General Election 2023

Online voting will take place on the 7th, 8th, and 9th days of March, 2023 through the myUofC Student Centre. Polling stations will be available at these locations: MacEwan Student Centre, Science Theatres, and TFDL. Voting opens at 9 a.m. on March 7th and closes at 4 p.m. on March 9th, 2023. All University of Calgary undergraduate students registered in the Winter 2023 session are eligible to vote.

Candidate Platforms

The number following each position denotes the number of positions available. Uncontested candidates, those running with no competitor, will have a YES/NO marked on the ballot.

Presidential Candidates (1)

The Students’ Union cannot go back to “business as usual”. Students are facing tuition hikes, an education that’s declining in quality, an out-of-control cost of living crisis, and the last thing we need is a SU that doesn’t fight tooth and nail for our rights. We want our elected officials to foster a well-organized student body with the tools and solidarity that we need to demand our rights, but how can we hope to do this when representatives don’t even have the time to talk to students? We are starting to demand more from our union, and I’m the candidate who represents that change.

Here is my promise to you: as your president, I will not sit around and wait for recognition to fall from the sky. I will work tirelessly to raise the profile of the SU, both internally and externally. All of my efforts will be guided by this simple principle: the Students’ Union IS the students. I will do this by…

…ADVOCATING MORE POINTEDLY to University admin and government officials. The SU has more leverage than it thinks. We have to be more forceful with our demands!

…BRINGING MORE VISIBILITY to existing programs that make our lives better, such as Quality Money, or the SU food bank!

…BRIDGING THE GAP between students and their representatives. I will ensure that every student has the chance to speak face-to-face with their representative!

Being a student is hard. It’s very alienating to see tuition go up year after year, even after making it very clear that this is not what we want. I believe we can do something about this; we can come together and make our corner of the world a better place! But I’m going to need your help, UCalgary. On March 7-9, vote Mickail Hendi for Students’ Union President!

Instagram: @Mickail4President


I’m Shaziah and this last year, I’ve had the privilege of advocating fiercely for your quality of education and supporting your undergraduate experience as Vice-President Academic. I’m running to be your SU President to fight even harder for you!

Fight against compounding tuition increases and budget cuts.

  • Immediately activate students to increase engagement with the Alberta election and to promote student and post-secondary issues.
  • Demand the provincial government regulate international student tuition and entrench more robust standards for consultation and reporting under the Alberta Tuition and Fees Regulation
  • Explore student mobilization strategies to be agile in response to a changing political landscape while utilizing media strengths
  • Respond to provincial election outcome by working collaboratively to reduce impact on student tuition through increased operating grants

Apply pressure for consistent transparency and consultation from the University.

The University must meaningfully involve students in decisions impacting them.

  • Require mandatory reporting from the University on how student money is being spent to ensure program quality proportional to cost increases. This includes demanding 5-year metrics to report spending from faculties with Exceptional Tuition Increases
  • Ensure implementation of SU Consultation Guidelines in practice
  • Advocate to administration that athletics fee plebiscite results be implemented
  • Engage with administration through their review of Wellness Services to ensure walk-in counseling and physician appointments, without ‘urgent situation’

Improving Student Experience

  • Student-centred, Wellbeing-focused Academics
    • Ensure policies regulating due dates over term breaks are implemented to support the unique needs of each faculty’s students.
    • Advocate for increased equitable and accessible assessment forms.
  • Undergraduate Career Support
    • Make work integrated learning more accessible by advocating for increased course-based opportunities
    • Increase work opportunities for international students by advocating for permanent lifting of off campus workhour limit.
  • Ensure administration invests in campus food security strategy

Equitable Students’ Union

  • Review, identify, and address challenges and barriers considering Indigenous engagement, and equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility
  • Develop formalized mentorship structures to support diverse Elected Officials
  • Regular, direct outreach via Reddit/Instagram/Email to engage all students

Vote Shaziah so we can be #Morsette4theFuture!
IG/FB/Reddit: @morsette4pres

Vice President Academic Candidates (1)

Hello! I’m Sandra Amin, I am running to be your 81st VP Academic. During my current term as a Faculty of Science representative, I have gained leadership experience in many unique areas including campus enrichment, hosting research symposiums and advocating for OERs. I would like to take my experience and all the lessons learnt to further empower students.


Open educational resources (OERs) are free and high-quality resources that aim to replace

textbooks. This removes a large expense for students, especially amidst the rising costs of living and skyrocketing tuition.

I aim to:

  • Continue advocating for use of OERs across all faculties.
  • Establish an OER framework.
  • Incentivise professors to create OERs tailored for their classes.


