students Union Arts Representative. My time at U of C and talking to my peers has created enthusiastic goals to represent my Arts Faculty peers. My campaign platform continues as follows…

  1. Mental Health. All too often, mental illness makes an impact towards our school and our day to day life. Having suffered in the past I know firsthand how it can dilute the quality of our studies as well as our all-around quality of life. One of the dominant reasons this issue is so important to me is that I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder at the age of sixteen. Then my depression became one of the deciding factors that caused me to drop out of high school, and almost not continue my education. However after working on myself and receiving support, I was able to return stronger than ever. I will advocate for more resources to raise awareness about mental health, and offer far more means to help support those suffering. FAR TOO LONG has the stigma around mental illness been prevalent in our society. When mental health is addressed properly, not only does our university benefit, but our entire society as well. The fact we still live in a country with student suicides means we are not doing enough to support those suffering. I am a strong advocate to change that.
  2. Advocating for mentorships, and future job opportunities. Many times, when talking to other faculty students they leave the impression arts students do not have as much ability and skills to offer the future workforce. I not only know this is incorrect, but I know it can be proven incorrect. I will strongly advocate for increased arts internship and employment opportunities to help showcase the skills the faculty of arts offers the world. I will advocate for increased networking events, and work hard on conveying many agencies to attend and grow from these events as well. I will go out of my way to engage with local industry to create these opportunities for all arts students, to convey that we have just as much (if not more) to offer the workforce!
  3. The Arts faculty is the largest in terms of population, so this means we bring in the most spending resources. However it seems as though we have the lowest grade lounges and resources to enjoy our leisure time. Examples can include, how other departments have air hockey tables, ping pong tables and access to video game consoles. If we bring the largest income towards the university, we should have the most to show for it. People may say “We can go to these other faculties and just use them there!”, to which I reply “Yes, but why are these buildings and programs getting these privileges, when the arts developments so clearly need renovation?”.

Thank you so much for your consideration!

If you have any questions, or any issue would like me to advocate for, email me at and I will create clarity for any issues you may have.

RThamotharam-Arts-GE2018Greetings fellow arts students! I am Ram Thamotharam. I am currently a third-year Sociology student, and my goal is to optimize the arts students’ experience by increasing the involvement between arts students’ and the Students Union to create a stronger, unified community. Here is my platform:

Student Engagement:

I want what you want. My first task will be to increase the engagement of the arts students with the Students Union. To do this I will work with the Faculty of Arts Students Association (FASA) and Quality Money Funding to give rise to a large and effective team. This team, composed primarily of student volunteers, will interact with the student body and faculty. Its focus will be in collecting data through surveys and general consensus questionnaires, which will mainly be done in person. The purpose of collecting such data will assure that our faculty members are aware of and can commit to the changes that need to be taken in order to better serve you.

Careers and Networking:

I want to expose the students of the Arts Faculty to all the opportunities available to them. The mission is to implement more improved internships, career and volunteer opportunities catered towards students within our faculty.This should result in a better academic experience. To do this, I will need to work alongside Career Services and Faculty staff to collaborate ideas and identify what our options are. Once this has been determined, I will personally reach out to organizations and professionals, within the university and beyond, to introduce workshops, networking and career events exclusive to arts students.

Mental Health:

I want everyone to thrive in their university experience. I will do two things: first, my team and I will spread awareness regarding all the resources available to students on campus, because lets be real, this information isn’t that easy to find. Secondly, I will work with the Wellness Center, FASA and SU Clubs to implement weekly events revolving around promoting mental health, fun activities, and developing healthy habits.

Thank you for your consideration, I am looking forward to representing you in the Students’ YOUnion!

Campaign facebook page

campaign Instagram:

Faculty Representative, Cumming School of Medicine

AvaDanyluk-Med-GE2018Hey everyone, my name is Ava Danyluk and I am a third year Bachelor of Health Sciences Student majoring in Health and Society and concentrating in Anthropology. I am passionate about student engagement and leadership. My currently held roles as Director of Communications for the Canadian Coalition of Global Health Research, as well as my executive organizer position with the non-profit WeSwim Calgary make me a great candidate for the 2018/19 Cumming School of Medicine Faculty Representative position. If I am elected as your representative I will put my efforts into improving your student experience by:

  1. Increasing summer funding so that we are payed at least minimum wage for our summer studentships.
    • Super Work currently offers students an additional $1000 if their summer research positions pay less than minimum wage, but this funding is NOT guaranteed, and it is not BHSc specific.
    • I will advocate for BHSc specific funding that will supplement our summer studentships so that we can afford to do summer research.
  2. Increasing the vegan and Halal options in the Health Sciences Center through food sales.
    • As a vegan myself I understand the struggle of finding healthy, and sustainable food options at HSC during those long study days.
    • I will increase student led food sales of fresh vegan and halal options so that we can fuel the work we do.
  3. Increasing student engagement.
    • I will organize student led speaking engagements including a TedX event in which you, BHSc students with valuable and triumphant stories, will have an opportunity to share with an audience.
    • I will organize yoga and other physical activities at HSC so that we can adequately de-stress without having to travel to main campus.
    • I will increase puppy therapy events (JoJo may make an appearance).
    • I will organize CV booster events in which we can get together and participate in activities to add a cutting edge to our CVs.

I thank you for considering me for this position and supporting me on my journey. Please approach me with any questions or concerns.



jdundas-Med-GE2018Hello BHSc, MD, and CRDS students!

My name is Jameson Dundas and I am a second year Health Sciences student running to be your next Med Rep! Through my continued participation in HSSA, and my involvement in SLC and the SU through my brief period as Med Rep elect, I have gained the required know how and experience to effectively represent you! Outlined below are a few key points of my platform that aims to enhance and improve your experience in the CSM.

Volunteering Resources for BHSc and CRDS students

For many of us BHSc students, valuable volunteering opportunities, summer studentships, and awards go unnoticed due to the sheer volume of emails we get. By working with SLC and the BHSc, I plan to create a simple and constantly updated page of opportunities on d2l or other online outlet, that would enable students to quickly and easily skim through what opportunities are available to them. I also plan to work with CRDS faculty to create a similar resource site more catered towards CRDS students, including things such as ads for community support workers, or more CRDS orientated volunteer opportunities.

This is something I have seen promised and not delivered again and again, and I plan to be the med rep that actually enacts it!

Improvements to Foothills

Being the only faculty on the Foothills campus, it is the responsibility of the Med Reps to ensure it is up to par with the standards students need and deserve. As Med Rep I plan to make improvements to commons spaces such as Feasby and the Med student lounge based off recommendations from the students who use the facilities. This will enable there to be more useful equipment in the lounges that people want, and will allow for us to remove unwanted or broken items that are just taking up space.

Revamping the BHSc Houses

As it stands many of the house events go unattended. I plan to revamp the house program to take advantage of the opportunity it brings to our program. By implementing events people want to attend based off your feedback, and giving incentives for house to participate (More swag anyone?), I hope to increase the number of students coming out to house events and interacting with fellow BHSc students.

Bringing CSM closer

Due to the wildly different schedules of each program, as well as the faculty being split between two campuses, interacting and developing relationships with members of other programs within the faculty is especially difficult. As Med Rep, I aim to eliminate these barriers and bring the faculty closer together through programs and events such as:

  1. Extension of the BHSc buddy program to include MD students as mentors for BHSc students of every year
  2. Communal events such as barbeques aimed at bringing together students of different programs
  3. Ping-pong tournaments between the MD and BHSc students
  4. Volunteer opportunities for BHSc and CRDS students.

Finally, I aim to be an accessible and approachable Med Rep. I plan to regularly meet with BHSc, CRDS, and MD students to learn what issues are facing the CSM, and to work with each program to create solutions that work for them.

