2021 SU By-Election Results

2021 SU By-Election Results

2021 SU By-Election Results 150 150 Michael Brown

2021 SU By-Election results
October 15, 2021

Students went to the polls for the SU By-Election in what has become a busy election season. The SU is asking students to vote in several Faculty Representative races, a Senate race, and a series of plebiscite questions with regards to the SU Health & Dental Plan. For the first time, there were no immediate acclamations announced after Nomination Days, instead students were asked to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for uncontested races.

The results are in.

The Faculty of Social Work has chosen Nik Jarvis with 55% of the vote.

Haskayne School of Business students chose Jaime Pablo with 61% of the vote. He will join Adrian Alcantara as the Haskayne Faculty Representative.

For the Cumming School of Medicine, Emily Macphail will join Rafael Sanguinetti as Faculty Representative after winning 97% of the ‘yes’ vote.

For University of Calgary Senate, Armaan Sidhu was elected with 86% of ‘yes’ votes.

Several questions were also posed to students around the SU’s Health & Dental plan. The questions are non-binding and seek to better understand student perspectives on how they use the plan and its future.

Students were asked for their priorities when it came to the dental portion of the plan and the medical portion of the plan. Of students who indicated a preference on the dental plan, the largest plurality of students (21%) are willing to pay up to $15 more per year for improved coverage. Of students who indicated a preference on the health plan, the largest plurality (33%) are willing to pay up to $25 more annually to improve coverage.

On the third question, 50% students who voted support a potential constitutional amendment to allow for price increases to the plan tied to inflation up to a maximum of 4% annually.

The officials elected will serve until the end of April. The SU will be running its General Election next March to form the 80th SLC.

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