Reflecting on the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital to make education more accessible. Hybrid learning has shown to aid in reinforcing information from lectures and support those with neurodiversities and disabilities in their education. The structure of assessment was also challenged and forced to evolve. Moving forward, standardized assessments must be reimagined to be more inclusive.

I aim to:

  • Advocate for the implementation of technology in classrooms for hybrid teaching.
  • Advocate for alternative assessment options to allow for more inclusion of all learning types, neurodiversities and accommodate for disability.

Research allows students to gain vital hands-on experience and connections that remain with them far beyond the classroom. It is important to remove barriers to these opportunities and recognize the work of students.

I aim to:

  • Create a University-based Research Journal, which will publish the work of students across campus.
  • Advocate for the increase in the number of research grants awarded.
  • Create research summer studentship grants centering on EDIA.

Student Empowerment

Advocating for student concerns, ensuring that the Academic Calendar aligns with the best interest and well-being of students.

I aim to:

  • Advocate for the university to commit to the Student Bill of Rights.
  • Guide students in properly addressing their academic concerns.
  • Prioritize the enactment of student mental health policies across campus.
  • Investigate program workloads and create policies to protect student wellbeing.

Don’t forget to Vote Sandra Amin for VP Academic from March 7-9.

Vice President External Candidates (1)

Hi UCalgary students! I’m Mateusz Salmassi, a 5th year international student in psychology. I’m running to be re-elected as your Vice-President External. Before my election, I organized the first student strike in Alberta, led students to defeat the bookstore privatization, and worked to alleviate student food insecurity. Since being elected, I have brought grassroots organizing and institutional advocacy experience to the role.

In my three months in office, I have fought for university fee transparency, affordable housing, rent control, international students’ rights, and have been working to build an Alberta-wide student movement against budget cuts and tuition hikes.

My advocacy priorities:


  1. Expand international students’ rights by:
    1. Permanently lifting all work hour restrictions.
    2. Counting all Canadian work experience gained while on a study permit toward permanent residency.
    3. Addressing visa-processing backlogs by hiring more immigration officers.
    4. Establishing low-barrier needs-based bursaries for international students.
  2. Maintain the 2020-2021 doubling of Canada Student Grant from $3,000 to $6,000.


  1. Execute an aggressive Get Out the Vote campaign for the 2023 provincial election.
  2. Fight provincial budget cuts and tuition hikes
    1. Build a provincial campaign to pressure the Alberta government
      1. Organize student strikes to create political leverage,
      2. Partner with student faculty associations and staff unions,
      3. Increase media pressure on the government alongside Alberta SUs.
    2. Policy demands
      1. Re-implement the tuition freeze on domestic and international tuition,
      2. Reverse the $700 million in cuts,
      3. Tie postsecondary funding to inflation,
      4. Reinstate the Student Temporary Employment Program with international student eligibility,
      5. Bring back tuition tax credits and restore Alberta Grants, and
      6. Forgive provincial student debt.
  3. Advocate for a provincial cap on rent increases.


  1. Fight the housing crisis, support tenants’ groups in advocating for:
    1. A rental registry, creating transparency in property upkeep, safety, and cost.
    2. The establishment of landlord licensing, ensuring livable conditions through proactive safety inspections.
    3. Inclusionary zoning, mandating a percentage of new developments be affordable housing units.
  2. Advocate to rezone University District to include affordable housing and increase affordable housing options near campus.

Hi UCalgary Students! My name is Mohammad Arhaam Mukati and I’m running to be your next VP External . I’m a 4th year International Relations/Poli Sci Student. I’ve had 7 years of experience working directly with governments, NGOS, and refugee organizations here in Canada, Greece, Saudi, Russia, Pakistan, Cambodia, Turkiye- and 11 more countries. That work taught me that simple, clear- but firm and objective demands get the job done. Advocacy is more than just slogans.

My advocacy is not about me, it’s about you. It’s about the most basic demands that can immediately improve the education/student culture here at U of C. The literal BARE MINIMUM.