I look forward to representing you as your next Med Rep!


My name is Jarin Thundathil and I’m a 4th year Health Sciences student running to be your Cumming School of Medicine representative! During my time at the CSM I’ve had the opportunity to work on many student initiatives through clubs, faculty committees and student government. In doing so I have been privy to key issues our students face, which has translated into platform items I believe will improve the CSM student experience.

Med School Mentorship

Many students are interested in pursuing medical school, and the process of applying can be a serious source of anxiety. In response to this our faculty recently hosted a panel session so that students could pose their concerns to current MD students and professors directly. While a fantastic first step, there are ways we can expand on this. If elected, I will:

  1. Work with current MD students to facilitate an application writing workshop with priority placement for students applying in the next cycle.
  2. Explore hosting a student-led mock MMI session in early January 2019 to provide prospective students with practice prior to the start of interviews.

Restructuring the BHSc buddy program

Our buddy program has the potential to be a very useful resource for lower year students, but it suffers from a lack of consistency. Despite preventative efforts, students are occasionally paired with mentors who aren’t a good match for them. We need to increase the number of peer mentors available and incentivize them to engage with their mentees on a more substantial level. To do this, I will:

  1. Implement a system whereby mentees can provide anonymous and constructive feedback to their mentors at the end of the year. From a career development perspective, this is valuable for mentors as proof of their experience functioning in a teaching/mentoring capacity.
  2. Vigorously advertise to our seniors to increase the pool of available mentors. This will assist our ability to match students with mentors who are suited to their interests.
  3. Develop suggested guidelines for mentors to improve the consistency and quality of their interactions with mentees.

Centralized resources for research opportunities

We need a more organized method of advertising research positions as they are offered. With the consent of the faculty, I will work to create a centralized resource to post research positions so students may review them at their leisure. We can also work to expand the number of positions that open up through advocacy to the GSA.

DataCamp subscriptions for bioinformatics majors

Bioinformatics majors do not have many stream specific courses. DataCamp is an online data science education resource that teaches relevant skills for bioinformaticians. DataCamp’s structure is organized into different streams with instructors from accredited institutions. The goal here is to establish a pilot program for bioinformatics majors to test the efficacy of the service. Depending on its success, sustained funding can be sought in the future.

A comprehensive CRDS agenda

CRDS students are often excluded from our election platforms despite being a well-established program. Some CRDS issues fall outside the scope of an SU representatives direct ability to remedy, but strong student advocacy can still progress their interests. If elected, I will:

  1. Advocate for ASL courses being offered by the CSM. This is important for CRDS students as ASL is the most widely used sign language in the US and anglophone Canada. The faculty has previously attempted to address this issue but failed to resolve it. Since then it has not been reopened.
  2. Advocate for a working degree navigator for CRDS students. The current CRDS degree navigator is not up to date and students are advised not to use it.
  3. Negotiate access to the Feasby lounge for all current and incoming CRDS students.
  4. Organize a research information session with CRDS faculty so incoming students have a better understanding of CRDS-specific research opportunities.
  5. Inform CRDS students on CSM news and events through dissemination of a monthly newsletter to their program.

Establishment of perpetual lounge funds

If elected, I will work to establish perpetual funds for the Feasby and MD lounges that can be donated to by our students. This will assist us in raising money for equipment and amenities. Large purchases will be approved through voting in our student committees while smaller ones will be delegated to individual members of those committees.

Honorarium dedication

If elected I will dedicate 25% of my honorarium for student use via donations to our lounge funds and the monthly distribution of baked goods to the faculty.

MWHELAN-Med-GE2018Hi everyone! My name is Mairead Whelan (Mairead is pronounced like ‘parade’ but with an M, for those of you unfamiliar with Irish names!). I am a third-year Health and Society student with a concentration in political sciences, and I would be humbled to be elected as your Cumming School of Medicine Faculty Representative for the 2018/19 SLC. My platform is based on three pillars: Advocacy, Opportunity, and Inclusiveness, which I will outline in more detail in the following paragraphs.


Representing and defending the student voice is a key principle for a good faculty representative. I believe that I have the skills and passion required to advocate on BHSc student’s behalf in topics concerning the Student’s Union. I have extensive previous experience as a student representative, club leader, and with various programs in the BHSc. This year, I will finish my 2-year elected term as the Health and Society representative on the BHSc Student-Faculty Liaison Committee. I am also a part of the BHSc Student Engagement Committee, and I am shortly beginning my term as the BHSc student representative on the Cumming School of Medicine Alumni Board, and I volunteer regularly for BHSc events such as the symposium and orientation. These are all activities which involve the SU faculty representative, and given my previous experience, I think I am an outstanding candidate. My connections with the Alumni Board will allow me to advocate on your behalf beyond graduation as well, for events such as the annual alumni BBQ and BHSc graduation celebrations. I am always willing to lend a helping hand and provide advice, mentorship, and friendship to any BHSc student.


In my term as your Faculty Representative, I want to extend the opportunities available for BHSc students to shine and explore their interests – beyond the focal points of the program of research and medical school. I will promote more events such as diverse career panels and career fairs with opportunities for Biomedical, Bioinformatics, Health and Society, Medical Students and CRDS students alike. We all have many opportunities pursue research in our summers and school years, but why not applied work experience as well? I plan to advocate for BHSc students to be included in the internship programs that are currently available to students in the Sciences and Arts. Additionally, as a student with previous experience and connections with Global Health, I strongly believe all student experiences abroad are very valuable. I will be focusing my efforts on connecting all BHSc students who want an international learning experience to one which suits their interests. I will do this by developing a global health-specific mentorship program in the BHSc to match interested students with mentors from diverse backgrounds having a connection to global health or international programs.


A key focus of my term as your representative will be leaving no BHSc student behind. I will do my very best to ensure that foothills campus is included in all decision making, and continue to bring more student resources to Foothills campus. I care about student well-being and I want to make sure BHSc students are being compensated adequately for their time put into research. I will advocate for more Student’s Union Program for Education-Related Work (SUPER Work) bursaries to be made available specifically for BHSc students completing summer studentships. I will also push for UPasses to be made available to summer students completing research projects. I hope this will encourage BHSc students from all income backgrounds to embrace research opportunites and achieve their full potential.

In summary, I am a passionate, friendly, and highly involved student in the BHSc program. I have extensive previous experience as a student advocate and I hope I can translate these skills as a delegate for your interests. I believe in increasing the wealth of opportunities for students across disciplines, in a way which will leave no BHSc student behind. I would be humbled to have your vote in the upcoming Student’s Union General Election. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my platform or my vision for the Cumming School of Medicine in the 2018/19 SLC. My email is

Faculty Representative, Haskayne School of Business

AAyachit-Hask-GE2018What does it mean to be a Haskayne Student? Is it entrepreneurship? Making connections? Or the Scurfield Hall LinkedIn pictures? For me, it’s about using our business sense to take the world by its reins. All eyes are on us as we develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

Through my involvement as a Director for JDC West and Manager for CUS, I have gained insight and understanding of the Haskayne spirit that drives us everyday. I want to invigorate the Students’ Union with that same spirit. And I have a plan for that.


Let’s be honest – we’re all here for the jobs. Instead of waiting till 3rd year, I will work to increase exposure for 1st and 2nd year students so that they can take advantage of the numerous summer job opportunities that are out there.

International Case Competition Exposure.

Two birds, one stone – gain international exposure and improve case presentation skills. These invaluable opportunities are usually not known by many students, which is why I will work to promote these to the average student and not just the hyper-engaged.

Transparent efforts.

I will make relevant information available to the Haskayne students through Facebook and email updates. To enhance two-way communication between Haskayne students and the SU, I will be easily accessible to hear the concerns of students and clubs through frequent office hours and collaboration with Haskayne clubs.

