Sandra Amin – Biography

Sandra Amin – Biography

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Vice President Academic

Sandra Amin has always been bright, both in demeanor and intelligence. The Egyptian education system’s fierce competitiveness, as well as a drive to succeed, meant she spent much of her younger years studying. Her world would quickly change as she was a firsthand witness to the violence and instability that swept the nation during and after the Arab Spring. At the age of ten, she moved to Canada.

After serving last year as a Science Faculty Rep, Sandra was elected as VP Academic for the 81st SLC. She built an impressive portfolio as a Science Rep, hitting the ground running by spearheading the Open Educational Resource campaign. Her strong sense of responsibility and empathy have empowered her to make sure every student’s voice is heard. She firmly believes that change is necessary for post-secondary education, and this change is the reason she ran for office. While the world is quickly changing with the prevalence of remote work and AI, so too is our education system. She aims to reimagine assessments for a modern student, as well as ensure all students know their academic rights. She believes that the university must be prepared to support all students, through accommodating neurodivergence and offering greater mental health supports.

Sandra is studying neuroscience with a certificate in Wellness. After initially aiming to become a doctor to help others, her interests have expanded to include AI, software, politics, and policy.

In high school, Sandra volunteered for the Veteran’s Food Bank and CAWST (A Safe Water For All Initiative). More recently, she volunteered for Calgary’s Future. She has also worked as a DRO for Elections Canada.

Sandra is a singer – Disney songs are her specialty! – and dancer who can do leaps, splits, and pirouettes. In her spare time, Sandra loves to crochet, build puzzles, and play volleyball.