  1. Parking prices are ridiculous – we have some of the highest parking prices in North America, for what? Why is the Student body forced to park all the way in Brentwood when we have hundreds of empty parking spots available on campus.
    1. A simple reallocation of funds can drive down parking prices as done by quite literally 100’s of Universities across North America.
  2. All Student Union financial spending must be made transparent – students deserve to know where their tuition goes to.
  3. Eliminate the ridiculous lack of communication the University has with its students. There needs to be a direct line of communication with University ownership, Chancellors, Deans of Departments, and Campus Safety.
  4. Make Sure Charging Outlets Actually Work. We have over 2000 broken, destroyed, or faulty charging ports/plugs throughout campus. Half of the outlets at TFDL don’t even work- how can students study their best when we aren’t given basic resources?
  5. Build/Allocate more Community and Prayer spots on campus. We will use the massive SU budget to directly spend money on Student Club Spaces and Prayer Room (Spiritual) spaces that are used and demanded by thousands of students.
  6. Bring a Shawarma Place and Halal Food on campus and specifically Mac Hall.
  7. Call upon the Federal government to break down the unethical systematic gatekeeping system they have for Med and Law schools nationwide.
  8. Regulate the Provincial government by questioning their audacity to cut education funding and to halt all increases of tuition.

Vice President Operations & Finance Candidates (1)

Hi UCalgary students! I’m Arlington Antonio Santiago a 5th year Political Science and Law & Society major with a minor in Sociology. I am incredibly excited to reshape and enhance our university experience as your next Vice-President of Operations and Finance. Throughout our university experience we all have been battling the sharp increase in the cost of living, which includes the unreasonable tuition hikes followed by the decrease of government investment into students. As a result, students are facing food-insecurity which is detrimental; as students must choose between tuition, rent, food, or transportation. Addressing these issues are my priority as our collective resilience must be fortified with initiatives that allow students to innovate with integrity and have a say in their community.

My priorities are to attain intersectional and sustainable development where we the students are in control of a vibrant, accessible, and inclusive campus community.

  1. Redevelop the governance structure, and fee processes of the SU
    1. Developing new committees that can ensure inclusivity of all students, where student economic priorities are central to our organizational functions
    2. Advocate student-interests in the bookstore
    1. Redeveloping SU governance structures where our collective grievances can be mediated & resolved to increase our revenue streams.
  1. Utilize Mac Hall to address student food insecurity
    1. Focus on delivering sustainable food security via vertical farming to enhance the quality of life and promote a united campus community
    1. Develop plant-based resources and expanding healthier food options in Mac Hall
    1. Improve equity and collaboration among faculties to attain food security for all student sustainable development
  1. Increase the sustainability of student health, wellness & quality of student life
    1. Work to restructure the subsiding of the Dinos athletics program to reduce operational budget burden on students
    1. To renegotiate the Health and Dental plan, expanding the scope of the current agreement beyond the “administration of fee rates” and expand mental health coverage.

Thank you for considering me as your next VP Operations and Finance.

You can find me at @Arlington4OpFi, if you have any questions, feel free to email me at


Vice President Student Life Candidates (1)

My name is Ermia Rezaei-Afsah, and I’m a fifth year Anthropology and History student. I have had the pleasure of serving as an Arts Representative in the SU this past year, and I’m running to be your VP Student Life. I will fight against tuition increases, oppose harmful university policies, and implement better support systems for students. My platform revolves around 4 points that center Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion:


  • Establish the first ever nutritional hot meal program on campus, fully subsidized through Quality Money, and accessible for all students.
  • Initiate campaign to counter stigma around accessing food security resources.
  • Create a website that consolidates all information to promote current available resources.
  • Establish a frequent special bus route to increase student access from campus to budget-friendly grocery stores (Superstore, Freestone).


  • Oppose all tuition hikes by building SU-backed protests and strikes against further degradation of postsecondary education in Alberta.
  • Start an SU-led service that helps students obtain financial aid: from loan repayment to applying for grants.
  • Establish an international student organization on campus, built to support, represent, and advocate for international student rights.
  • Pressure the university to turn 1-2 parking lots into affordable lots for all students ($5 day-long parking).
  • Fight to revamp the parking fining system on campus. Fines should be cheaper and students should not be prevented from graduating for unpaid fines.


  • Revamp the Wellness Centre: review availability of physician appointments, work to establish a long-term therapy program, and increase the number of therapists and doctors available; allowing students to access walk-in services.
  • Re-establish the Post-Alcohol Support Space.
  • Establish yearly awards for clubs excelling in community building.


  • Reestablish Residence Student Association as a student-led extension of the SU fighting for a more affordable, secure, and friendly residence.
  • Pressure the university to require any housing developments built in University District include affordable housing units reserved for students.
  • Set up a working group with the goal of establishing an SU-managed affordable student residence building.

If you have any questions feel free to text me at 5878992638 or message my Instagram @ermia4vpsl.

Hello UCalgary! My name is Rachel Cabalteja, I’m a fourth-year political science and philosophy student, and I’m running to be your next Vice President of Student Life!