Ensure Top-notch Program Quality.

Did you know that the tuition paid by Haskayne students is one of the highest in the university? As your Haskayne Rep, it will be my mission to collaborate with the faculty to make sure you are milking your tuition fees to their fullest potential. Clean washrooms, more microwaves, ample academic support, accessible mental health resources, Scurfield Hall geofilter – Haskayne students deserve only the best.

The Haskayne Rep is responsible for bridging the students to the faculty through the Students’ Union. This role requires someone who is comfortable voicing your concerns and working with faculty administration. To achieve this vision together, I need your support. So Haskayne, are you ready to MAKE IT RAIN (votes)?

Make sure you vote March 6 – 8 at!

AGarcia-Hask-GE2018Hello Haskayne!

My name is Ana Garcia and I am second year accounting student, running in the upcoming Students’ Union Elections to be your faculty representative.

I am currently a Director at the Haskayne Student Association, working in the External portfolio to develop student opportunities. I also have experience in working with the SU, first as an administrative assistant, and now as a member of the Teaching Excellence Awards Committee. These experiences have allowed me to interact with fellow undergraduates to learn about their concerns and develop leadership qualities, including cooperation and accountability. I am asking for your support so that I can represent your interests to the University of Calgary.

    1. Accessible Stress-Relief and Mental Health Resources

Wouldn’t a hot cup of complimentary coffee cheer you up during finals week? The most recent survey by the National Health College Assessment in 2016 reported some significant figures about the mental health of U of C students: 40 percent reported stress affecting their academic performance, 12 percent considered suicide, and a staggering 65 percent reported feeling lonely. I plan to collaborate with the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership (CCAL), who has shown interest in expanding mental health initiatives, to bring more events and resources to our faculty. I will push for events with greater accessibility to accommodate our hectic lifestyle, such as snacking stations during exams or pet therapy centralized right at Scurfield Hall. I will strategically schedule these events to reduce stress levels in periods of approaching deadlines and examinations, to serve as forms of quick stress relief when you need a “pick-me-up” to restore productivity. I will also pursue workshops and seminars to educate our students about preventative measures, campus resources, and to provide peer support. The goal of these projects is to provide a uniting platform for students, fostering our Haskayne community to reduce feelings of loneliness.

    1. Voicing Student Concerns and Interests to the University Administration

I will communicate with Haskayne students by holding weekly office hours and coordinating at least one interactive session each semester, to discuss improvements you would like to see within our faculty. This approach will enable me to learn about issues you are passionate about and voice them to the Students’ Union, Haskayne administration, and the general University of Calgary administration. These are some of the student concerns I plan to explore: pushing for facility reparations in Scurfield Hall and maintaining the building in neat condition, as well as seeking transparency regarding the topic of the Haskayne tuition differential.

    1. Expand Funding Opportunities for Student Extracurricular Involvement

During your time as a post-secondary student you will find conferences, volunteer opportunities, and competitions that will enhance your classroom education. However, some of these opportunities come with a hefty price tag that don’t complement our student budget. Current financial support, like the Haskayne Student Levy Fund and Haskayne Student Experiences Fund, has allowed undergraduates to pursue extracurricular involvement. However, funding is currently awarded by competitive application, sometimes not providing the amount requested or even restricting distribution in a semester to ensure resources last the academic year. I plan to reach out to corporations and seek their sponsorship to increase the financial resources available to students. The goal to increase funding is also to aid student groups and clubs in financing their initiatives, which will ultimately foster even more extracurricular activities to enrich classroom education.

Thank you for reading my platform and considering me as your Business Representative!

CLadores-Hask-GE2018What’s up Haskayne!

My name is Christian Ladores, and I am currently a fourth-year student at the Haskayne School of Business running to be your faculty representative. Throughout my academic studies, I have had the honour and privilege to be a member of several on-campus initiatives, such as the Haskayne Consulting Club, Model United Nations, and Orientation Week. Out of these experiences, I have realized that every student has their own path to success, and its important that these unique interests be addressed to ensure that every individual can reach their full potential.

My platform consists of 3 core principles:

  1. Diversity & InclusionOne of the great strengths of Haskayne is that it is the most diverse faculty on campus. I promise to work extremely hard in collaboration with other SU initiatives to provide awareness on the topic by implementing workshops, speaker panels, and career events that engage on the theme of diversity. That way, every student can feel surrounded by an inclusive environment, regardless of their background.
  1. Holistic Student AssessmentAt some point during our academic careers, us students feel lost about what our post-university aspirations may be. While Haskayne offers a variety of services tailored towards career advancement (along with 17 concentrations to choose from), the focus tends to be on a select few industries with limited employment paths. If elected, I will work towards engaging with on-campus resources to find better ways to address the unique interests of every Haskayne student.
  1. Transparent CommunicationMost importantly, I will ensure that the voice of every Haskayne student is heard. If you feel that an issue needs to be addressed, ideas to convey, or simply want to chant, I will hold myself accountable to make certain that I am just a phone call or an email click away.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to seeing you from March 6-8!

DLougheed-Hask-GE2018Hello Haskayne! My name is Davis Lougheed and I am a third-year student at the Haskayne School of Business majoring in Real Estate Studies and I would love to represent you as the Business Representative in the Students’ Union elections. During my time at the university, I have been the on the Executive Team for the Real Estate Student Association as the VP of Marketing and Communications and was selected to participate in the Haskayne Leadership Expedition. Also, I can proudly say I am the first ever admitted Real Estate Studies major student into the Co-operative program. From these experiences, jobs, and life in general, I have gained valuable leadership skills that I hope to showcase on the Student’s Union as a Haskayne Representative. The major areas I will focus on are as follows:

  1. Flexibility within BComm Degree
    Wouldn’t it be cool to have a double major in OPMA and ACCT? OBHR and MKTG? Or are you sick of taking too many non-commerce options? Well, in my time as the SU Business Representative, I will do everything in my power to allow for flexibility within our degrees. Dual degrees are allowed in Haskayne, however, dual majors within Haskayne are not. I’m here to change that. We all pay an arm and a leg for school, so why not actually enjoy our electives instead of dreading that “rocks for jocks” class we all thought would be a walk in the park but ended up being a liability to your GPA. By having the option to complete a non-commerce or commerce option I believe we will get more valuable knowledge from our Bachelor of Commerce degrees.
  1. Student FeedbackI am always open to feedback and would love to work with you and hear what you have to say. Unfortunately, we have exhausted most areas in Scurfield for study spaces, but I feel as if we could use currently occupied spaces more efficiently to allow for more study spaces. Why don’t we get some tables that actually work as functional tables, or chairs that actually work as chairs? With the recent redesign of floor 3 and both entrances to Scurfield Hall on floor 1, I hope to incorporate this productivity into other areas of Scurfield Hall.

If you were to elect me in being one of your SU Haskayne Representatives, I would do everything in my power to fulfill these goals. As well, I am open to feedback and different opinions in the process of doing so.

Thank you for considering me and I look forward to creating positive change with you all in the coming school year!

TMarwaha-Hask-GE2018Hey Haskayne!

My name is Tajinder, and I am a third-year student of the Haskayne school of Business. I am in pursuit of becoming your future Students’ Union Business Representative. I have prior experience in accommodating the needs of students as an Administrative Assistant at the Engineering Student Centre. While being a member of both the Haskayne Students Association and the Haskayne Finance Club, I have developed strong collaborative leadership skills, which, with your support, I can use to bring positive changes within Haskayne. After careful consideration and input from my fellow colleagues, I have crafted my platform as follows:

A lack of awareness of student clubs is an issue I am familiar with; it is the result of communication barriers that disallow student engagement within Haskayne’s student societies. I want to provide a system in which access to information regarding student clubs, case competitions, and networking events will be more readily accessible, leading to advancement of student involvement in Haskayne. In the foreseeable future, I will implement Inter Faculty events that will help introduce Haskayne students to students of other faculties. Student clubs have contributed to my personal growth, and I want my peers in Haskayne to take advantage of the benefits they have to offer.

