Year-end Checklist: Club Awards, Locker Clean-out, and Book Consignment

Year-end Checklist: Club Awards, Locker Clean-out, and Book Consignment

Year-end Checklist: Club Awards, Locker Clean-out, and Book Consignment 150 150 Gene Baines

Hello UCalgary,

As the semester winds down, we celebrate the winners of our annual Club Awards. These awards honour clubs that have raised the bar in categories like advocacy, sustainability, EDI, and engagement. This year’s winning clubs are:

  • Advocacy Award: Mental Health for South Asia
  • Future Alumni Network’s SU Club Award for Alumni Engagement: University of Calgary Consulting Association AND Students of the Arts and Science Honours Academy
  • Best New Club: Data Science and Machine Learning Club
  • Campus Pride Award: Kinesiology Students’ Society
  • Club of the Year: RED (Reforming Education on Drugs)
  • Collaboration Award: Chinese Students’ Society
  • Community Service Award: The Mustard Seed, U of C
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Award: American Sign Language Club
  • First Year Engagement Award: Nigerian Students’ Association
  • Innovation Award: Evren
  • Leadership Award: Schulich Ignite
  • Longevity, Ongoing Vitality, and Engagement Award: Women in Science and Engineering
  • Quality of Education Award: Canadian Organization for Undergraduate Health Research Calgary Chapter
  • Student Life Award: Pakistani Students’ Society
  • Sustainability Award: Go Baby Go

We also awarded $1,000 each to ten outstanding student leaders, through the Eric Lahoda Scholarship. Check out the full list of winners and honourable mentions on the SU website. You can also follow our SU Clubs account on Instagram @SUUofCClubs
Clean out your fall/winter locker
Make sure you clean out your locker by Friday, April 29 (even if you have a spring locker). If you leave anything behind, you’ll be able to retrieve it at a cost of $10/bag at Bound and Copied. Unclaimed items will be donated to local charities. Please visit the locker page on our website for more information. If you need a locker for the spring or summer semesters, they’re available on your Student Centre now!

Consign your used textbooks 

If you need to get rid of some of those textbooks from your locker, consign them and make some money. Bring your used textbooks to Bound and Copied, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Check out Bound and Copied’s website for more information.

Good luck with your final projects and exams – you’ve got this.

All the best,

Nicole Schmidt,
The Students’ Union

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