Through my experience as the University of Calgary Debate Society Vice President Outreach, Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate West Ombudsperson, Students’ Union Deputy Speaker, and Students’ Union Arts Representative, I have acquired the skills and knowledge to best serve you.

I have constructed my goals to reflect YOU! My main points are:

Fighting for Better Mental Health Services

Students shouldn’t have to wait over a month to receive the help and care they need. I will:

  1. Advocate for an increase in the number of walk-in appointments available to students.
  2. Ensure that we have more than one psychiatrist on staff.

Addressing Food Insecurity

With the university refusing to support students, how can we best support you?

  1. Creating community fridges in collaboration with our campus Food Bank.
  2. Advocating for the creation of an institutional strategy to address food insecurity through the organization of a taskforce.

Campus Community

It is important students are supported in all aspects of their university journey. I will:

  1. Create club executive focused workshops targeting event strategies and strengthening internal club dynamics.
  2. Host objective-based club events to highlight our clubs and create stronger connections between them.
  3. Encourage students to re-establish an independent Residence Students’ Association to better advocate their needs to the Students’ Union.
  4. Advocate for the creation of a separate Wi-Fi network for students living on residence.

Highlighting Campus Diversity

With such a diverse campus, it is important that everyone is celebrated and given the space to succeed. I will:

  1. Continue advocacy towards the implementation of anti-racism training by working with the EDI Office.
  2. Work alongside Neurodiversity Supports on campus and Student Accessibility Services to bring awareness of and create accommodations and supports for all students.
  3. Continue to work towards empowering indigenous students through the ii’ taa’poh’to’p strategy in collaboration with the Vice Provost of Indigenous Engagement.

To learn more, please visit the following:

Instagram: Rachel4VPSL


Faculty Representative Candidates

Arts Candidates (4)

Hello UCalgary, my name is Muntaha Aamir, and I am running to be your next Faculty of Arts Representative! If Elected I will work to do the following:

Student Safety and Wellbeing

Making Campus Safer, and more accessible is one aspect I will work with Arts faculty and my fellow SLC members. To do this, I will advocate for

  1. Greater support and funding for Sexual Violence Support, and the Sexual Violence Support Team for the faculty of Arts.
  2. Resources in place for students needing to escape difficult, or abusive situations at home, to ensure that such students have alternative housing options, funding opportunities or more that can be found through faculty members or D2L shells for Arts Students.
  3. Submit QM proposals that will focus on medical and individual resources such as rape kits or drug tests that do not need to be done on campus.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

Every student deserves to feel heard, included, and happy with their peers. With the help of my Faculty members and staff, I will work towards creating a safer environment by

  1. Introducing short introduction videos to support centers on campus, in the classroom or on each classroom D2L shell.
  2. Work with SU Club execs and VP Student life to include EDI training for more SU

Clubs, and holding wider spread EDI themed crossover events for a chance for

arts students to learn and get involved.


With the cost of living increasing dramatically for students, I will work together with the SU to

  1. Provide easier access to resources on campus to arts students that tackle affordability issues on campus such as campus food banks, sustainable resource options, and other upcoming grants and bursaries for those who need it.
  2. Continue to work with the SU regarding consultation and proper advocacy for students struggling with rising tuition.

Hello Arts Students, My name is Siraaj Shah, and I’m a Second Year International Relations Student. This year I am thrilled to be running once more for the Faculty of Arts Representative Position! As your Faculty Representative, I will do the following

Club and Student Engagement

In order to boost student engagement and morale, I will do the following

1. Training: Work with community and campus leaders, and VP Student Life to offer specialized training workshops to the Arts Clubs Presidents Council, which I formed during the last term

2. Funding: Advocate to Faculty, and Departments so Arts Department Clubs have access to resources and funding to further student engagement

3. Engagement: Working with Faculty and VP Student Life to host events and townhalls that cater to new and current students, to increase dialogue and engagement in the Faculty

Quality Money Intiatives

I will work on two major Quality Money Applications for improvements of Spaces for Arts Students. In order to accomplish this, I will work closely with Executives, fellow  representatives, and Faculty

  1. Study Spaces: Renovation of Study Spaces on Main Floor and Basement of Social Sciences
  2. Arts Parkade Rooftop: Modernization of Rooftop on the Arts Parkade to create a usable, and dynamic space that Arts Students can utilize and enjoy


With the rising cost of living, and education, I will do the following to help affordability of PSE

  1. Tuition Advocacy: Working with Student Groups to make advocacy tools more accessible to Arts Students – Including Mobilization of Arts Students in Action and Advocacy
  2. Housing: Utilizing my professional expertise to host workshops for new Students on finding affordable Housing – This will also include furthering SU resources and Advocacy to provide access to safe and accessible housing for students.