Furthermore, in collaboration with previous Haskayne elects, I will further address and amend specific issues pertaining to the renovation concerns in Scurfield Hall. This has been a multi-faceted issue, requiring immediate attention on your behalf. Our image as a business school should be appealing both in name and image, which is an issue that needs to be delivered.

In addition, I will provide weekly office hours for students, to which I invite you to address any issues and concerns you may have. This will assist in the creation of stronger relations between yourself and I, as we work together to address the faculty staff with any issues. I will take appropriate actions for my fellow Haskayne students to ensure their voices are heard by bringing forward any concerns to the Students’ Union as well as the administration members of the University of Calgary.

Thank you, I look forward to advocating on your behalf.

Vote for your future!

PSidhu-Hask-GE2018Hello Haskayne!

My name is Parmvir Sidhu and I am running to be your Haskayne faculty rep. I’m a first-year business student currently majoring in general commerce. During my first year here at Haskayne I have been HEAVILY involved. My engagement this year has included joining several clubs as a member but also being a Student Life Director at the Haskayne Students’ Association (HSA). These experiences throughout my first-year have developed my leadership and communication skills. Through my experience and communication skills, I believe I can be THE voice of Haskayne. With your support, we will be able to bring our concerns to the University of Calgary Students’ Union Body.

Some of my main ideas to improve the faculty for current and future students alike, are:

  • Student-Faculty Engagement:
    The first area of concern is the level of communication and engagement from faculty to student. Being a first-year student FAR too often I have seen many peers being shocked at how extensively you are able to be integrated into the Haskayne community. MANY students are not in the loop about what events and resources are at their disposal. For this, I will work with clubs to find ways to more effectively engage students.
  • Career service:
    Being a Haskayne student is not only about studies but also about gaining valuable experiences and skill sets that will be applicable in the real-world. I will act as a liaison to build stronger relationships between student organizations and Career/Internship Services to establish professional development resources.Additionally, I will work with the faulty and Dean’s Office to ensure that Business students are positioned for future success. It is important to hold events with professionals from various fields and disciplines on campus. Moreover, I will attempt to continue to support and encourage networking and leadership events held by the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business (CCAL)
  • A commitment from me to you:
    Part of being a successful Faculty representative is being able to listen to and voice concerns raised by students. I will be sure to engage in any and all concerns raised by students in a timely manner. Furthermore, via Social Media I intend to keep students up-to date with SU updates and progression with concerns raised by students. I will be sure to create a sense of ACCOUNTABILITY, TRANSPARENCY, and RESPONSIBILITY within the Faculty and myself.

Any and all questions regarding my platform can be directed towards me at Please feel free to contact me! Additionally, voting days are March 6th, 7th and 8th, and voting only takes a couple of minutes but your VOTE will dictate the course of our amazing faculty. I am fully confident in my abilities to serve Haskyane successfully and be the voice students need in the SU. I’m always around campus and easily accessible! I want to keep the communication channels open, so please feel free to provide any feedback or concerns you may have. Thank you for taking the time to read my platform!

STan-Hask-GE2018Hello Haskayne!

My name is Sheryl Tan, I am a third-year student at the Haskayne School of Business, vying to represent you on the Students’ Union as Business Representative. For the past three years, I have been actively involved in project called Empower, under Enactus Calgary, to aid immigrant women understand the business skills necessary to start their own businesses in Canada. In my current role as project co-director, I am responsible for planning and organizing all sessions, as well as developing long-lasting relationships with partner organizations and industry professionals. My experiences have strengthened my leadership and communication skills and I am eager to make a difference on a larger scale by advocating for student’s needs.

My core platform points are as follows:

  1. Exploring Career Opportunities

I hope to further enrich the experience of undergraduate students by inspiring and educating them about all the different opportunities and career paths available in the fast-growing industry. I will continue working with the current SU representatives to ensure these opportunities are accessible to the student body and to create new opportunities such as a reverse career fair for students and clubs to interact with recruiters and organizations.

  1. Streamlining Funding Opportunities

I plan to increase the visibility of scholarships and funding opportunities to reach a wider spread of students in a timely manner and to further improve the application process to minimize complications. These are the resources available for students and it should not be a well-kept secret.

  1. Supporting Student Clubs

Student clubs are the lifeblood of our school, fostering many warm and lasting relationships amongst students and faculty. I will work tirelessly with Haskayne Facilities Services to simplify the application and approval process for events and room bookings to improve efficiency. Alongside the SU, I want to increase student group funding and support for all in order to ensure that not only current students benefit, but future students can enjoy our investments of today into quality student initiatives.

Driven by my passion and commitment to enhancing student life at Haskayne, I am motivated to help propel my fellow students to seek opportunities and engage in student involvement. Thank you for your consideration.

Social Media Platforms:

Inactive Facebook Page –
Inactive Instagram Page – @votesheryltan

Faculty Representative, Kinesiology

MChin-Kin-GE2018Hey KNES! My name is Mathieu Chin, a second year Biomechanics student, and I am running to be your SU Kinesiology Representative for the 2018-2019 academic year! Inspired by the fantastic work of our previous Kinesiology Representatives, I hope to work in serving the best faculty on campus. Over the years, I have been heavily involved with the community with hopes of improving our campus each day. Whether it be through the PASS program, as an Orientation Leader, with the Kinesiology Students’ Society, or with the Thrive Center; these experiences have allowed me to understand the importance of leadership and collaboration, important characteristics needed for any SU faculty representative.

If elected, I will ensure that your voices are heard and that I will work to the best of my ability to improve your undergraduate experience! Over the past year, I have collected suggestions on what Kinesiology students wish to have implemented in our faculty, and if elected, I hope to make them a reality! Here is what a ‘CHIN FOR KIN’ vote will have in store!


Kinesiology is one of the fastest growing faculties at the University of Calgary. This is fantastic news, though it doesn’t come with some flaws. For instance, we often lack the collaborative social spaces that other faculties have for destressing and getting away from the books. If elected as your SU Kinesiology Rep, I will work on a proposal to fund the renovations of a space in our faculty and turn it into our Kinesiology Student Lounge. It will be a place to collaborate with friends and a hub to relax. Best of all, it will be your vision that will help shape what it will become! A Foosball and Air Hockey table to pass the time? Maybe a Fridge to store your lunch? How about some furniture to recline in while you watch some TV or play video games? The possibilities are endless!


Let’s face it – University can be stressful and when the Midterm and Final exam seasons hits, some extra help with a difficult course will make all the difference! If elected, I will work in partnership with the faculty and the Students Success Center in the expansion of current programs that support students in Kinesiology. Programs, such as PASS, have proven to be effective in improving one’s GPA; I hope to work in making this resource available for many of the difficult courses faced by Kinesiology students. In-person academic support not your thing? Not a problem, as I will work to create a digital platform that will bring these resources to you in the comfort of your own home and desk! Likewise, I hope to work with the faculty in hosting luncheons that will allow students to connect with faculty professors. This will be a fantastic opportunity to network, learn about potential research opportunities, and build a strong rapport to get that invaluable academic reference.


Being an undergraduate student, we are in a position where we can make a positive difference, within and beyond our campus community. If elected, I will work with the faculty on the expansion of the practicum placement program towards a payed Co-op program. This will not only give student’s a financial inventive to explore various opportunities during one’s undergraduate degree but also give students, for the now and the future, an opportunity to delve deeper into one’s experiences through longer work term opportunities. I believe the commitment that comes with co-op programs will attract additional employers that would otherwise not be possible with practicums. Likewise, I will work to increase opportunities for students to attend academic conferences with regards to academic and professional development. This will allow students to represent the faculty on various national and international stages, all while having the opportunity to network with professionals from all parts of the world.


