General Election 2023: Notice of Plebiscite

January 23, 2023  |   Found in Elections


Students pay a mandatory fee called the Athletics Fee to subsidize the Dinos Athletics program. For the current academic year (fall 2022 and winter 2023), undergraduate students pay $115.16 ($57.58 in each term) for the Athletics Fee. In return, students receive free admission to Dinos regular season games. Students would need to attend more than 7 games per year to recoup the costs of the fee. The university could raise this fee by up to 5.5% for the 2023-24 academic year. Students contribute about 48% of the Dinos’ operational budget through this fee. The university contributes about 30% by comparison.

The SU is asking this question to better understand how students perceive this fee, to inform our advocacy efforts towards the university. The fee amount is ultimately set by the university, not the SU. 


Which option(s) below describe your opinion of the Athletics Fee? (Select all that apply).

Students should be able to opt out of the fee.

  • The fee should be eliminated entirely.
  • The fee should be reduced.
  • The fee should remain the same.
  • The fee should be increased.
  • The benefit of free Dinos games is not good value for the money paid by students.
  • The benefit of free Dinos games is good value for the money paid by students.