Cumming School of Medicine (2)

Hello CSM Dinos!

My name is Angie (Angelica) Uy, a current third year CRDS Major/HSOC minor and hope to earn your vote as your next CSM Representative! My goal is to ensure that all students are prepared for their future; whichever route they plan to take. Additionally, to ensure that students are given the resources to maximise their time at the UofC, accompanied by an interactive and authentic university experience.

Preparing for the Future

  1. Encouraging Interdisciplinary Studies
    1. As a student in both the CRDS and a BHsc programs, I have observed the unique differences and relevant similarities between the two. I have experienced how more doors have opened from studying both. Therefore, I plan on pushing to open up program restrictions in discipline-specific classes that regularly have a portion of open seats to all CSM students. Many of these classes remain open, yet unsat due to these restrictions. However, by opening them up students have the option to study other disciplines they may be interested in, while remaining in a familiar field to broaden their proficiency in more diverse approaches and skills.
  2. Better Networking and Communication
    1. As networking becomes increasingly significant in our academic journey, I intend to help students by seeking more research, studentship, and volunteering opportunities. I will regularly communicate available positions with detailed descriptions so students can participate in opportunities that also fits their abilities and interests.

Convenient Community Engagement

  1. CSM Student Space on Main Campus
    1. As a supplement to Feasby Lounge, I plan on creating a space on main campus where students can collaborate, socialize, and meet their peers within the faculty. There are many semesters where students may not have any classes in Foothills Campus, making Feasby Lounge inconvenient to access regularly.
  2. More Events on Main Campus
    1. Secondly, I will also coordinate to host more CSM events between both campuses, so students can participate and be part of their community at whichever campus is more convenient at that time.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Email:                                          Instagram: angieformedrep

Hi there!! My name is Chaten Jessel, I’m a 1st year medical student, and I would be honored to be your Cumming School of Medicine Representative for the 2023-2024 school year! As a former 2-term SU Faculty of Science Representative, I worked tirelessly to promote open education resources, breaking down systemic barriers indigenous students face when entering university, and improving study spaces. Looking forward to next year, there is so much more I want to accomplish.

Advocating for Open Education Resources

As tuition continues to rise, there is a huge financial burden being put on students. I believe that promoting the adoption of open education resources is a novel way to combat it. Open education resources are free alternatives to expensive traditional textbooks and offer an innovative way to reduce education costs independent of tuition. If elected, I want to further the growth of open education on foothills campus to make university more affordable for all.

Working Towards a Decolonizing Health Care Congress

Promoting authentic inclusion of Indigenous people and knowledge systems into our education and into healthcare is essential. As such, I aim to host a Decolonizing Health Care Congress open to all Cumming School of Medicine students where we can learn from indigenous leaders about how to honor reconciliation in medicine and build institutional capacity to address the underlying causes of health disparities Indigenous peoples face.

Increased Accountability to Students

I want to help all of you better understand the work that your SU representatives do on your behalf. Using the Cumming School of Medicine Representatives Instagram account, I hope to share the important meetings, initiatives, and advocacy that your representatives engage with to ensure that you’re in the loop with what the SU is up to!

These are just a few of the ways I want to work for the betterment of students. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my platform and for your consideration.

Together I know that we can make the Cumming School of Medicine an even better place for all students!

Vote Chaten Jessel for Cumming School of Medicine Representative!

Haskayne School of Business (2)

Hello Haskayne, my name is Hari Singh, finishing up my second year strong as a Finance major at Haskayne and I am running as your Faculty Representative. During my time here, I had the privilege to serve as the VP external for one of the largest clubs at U of C, Indian Student Association. I also served on other councils such as Residence Wellness Council and Business Academic Council for Residence.

More Pass Sessions:

One of my top priorities is improving the resources for senior level courses. I will advocate for expanding the PASS sessions program and tutorial sessions for upper year courses. Many students believe the tests should reflect the course content better and I will work towards providing more support for these courses.

Mathison Issues:

Another pressing issue that I will tackle is the ongoing IT, heating, and WIFI problems in Mathison Hall. I understand the frustration that these issues cause for both students and faculty, and I will work to find a solution as soon as possible, including submitting a SU quality money application if necessary.

Better Accessibility to Student Resources:

I also want to make the resources at the Career Development Centre more accessible. My goal is to improve outreach and promote resources such as elevate for job hunting and V mock for resume building. I also plan to provide alternative leadership opportunities by promoting volunteering opportunities such as SU volunteer tax and administrative volunteer program for Haskayne Students.