A vote for CHIN is a vote for KIN! If you are looking for an SU Kinesiology Representative that is compassionate, innovative, and willing to take your undergraduate experience to the next level, then be sure to vote for Mathieu Chin during ‘Voting Days’ between March 6-8th, 2018. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at I look forward to working with you in making our faculty the best it can be!


TTse-Kin-GE2018The Faculty of Kinesiology is my home. There is no place I would rather be on campus than sitting with my friends in the atrium, Brew and Blends, or in the rows of KNB 132. The culture in Kinesiology has inspired me to be the best I can be not only for myself but my peers. I would be the perfect fit for this position as I know the large footsteps of my predecessor I must fill. I only hope to fill those shoes with an innovative campaign, and true passion for the people within the faculty. My platform consists of three things I would want to bring to Kinesiology.

I want to utilize the work of my predecessor to build off of what was done over the course of their term, and create more opportunities for scholarships. I want to bring in more funding for students of Kinesiology as the scholarships offered now in the faculty are restricted, and few to come by. We are deserving, and should have the opportunities for financial rewards. I want a wide amount of scholarships that are not only restricted to athletes or high achieving academics but also offered to the masses where many people can be highlighted for their work, and contributions to the faculty. I have previous experience with collaborating, and meeting with stakeholders, and writing proposals for donations; providing myself with a strong foundation to gain support from sponsors. I believe I can make a contribution in helping the students receive Kinesiology specific scholarships.

As the Kinesiology Faculty Representative, I hope to bridge the gap between faculty members, and students by hosting student/faculty mixers. I hope to replicate a more casualmeeting between students, and faculty to create relationships beyond the classroom. My purpose for creating mixers is to foster conversation about potential research opportunities, volunteer experience, or simply getting to know a new or old professor. I want to encourage the lines of communication to create a more inclusive environment where students no longer need to muster up the courage to introduce themselves to a faculty member before or at the end of class. From now on I want my fellow colleagues to be unfearful of sending an emailing or attending office hours. These meeting opportunities will positively impact the students confidence, professionalism, and relationships with their mentors. This is particularly important to me because as a pedagogue I have had the most extraordinary opportunities to get to know my professors here, and I believe that every student should share the same opportunity.

As someone who has implemented, and worked on mental health initiatives in the past I believe that the fight against the stigma of mental health is not over. I hope to bring more mental health initiatives to the faculty by making mental illness something we can discuss freely, and openly. No one knows class schedules better than our academic advisors, and my goal is to collaborate with them to create times where things such as yoga or spin classes can be more accessible to the students. I hope to use physical activity to not only raise awareness to mental health but to also add a collective element of who we are as a faculty. Here I want to offer a safe place to foster new relationships, and connections. I hope to help end the stigma of mental health one Kinesiologist at a time.

I am a strong candidate for the Kinesiology Faculty Representative because I am a servant leader. I choose to put other individual’s concerns before my own. I will always keep the best interest of those in the faculty in mind before decisions are made by making time for concerns, and questions while offering the most suitable route for answers. As someone who possess leadership qualities I believe I will be able to speak for the masses as I go the extra mile to discover individual’s unique qualities to create a culture of inclusion and respect.

Board of Governors Student-at-Large

CAyachit-BOG-GE2018It was in 2015 that I decided to take the plunge into student politics.

The MacHall issue was heating up and I was inspired to get involved, and soon had the opportunity to be sworn in as a Faculty Representative. Over the last year, I have worked tirelessly to advance student interests, understand your problems, and promptly find solutions. I have talked to thousands of students to identify what you want to get out of your degree and time at our University.

The role of Governor-Rep requires someone who has their finger on the student pulse – having spent considerable time in the trenches identifying what students really want. The job requires someone with experience, professionalism, and a clear vision of their priorities –

  • Increasing graduate employability: through internships, co-ops, and practicums.
  • Maintenance of aging infrastructure: advocating for funding to rejuvenate the campus backbone.
  • Affordability for students: issues ranging from scholarships to residence meal plans.
  • Quality of education: to ensure students are getting the most for their tuition fees.
  • International experience: exchange programs to create graduates with a global mindset.
  • Mental health: support and inclusivity through stigma-reduction and awareness.
  • Campus culture: to create a memorable student experience and enhance school spirit.
  • Sharp research focus: to support new patents and moving towards commercialization.
  • Entrepreneurial thinking: creating a thriving incubator and start-up environment.
  • Strategic partnerships: with the City, and industry to solve real-world problems.

After spending 5 years at this University I understand the struggles you face inside-and-out. I have a strong understanding of the Board, and other University Committees to do the job right. By voting for me, you are ensuring that the position receives the endless energy and passion it deserves! It would be an honor for me to be your next Governor-Rep.

Please be sure to vote through between March 6 – 8! Thanks 🙂

FFinley-BOG-GE2018My name is Frank Finley, and I am a 3rd year Law & Society and Political Science student, as well as a two-term Faculty of Arts Representative. My experience as part of the Students’ Union and my previous work with the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and the Office of the Premier has taught me the skills that I need to be an effective advocate for students on the Board of Governors (BoG). It is vital to have a strong voice on the board who will stand up for students and hold administration accountable. In preparation for this role I have contacted the past decade of BoG representatives, and after much input from fellow students, I am proud to tell you about my core platform points.

I. Student Advisory Committee

Despite the fact that the Board of Governors is the highest governing body of the university, students often feel distanced from the BoG. Many have little idea what the purpose of the board is, and its processes can often appear shrouded in bureaucracy. As the undergraduate voice on the BoG, I will create the ‘Board Student Advisory Committee,’ which will include representatives from a variety of student groups and organizations on campus. The Board Student Advisory Committee will advise me and the rest of the board on policy and student issues. This will ensure a direct link from students to their representative and the entire BoG, holding the board accountable to students.

II. Review of Sexual Violence Policy

Over the past months, it has become clear that the university must conduct a review of their sexual violence policies. Many students have expressed concerns that the current sexual violence policy is not comprehensive enough and that it is too vague in its mandate. As the representative on the Board of Governors, I want to ensure a review takes place in the next year, and that student voices are heard during the process. Further, I will ensure that representation from various student groups is included in the review. Students should feel safe on campus, and our sexual violence policy should be comprehensive, transparent, and legally sound.

III. Student-Centric Renovations and Development

The Board of Governors approves the annual budget of the university and large scale redevelopment projects. When major renovations are undertaken, it is important to take student needs and desires into account. In the past, this has not always appeared to be a priority. Especially with the ongoing redevelopment of buildings like the MacKimmie Tower, it is vital that students have their needs communicated to senior officials and the entire board. As board representative, I will utilize documents like the Students’ Union Annual Survey to effectively advocate for a more student-centric approach to redevelopment and renovations.

IV. Student Representation

As the BoG representative, I will advocate for another undergraduate student seat on the board. This will require the Ministry of Advanced Education to alter the Post-Secondary Learning Act (PSLA), but it is essential that this is done. It is important for student voices to be heard on the board, and I feel passionate to fight for this representation. Currently, the Students’ Union President is the only other undergraduate voice on the board. A university should be about its students, and two votes out of 21 on its top governing body is simply not enough. There is a strong case to be made to the Ministry of Advanced Education, and my past experiences working with the government and Students’ Union provides me with a unique platform to effectively advocate for this.

V. Student Connection

Along with the Student Advisory Committee, it is important that all students feel connected to the Board of Governors. As the representative on the BoG, I will provide monthly reports online and regular updates through social media so that any student can easily follow what is occurring at the highest levels of the university. Further, while board meetings are already officially public, few students know about them, or where and when they take place. As such, I will ensure interested students are invited to BoG meetings in order to increase the transparency of university processes.

For more details regarding my platform, or to discuss any questions that you may have, feel free to contact me through any of the below methods, and be sure to check out my social media for (moderately) interesting updates throughout the campaign. I look forward to hearing from you!



Twitter: @FrankForBoG

Phone: (403)-826-1369


MMoman-BOG-GE2018The next year will be an exciting one for the board of governors, with new challenges as they transition to a new president. That kind of pressure and need for a valuable student voice has drawn me to this position. I know that it can take almost a year just to become comfortable with a seat on the board, but that is why I am leaps ahead! I already have the experience needed: sitting on the board of governors for Grande Prairie Regional College, co-chair for their academic council, an executive position for the board of a political party, and volunteering with a community board through the city of Grande Prairie. I already have ties with our Provincial Government, and a working relationship with our Ministry of Advanced Education. I know my seat on the Board of Governors would be the best choice for students, I won’t let us skip a beat with the continued progress the institution is making, as I continue to put the needs of students on the table when decisions are being made. I will continue to work for the people, my friends, who make this University so great.

Senate Student-at-Large

AGordon-Senate-GE2018Hello everyone! This past year I have had the honour of serving you as your Senate Representative (thank you!), and I am excited for the opportunity to continue working on the issues that matter to you! I want to use the knowledge and skills I have learned to ensure that undergraduate students continue to benefit from our Senate. How?

1) Connect Students with their Senate

I. Throughout my term, I have worked on the SU Clubs and Senate Mentorship Program. This program would allow SU clubs to apply to be matched with a University of Calgary Senator, who would act as the club’s mentor. Senators are an amazing resource base for the campus community and are keen to support students in any way they can. I plan on finalizing this project and promoting it through Senate and the campus community.

II. Promote Senate events and initiatives to undergraduate students and vice versa! The relationship between Senators and undergraduate students needs to be further developed. Through promotion and an increase in awareness efforts, I believe there is a lot of potential for a relationship that benefits you!

2) Promote a Strong Student Voice on Senate

I. Continue to attend SLC meetings regularly to ensure that I am informed about student issues and able to confidently express those concerns to Senators

II. Continue to develop an awareness of the Senate to ensure that students have the necessary knowledge to provide their feedback and hold their representatives’ accountable

III. Review the Senate Representative position through feedback from the Students’ Union, Senate and undergraduate students. I want to increase the positon’s visibility, transparency, and accountability to ensure students benefit from their representatives now and in the future

IV. Promote further collaboration between the two Senate Representatives, the VP Student Life, and the VP External to bring a strong and unified student voice to Senate

3) Ensure Students are Represented on Senate Committees

I. Argue in favour of student representation on all Senate committees, specifically on the Student Scholarships & Bursaries Committee. The current terms of reference do not require an undergraduate student to be a voting member, which I believe needs to be changed. I would like to promote the bursaries and scholarships offered by the Chancellor and Senate, and push the Senate to prioritize increasing funding for these awards. This cannot be done without an undergraduate voting member.

Thank you! I hope I have the opportunity to use my experience to represent you once again on Senate. I humbly ask for your vote on March 6 – 8 2018 and encourage you to email me at, or connect with me on Facebook with any questions/comments!

VHari-Senate-GE2018Hello UofC!

My name is Vaishnav Hari and I am running to be your Senate Representative! As a current director of Finance for both HSA (Haskayne Students Association) and ISA(Indian Students Association), I learned a lot about what students want at this university. Rather than promising vague, blanket statements as my campaign promises, I will promise to solve specific problems that students face.


Let’s get real here. Students from every faculty take classes in the engineering building, but they lack a food vendor. If you want a hot drink or a snack, you have to either go to Mac Hall or ICT. This is a travesty and as your senate representative I will guarantee to advocate for a food vendor to start business in the engineering building ASAP!


I hear it everyday from students studying at TFDL. “My food is cold where do I warm it up”. Well, I have bad news for you. Currently you have to either walk to Mac Hall or Mackimmie (and these microwaves are unreliable). If its cold, too bad, you walking. This is unacceptable. TFDL is a place where students study for hours at a time, and ain’t nobody got time to walk places to heat their food. As your senate representative, microwaves will be placed in TFDL. No more walking in the cold to heat your food, stay in the comfort of TFDL and warm up your food,


Students pay thousands and thousands of dollars a year to get an education. We buy books, pay tuition and parking. And now, when you want to print notes or other materials, well get ready to take out another loan. Printing is expensive, and not just expensive and as your senate representative I wont stand for it. Printing prices will decrease by at least 25% per page and this injustice will come to an end.

Every student in this school deserves a senate representative that will fight for them and help them improve their experience at UofC. I don’t make vague empty promises, I am here to make changes and improve the quality of education for the students.

Thank you for this opportunity!

ASidhu-Senate-GE2018I have had the honor of serving as both your appointed and then elected senator for the 2017-2018 academic year. Along my journey, I have been able to significantly contribute to the Senate and the university community by 1) continuing development towards the Senate Mentorship Club Program 2) increasing the diversification and engagement of the senate. My goal is to continue to deliver quality and long-lasting initiatives through my S-I-D-H-U plan!

S – Scholarships

  • Ensuring the academic environment is enabling students to maximize opportunities offered by higher education
  • Working systematically to increase equal opportunity measures directed at higher education, so that everyone has a real chance at education

I – Innovation

  • Having larger discussions around career paths in academia to be more secure and predictable for when students become University of Calgary alumni and to safeguard broad recruitment
  • Building upon the principles of sustainability, universal design, and accessibility thereby setting an example for those around us

D – Diversity

  • Promoting the perseverance and promotion of equality so that students’ identity does not become a target of negative focus during their studies
  • Advocating to guarantee that the senate is inclusive and representative of the entire university and community, considering all races, genders, sexualities, and cultures.

H – Honesty

  • Transparency in the work that is done by both myself and the senate
  • Full disclosure of my involvement and increased opportunities for students to follow up

U – Unity

  • Ensuring that academia is continually working to prevent the reproduction and growth of social differences
  • Increasing conversations around the prevention of student drop-outs and ensuring that all students graduate as successful alumni that want to stay involved with UofC

You deserve a senator who was most recently engaged in this position and who is an informed, passionate, and effective representative of you, the university, and beyond.

Vote SIDHU for YOU!

Candidates Acclaimed

Candidates who won their position by Acclamation will not appear on the ballot. Their platforms are being made available for you to get to know your student leader.

SGrewal-Pres-GE2018Hi UofC! My name is Sagar Grewal, I’m a third year Biomechanics major in the Faculty of Kinesiology, and I’m running to be your next Students’ Union President!

I’ve had the honour of serving the undergraduate students of our campus, and of my faculty, for the past two years, as the Faculty Representative of Kinesiology. I have been a passionate advocate for the students of UofC, and would love to continue to do so. My experiences as a member of the past, and current Students’ Legislative Council have provided me with invaluable knowledge, which I will continue to utilize, as I hope to serve and represent all of you, as your next SU Pres!

Here’s my plan, for how I will help improve your time here, at the University of Calgary!

MacEwan Student Centre

The current Student’s Legislative Council has put an end to the lengthy MacHall Dispute! With the MacEwan Student Centre soon returning under the management of the Students’ Union in perpetuity, the next President of the Students’ Union must plan for the future. To start with, I would begin laying the groundwork for the redevelopment of our beloved hub of student life on campus! This would be done by launching a brand-new consultation for students to provide their feedback on what they would like to see changed about MacHall through the process of a redevelopment! Giving all of you the chance to tell me your honest opinions on the building that was built by students, for students!