Haskayne’s 2025 Strategic Plan:

Additionally, I will work towards creating a Haskayne Student Oversight Committee to give students a voice in the changes being made under Haskayne’s 2025 strategic plan. I will also focus on creating a destress space in Mathison hall, better marketing platforms for Haskayne clubs, and overall mental and physical wellbeing of students.

Feel free to reach me out on Instagram: @hari4haskayne

and email:

Lastly let’s all work together and really make the most of the differential pain in the name of tuition we have to pay and improve Haskayne experience for all students.


Hi Dinos,

My name is Md Asif Khan, and I am currently enrolled in my second years of studies in Finance at the Haskayne School of Business. I am running to be your next SU Faculty Representative (Haskayne School of Business) in the upcoming general election. As an international student, I have seen first-hand how a lack of financial assistance and mental health services can affect a student’s personal and academic life. I feel I have what it takes to be the voice of students at the University of Calgary Faculty Representative and deal with major issues by building a bridge of transparent communication between the university and the students and coming up with unique solutions.

My focus will be on:

Arrange more career fair and business workshops:

I will advocate for more career fairs and workshops for business students to aid with networking, arrange workshops with the students’ doing internships and alumni to help students build their resumes, improve their interview skills, networking skills and meet with possible employers.

Increased Grants and Bursaries:

Grants and bursaries can help financially challenged students which can enhance their career prospects and overall well-being. So, my aim is to put in a lot of effort to help establish new grants and bursaries for business students who need financial support. Therefore, it can help address the financial barriers that may prevent students from pursuing higher education and achieving their full potential.

Raise awareness and access to resources for mental health:

Frequent awareness campaigns to combat the stigma associated with mental illness as well as weekly wellness afternoons packed with enjoyable, stress-relieving activities for individuals in dire need of such assistance. a chance to meet new people and develop friendships. I’ll encourage SU clubs to come forward and work with mental health of the students so that no one feels left out and gains confident to speak.

As a Faculty Representative, it will be an honor to be a voice for YOU and together, we can make sure our concerns are heard! Thank you so much!

Kinesiology (1)

As a dedicated student at the University of Calgary, I am honored to announce my candidacy for the position of Faculty of Kinesiology Representative. As a passionate advocate for the well-being and success of all students, I am eager to bring my skills, experience, and enthusiasm to this role.

My mission is to ensure that all students in the Faculty of Kinesiology have access to the resources and support they need to succeed both academically and personally. I believe that student representatives should serve as a bridge between the students and the administration, and I am committed to working tirelessly to ensure that the voices and concerns of all students are heard and addressed.

One of my many goals is to decrease the financial burden on students by advocating for lower tuition rates on campus. I believe that access to higher education should not be limited by financial constraints, and it is our goal to work closely with university administration and government officials to find sustainable solutions for lowering tuition. We will also work to increase transparency and accountability in the university budgeting process, so that students and families have a clear understanding of how their tuition dollars are being spent. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all students have equal access to a quality education and are able to succeed without incurring overwhelming debt.

I also hope to increase academic resources for our faculty, through more research funding and free tutoring. I plan to improve student engagement within the faculty by establishing more concrete peer mentorship programs, advocating for extended gym hours and more drop-in sports activities.

I am committed to representing the diverse needs of all students in the Faculty of Kinesiology, and I will work tirelessly to ensure that their voices are heard and addressed. I believe that every student should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, and I am dedicated to advocating for policies and initiatives that will help make this a reality.

Hello Kinesiology! My name is Jessie Dinh, and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to potentially represent you all again for the 2023-2024 year! Over the past year, I have had the privilege of collaborating with outstanding students and faculty members from kinesiology. With their guidance and your feedback, I was able to complete my most important initiatives: The Inclusive Gym and a KNES 363 PASS program. If elected, I would like to introduce a couple more projects that would further improve our remarkable faculty.

Academic Action

I have heard your valid concerns and understand the discontent. Classes in kinesiology have an inconsistent grading scale, and it can be argued that certain courses are scaled quite high. This potentially conflicts with other Canadian universities, which just so happens to be where you may be looking to apply for professional or graduate school. If elected, I would advocate towards a consistent GPA conversion scheme in all KNES courses.

Inclusive Action

The women’s weightlifting centre has been consistently fully booked and I have heard the struggles. While many of you have been eagerly taking advantage of the inclusive gym, I understand that not everyone is available at a same specific timeframe every week. If elected, I would work to provide more time slots, so that students could come in on more than just Wednesday and at more widely accessible times.