The Next University of Calgary President

With the recent announcement of Dr. Elizabeth Cannon’s upcoming resignation, it will be the responsibility of the next SU President to represent the interests of undergraduate students in the search for a new UofC President. I will ensure that the next president of the University of Calgary will acknowledge that the interests of students are a top priority. With student experience being a cross-cutting theme within the newest Eyes High Strategy, presidential candidates should demonstrate their commitment to this theme, as it directly affects the lives of the largest stakeholder group on campus!

SU Townhall

As elected officials, it is important the SU keeps students up to speed on how it’s working to better the student experience on our campus! To better engage with students and improve transparency, I would host an SU Townhall in the fall, to kick off the new academic year! This would be your chance to meet the people who you elected, give them your feedback, and learn more about what the SU will be doing in the upcoming year. At the SU Townhall, you’d get a chance to see each of the SU Executives present their goals and portfolios, through a presentation of the SU’s Annual Plan.

Students’ Union Constitution

Begin work on a Students’ Union Constitutional Review, to ensure that the guiding documents of the Students’ Union are inclusive to all. Currently, the SU Constitution features binary-gender language, which must be replaced, if we truly do wish to be and inclusive organization, open and welcoming to students of ALL identities.

Presidents’ Consultative Task Force

Continue the work done by the President’s Consultative Task Force to engage with students of the University of Calgary. This task force would allow students to give direct feedback on issues which they care about! Membership changes will take place that will eliminate the “stakeholder group” seats. Instead, the President’s Consultative Task Force will be comprised of students at large from, a wide diversity of backgrounds.


Follow me on Instagram and Facebook @sagar4prez

BSaifeddine-Law-GE2018My name is Bassam Saifeddine. I currently sit on the 75th SLC and I hope to sit on the 76th SLC as well!

In seeking another year on the Student’s Union, I hope to contribute even more to the organization as well as the Faculty of Law. Over the past year, I have kept busy with my concurrent role(s) with the Society of Law Students. If re-acclaimed (ha ha), I hope become even more involved with the SU by way of involvement in the Policy and Development and Review Committee and the Refugee Student Board.

I also hope to address two issues that are of serious concern to law students.

(1) The oppressive blockade placed at the back of Murray Fraser Hall. The orange fence of oppression and white walls of abuse force pedestrian traffic to make the unreasonable journey around that weird car entrance in order to access other crucial parts of campus like TFDL or Mac Hall. While the oppressive fence and abusive walls may in truth be protecting us from falling debris, I’m sure a compromise can be found.

(2) SNAILS in the law library. While I have yet to spot a shelled gastropod in the law library, some law students have reported sighting them on the second floor that is more or less reserved for law students. I hope to remove these small critters from our library as I am sure they are a nuisance to those working hard on their studies. Also, I hope to secure some standing desks or some other alternative, to help students spending 12 + hours in the library studying for exams, working on assignments, or crying endlessly – as I like to do on Sundays – from sitting the entire time.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHi everyone, my name is Candace, I’m a second year Nursing student and would love the opportunity to represent you as the Faculty of Nursing Representative.

As the Representative, I want to be able to act as a liaison between the students and the faculty. Be it areas of concern, possible changes that the students want to see, or benefits of the program, getting the right person to hear it is key in affecting any kind of change. This will definitely be a priority for me, if elected as your representative. I will work to make sure that concerns of students are heard, but also that the faculty decisions are represented. When decisions or changes are made, understanding the reason behind it is critical in accepting the change. Given that the Faculty of Nursing is smaller, it’s important to recognize the importance of spreading the insight of the Faculty in the same manner of sharing concerns of the students. It’s important to recognize that each stakeholder has a personalized and unique response to everything, and sharing it is critical to see progression. I hope with this perspective, to encourage a collaborative learning space for students and members of the faculty.

In Nursing, trust is really important. The Faculty needs to be able to trust the students to behave professional and with maturity when placed into clinical, and students need to trust the professors and Nursing instructors to have the best intentions for our growth as healthcare professionals. I hope that as the Faculty Representative, I am able to solidify this trust in transparent and accessible paths of communication.

I think there is always an actionable solution to areas of concern. I hope that through the Student’s Union, creating resources for academic help, or making clearer access for opportunities will be more transparent. You have to be willing to fight for what you care about, and as a Nursing student myself, I hope to be able to represent all that we care about as students of the program to the right people.

Another element to being a Representative, is having a seat on the SLC- Student Legislative Council. Because we are a smaller faculty, I think it heightens the need for representation more. Knowing what the agenda of the Student’s Union plays a critical role in forging a connection for students and the SU. With a faculty that has lots of off campus clinical, the importance of bridging the connection and maintaining it with regular updates is necessary, and I hope to be able to do that for you.

HMokhtar-Sci-GE2018Hello Science Students! My name is Hyatt Mokhtar and I would be honored to be elected as one of your Faculty of Science Representatives! I am currently in my third year of Biological Sciences and my goal is to make sure you have the resources you need to be successful through your undergraduate experience! Below are some ideas I would love to implement and work on:


  • Expanding and implementing more research nights both inside and outside of the Science Mentorship Program
  • Inform students of research opportunities and how to apply for funding though the creation of various workshops with the Student Success Centre
  • Expand the SUPER Work program to promote more research opportunities on campus and subsidize student wages for conducting summer research


  • Expanding PASS sessions to make them available for more senior level courses
  • Advocate for standardized grading scales across a department and increase sizes of senior level course classrooms
  • Expand and improve science internships and co-ops to cover more majors within the faculty


  • Continue the Faculty of Science Year End Gala to connect different majors and promote student engagement on campus
  • Continue use of the new, D2L Science Rep page and creation of monthly newsletters as a way to keep students informed of different opportunities on campus
  • Improve the Science Collaborative Space by putting in new resources such as microwaves and printers

I want to make sure you make the most out of your undergraduate experience and are able to pursue the career of your dreams! Thank you for considering me as your next Faculty of Science Representative; it would be a great privilege to represent you!

Make sure you vote Hyatt Mokhtar as Science Rep March 6-8th!

Facebook: @Hyatt4Science

FNazir-Sci-GE2018My name is Sadiya Nazir. I am in my 4th year of my undergraduate studies with a double major in Biological Sciences and Political Sciences. I am running to be your Science Rep in order to be your voice and represent the Faculty of Science for the next academic year. We have seen major accomplishments over the past couple years with the new Science Lounge and the establishment of our Science Academic Faculty Club, along with our new D2l shell. I want to ensure that we keep moving forward with our exciting initiative through the following:

1) Let’s plan for our futures! I would like to continue to push for awareness of opportunities for students as well as increasing the number of opportunities in research and internships for students in all years of study. However, we need more funding in order to be able to have meaningful, diverse networking events and career nights to help us in our exploration of our future after our undergrad. I will also work to get more external funding to ensure that students in their first and second years also have opportunities to gain technical research skills and experience.

2) Let’s get efficient! The infamous red d2l dot—the dot that appears on our screens and triggers our flight-or-fight response, sending our hearts racing. We expect to open up a grade, only to find out that it is just a news item for a summer internship. All that surge in adrenaline—for nothing. Let’s streamline how we receive our news items vs. our course work notifications on d2l. Let’s go further with the d2l shell by not only notifying students of opportunities sporadically but by making sure students are adequately informed and by helping students one-on-one, in person in order to secure research opportunities.

3) Let’s show campus our Science Spirit! Let’s revive our faculty pride and bring social events to foster our science community and create even more opportunities for peer networking! New and exciting things are being planned by our current Science Reps such as a formal Year End Gala (YAY!) and I would like to ensure that more of these social initiatives are brought forward for years to come.

If you would like to see these improvements made and be a part of the movement, vote YA for Sadi-YA!

Visit my facebook page at

MNguyen-Sci-GE2018Yo yo yo, my name is Mike Nguyen and I’m running for Science Rep (but not the cardio kind of running). A little about me: I’m in 3rd Year BioSci, am a mentor in the Science Mentorship Program, a research assistant in a lab, and a gym bro, haha. It would be my honour to advocate for us Science students so all of us can have the best experience during our time here!

Facilities Improvements

Renovate the main Computer Science Lab

Strongly push for the renovation of the main computer science lab in the math sciences building. Although the lab is pretty good, I think there are things that would improve the quality of life of students who spend time there; such as brighter lighting, replacing or cleaning the carpet and better workstations among others. Also, I didn’t forget about the stapler and hole punch outside of the Help Desk by the printers haha, I guarantee you’ll have one.

Microwaves, Printers and new Equipment

Advocate for more funding and permission to install equipment around the Sciences Complex. The addition of the Science Collaborative Space was awesome, and I guess there are printers in Gallagher and the Arts Faculty Computer lab, but I think it would be great if we could have even printers in the SCS or nearby. Also, having a few microwaves around ST would be nice (the closest station is in ICT)! There is one in the Arts Lounge but not so many people know about it, and there is only one.

More Networking, Career and Social Events

Career Workshops

Bring together university resources such as Career Services, our professors and other students to create workshops that help students expand their horizons in terms of finding future careers, research experience and graduate/professional education.

Social Events

Organise mixers and social events where students can form connections, have fun and procrastinate (okay maybe just me) to build a stronger sense of community and belonging in Science.

Representative Town Halls

Come voice your ideas, concerns and opinions at regular town halls so that the representatives know what you think is important and how we can work towards it together.

Academic and Career Development

Mentoring from Upper Year Students

Help create a network of upper year students who will be helpful with finding research and career opportunities and course recommendations among other things.

More Opportunities

Continuing with the work of our current science representatives, I would like to help connect students with career and life opportunities. Working closely with Career Services, the Student Success Centre and other resources to procure more career, volunteer and research opportunities for all science students.

Opportunity Notice Board

Create an easy to access portal for opportunities postings to be delivered to students, even if we have to go the low-tech bulletin board route (free of other advertising).

Thanks for reading and for your support, we’re ‘in it to Nguyen it!’

Campaign website:

AImran-Engin-GE2018Hello Schulich! My name is Ahsen Imran and I am currently in my second year of Chemical Engineering at the Schulich School of Engineering. I am running to be your Engineering Faculty Representative this year! I believe that my various and unique set of involvement around the university will make me an excellent candidate of choice!

You may have heard that university is supposed to be one of the most fun and engaging times in your life, well aside from it being just an average saying, I believe that it is my obligation to make sure the Faculty of Engineering is no exception. You may find university life challenging and demanding, however, like yourself I have faced the same obstacles and I want you to know that I am here to help you.

Let’s take a quick look through my platform and see how I can assist you.

  1. Textbooks and Learning Resources
  • Textbooks are so expensive! And with new editions coming each year, it’s causing the old ones to become more obsolete.
  • I want to ensure that our Library and Media Commons are kept up to date by purchasing more in demand engineering textbooks and copies.
  • Student’s can instead just rent the desired textbook for the required amount of time WITHOUT any hassle or costs!
  • It would be awful to buy all brand-new textbooks only to find out you used it once or worse, you didn’t use it at all!
  • I want to specificity work with TFDL and the designated Librarian to ensure funding is used efficiently for textbooks which are in demand.
  1. EASC/Tutoring
  • You may or may not be familiar with the Engineering Academic Success Centre (EASC). This centre provides free one on one tutoring to undergraduate students. However, there is a significant drawback to this; they mainly focus on first year courses.
  • After first year, your courses do not get any easier, and I believe that a specific selection of challenging higher-level courses should be offered for tutoring, regardless of the discipline you choose to follow in engineering.
  • This is what I want to work on closely to ensure students continue to receive FREE tutoring services throughout their engineering degree.
  • I want to be part of the selection process and certify that the focus on tutor selection is placed on more experienced, collaborative tutors who can assist beyond first year.
  1. Stress and Mental Health
  • Every faculty has their own unique demands and expectations and I want to ensure that engineers don’t receive any generic type of assistance but specifically one that is tailored to their demands.
  • I want to work with the current engineering services and mental health services to bring awareness and support for my faculty.
  • I want to continue to build upon the current services and bring new methods of engaging individuals and reaching out to those who are not likely to ask for assistance themselves.
  • This involves creating new opportunities and for student’s in their faculty that would fit best according to their engineering workload.
  1. Communication and Collaboration
  • I want to be approachable, I want to be engaged and most of all, I want to be here for you.
  • I would advocate for a more accessible and transparent way for a student to become involved in the decision-making process and representative at the university.
  • You shouldn’t have to win an election for you to voice your opinion.
  • I want to ensure that students are free to address their concern and feedback in an accessible manner to myself but most importantly the university itself.
  • This will be done by having various feedback opportunities where I would collect and voice the concerns of my faculty on a regular basis, in addition to educating my fellow students on engagement opportunities.

Lastly, don’t forget! Vote AHSEN for Engg Rep!

MBennett-SW-GE2018My name is Marissa Bennett and I am running to be elected for my second term as the Faculty of Social Work Students’ Union Representative. Being a representative has made me more involved in my education and university experience. I would like to continue in this position not only to keep advocating for the students in my faculty, but also to continue the projects I’ve been working on such as:

Promoting this position and making it more accessible through policy changes so that Social Work continually has a representative in the future.

Bringing mentorship to the faculty through collaboration with the Social Work Students Association (SWSA).

Addressing the needs of mature students.

Providing easier access to paid undergraduate jobs for social work students.

Before the Student’s Union, I cultivated a collection of diverse experiences by continually seeking out new opportunities to become involved on campus. I have been an Orientation Leader, through which I learned how to lead by example and use my struggles to educate others. I have extensive experience working in teams from the volunteer work I did with UCalgaryCares in New Orleans, the Kaleidoscope Project, and Camp Lead. The Kaleidoscope project was a particularly unique experience that taught me how to engage with people from different cultural backgrounds and promote diversity and inclusiveness on campus. I was an executive peer helper for Campus Community Kitchen for two years, and had four years of involvement in the University of Calgary Debate Society (UCDS), two of which were as the Vice President. I believe these experiences along with my time as the Faculty of Social Work rep make me a competitive candidate for this position. I am passionate about this work and believe that a second term will allow me to accomplish more for the faculty and the students in it.

JChoi-Vet-GE2018My name is Julie. I am a current first year in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at the University of Calgary. I am running for the position of Veterinary Medicine Representative in this 2018 General Election.

This past year, I acted as the faculty representative for my program on the 75th Students’ Legislative Council. But unfortunately, I was only able to serve for half of what is a typical term for an Elected Official. Thus, I would like to continue on for the upcoming year in order to accomplish more in this position. I believe that this will allow me to keep the momentum going on many of the initiatives that I have begun to work on but will likely be unable to complete before the end of this year.

I have several platform goals for this upcoming year. First, I would like to continue to work on integrating the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine further into the main body of the University of Calgary by improve accessibility to many of Main Campus’ student support services to our students. Second, I would like to find ways to enhance student wellness and improve the student experience within our program. Finally, I would like to work on creating an official transition document for the role of Veterinary Medicine Representative on the SLC.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


There were no candidates for the following positions and will be considered vacant beginning May 1, 2018.

  • Faculty Rep. Schulich School of Engineering – (1) position.
  • Faculty Rep. Werklund School of Education – (1) position.