Keeping It Transparent

Many of you are curious about what updates the SU or university might have for students. It may be difficult to access this news and I seek to improve this experience for you. I would share consistent updates to tell you all what you deserve to know, which will provide the transparency that is essential in my service to you, the university stakeholders. With this, I will also offer regular opportunities where you may confidently share your comments or concerns.

Vote for Jessie Dinh from March 7-9! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my platform and for your consideration!

Instagram: Dinh4Kin


Law (1)

Hi Everyone! My name is Safaa Al-Khaz’Aly and I am running to be your Faculty of Law representative. 

As we have returned to a completely in-person course delivery, we have all felt the added pressure that comes with that, especially in a field like law. With that in mind, mental health is a priority for me. I will work with the SU, the University, and the Faculty of Law to ensure students have access to mental health programs, services and initiatives. I hope to bolster mental health awareness throughout our faculty by working with the Wellness Centre, Assist and the Faculty of Law to bring more accessible mental health services. In doing this, my plan includes ensuring access to counselling, drop-in peer support groups, stress-coping workshops, and mental health awareness campaigns. 

As a faculty that is built on collegiality and networks, I understand the importance of connecting with one another, not only for the sake of our personal communities as many students come from out-of-province, but also for our professional development. As such, I propose to host more student panels, with an aim at connecting first year students with upper year students. As well, I will work with the Faculty of Law to bring in practitioners and experts from the wider Canadian legal community to provide their expertise to our students. I will also liaise between the Faculty of Law and resource centres such as the Q Centre, Native Centre, Women’s Resource Centre, the Faith and Spirituality Centre and others to ensure these campus wide resources are available and accessible to law students. 

As your Faculty of Law Representative, I will work as a liaison between the Faculty of Law and the Student’s Union to ensure I am able to advocate for all of you! I will always maintain an open line of communication with students and members of the faculty. By working together, we can make this experience the best for our students! Vote Safaa Al-Khaz’Aly! 

Schulich School of Engineering (2)

Hello Schulich team!

My name is Abhari Limbu, and I am a third-year Biomedical Engineering Major. Since my time here at UCalgary, I have the opportunity to serve you as the 80th Students’ Union Schulich School of Engineering Faculty Representation, VP Communications for Relay for Life and VP Marketing for The Free Kicks Project. I am eager to continue my work to better the quality of life for students not only within the engineering faculty but also students in other disciplines school wide. My main focuses for this year include:

  1. Mental Health Advocacy:

Mental health is number one priority. As an avid supporter of selfcare, and wellness I hope to work towards making a concerted effort to spread mental health awareness so that we can work to de-stigmatize how we think about, approach, and identify topics surrounding mental health issues in our society. By working together, I want to introduce and build a foundation that respects, honors, and emphasizes the importance of good mental health for students at the University of Calgary.

  1. Tuition Transparency and Affordability:

With this year’s chaos surround the tuition increases, it was evident that students need and deserve to know about changes that directly impact them. As your representative, I hope to continue advocating for students to not only maintain reasonable tuition fees but also provide you with additional information and deconstruct tuition payments to provide full transparency on where and what these fees are being utilized for. Additionally, I aim to work alongside the faculty staff to provide more scholarships and bursaries that can be applied for.

  1. Academic Support:

There is a large number of students who struggle daily to maintain strong academic focus when balancing both their schoolwork and other important aspects of their lives such as extracurricular activities. My goal for the upcoming year is to relaunch the Engineering Mentorship Program that will promote the importance of having a healthy school-life balance. With a partnership with the ESS and SSC, I hope we can offer inclusive, student-centred services for both academic and non-academic support.

Vote #LIMBU4SU March 7-9!

Instagram: @limbu4su

Dear Dinos,

Fardeen Islam here, second-year Electrical Engineering student at Schulich School of Engineering. I’ll be running for your next SU Faculty Representative in the upcoming general election (Schulich School of Engineering). Being an international student, I have personally seen how a lack of financial aid, course availability, and mental health services  may affect a student’s personal and academic life. I think I’m qualified to represent students’ interests as the Schulich Representative at the University of Calgary, tackling pressing problems by building a channel of open dialogue between the institution and the students and coming up with innovative solutions.

My attention will be on:

More class availability:

As an Engineering student, you may have encountered situations in which you needed a course but were unable to obtain it owing to a shortage of space, affecting your graduation date. Furthermore, students in Engineering have a lot of Pre-Requisite courses that need to be offered during all operational semesters for the advantage of students so that they have more flexible schedules and focus on academics with a lot less strain.

Increased Grants and Bursaries:

Grants and bursaries can assist financially disadvantaged students, improving their job opportunities and general well-being. So, my goal is to work hard to help generate additional grants and bursaries for Engineering students in need of financial assistance. As a result, it can assist in overcoming financial constraints that may prohibit individuals from pursuing higher education and reaching their full potential.

Increased Mental Health sessions:

Students at the Schulich School of Engineering have always faced intense academic pressure, which can contribute to depression and other mental health difficulties. Furthermore, I will do many assessments to discover what exactly the students’ mental concerns are, which is eventually leading to mental health difficulties. Frequent one-on-one therapy sessions with counsellor, encourage and honor SU groups that deal with mental health, and foster an environment where nobody feels excluded or afraid to speak out.

It will be a privilege to be a voice for YOU as a Schulich Representative, and together we can ensure that our concerns are addressed.

Science (3)

Hey! My name is Ben Shi and I’m a 2nd-year neuroscience student running to be your Faculty of Science Representative. Let me start by asking a question: have you ever been cramming for your 3rd midterm of the week and, in a fit of despair, thought to yourself: what will I even do with this degree? Is it worth my declining mental health? Well, I know I certainly have. For those who have gone through something similar, I am running to be YOUR representative. If elected, I will focus on the three main factors: relevant career development, mental wellness, and campus infrastructure.

Career Development:

I think many of us have heard (or even made) a joke or two about the employability of an undergraduate science major. However, as these jokes become slightly less funny after each retelling, one begins to wonder: “What am I actually going to do post-graduation?” Therefore, I plan to give science students the tools to explore promising careers and become top applicants for exciting jobs. This includes:

  • Opportunities to gain industry-relevant experience
  • Hearing from professionals working in science-related fields
  • The ability to more easily find research opportunities
  • Connections with experienced alumni mentors

Mental Wellness:

Studying to pass a test, engaging in the school community, and paying attention in class: these are all important things to do… but also become incredibly difficult with poor mental health. Thus, in order to improve student mental wellness, I plan to:

  • Advocate on expanding easily obtainable or built-in deadline extensions
  • Grow mental health resource availability and recognizability
  • Organize stress-reducing events

Campus Infrastructure:

Finally, we can’t really learn if we don’t have the tools to do so. The campus internet, in particular, remains essential for the modern student experience and its inconsistency can prove frustrating at the best of times. As a representative, I will push for:

  • Stable internet
  • Quality workspaces

As a representative, I will welcome feedback as I serve in order to best improve your university experience. If these issues resonate with you, vote Ben Shi for Science Representative!

Hello! My name is Erica Peng, a fourth-year Computer Science and International Relations Combined Degree student. I am running to be your next Science Representative, and I will work hard to bring you a more enhanced educational experience by focusing on:

Transparency and Accessibility

As your Science Representative, I will ensure clear and effective communication between the students and the faculty staff. I plan to accomplish this objective by doing the following:

  • Conduct faculty-wide surveys where students’ opinions will directly reach the Representatives.
  • Organize Mid-term Science Townhall where you can ask questions and raise concerns to the faculty staff.
  • Provide Academic Program Updates to students prior to the end of the academic year on changes in course requirements (prerequisites, anti-requisite) and added/removed courses for the next academic year.

Learning opportunities

Science programs are known for their high workload and packed schedule. However, learning takes place not just in the classroom. I aim to enrich everyone’s learning experience by pushing the Faculty to achieve the following:

  • Offer evening and online classes during spring and summer terms, so students have more flexibility in their summer schedule, whether that be working, researching, travelling, or just visiting families outside Calgary.
  • Increase funding for research, internship, and international study programs.
  • Initiate an annual Science Undergraduate Research Journal where students can showcase their research works and learn scientific-editing skills.

Academic-Advising Capacity

Science Programs have specific graduation requirements that need to be fulfilled, making course schedule planning stressful at times. However, the Undergraduate Science Centre (USC) is always packed during course registration, and the Academic Requirement Report on My U of C is hard to navigate. For our Faculty to better assist students, I will ask the USC to provide students with the following:

  • program-specific graduation requirements checklists by the end of a student’s third year.
  • Designated drop-in sessions for academic progress checks, separated from the general registration question line-ups.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me at, and don’t forget to vote Erica Peng for Science Representative on March 7th to 9th!

My name is Eyerusalem Tadese and I am running to be your Faculty of Science representative. As a 4th-year Biological Science student, I can relate to the challenges and opportunities that come with studying in this intense field. As your personal representative, I would work tirelessly to ensure that every Science student has better access to the  following three key areas: scholarship funding, research and experiential learning opportunities, and mental health support.

First, I intend on increasing the number of scholarship opportunities for students in the Faculty of Science. In light of the increasing cost of tuition, students (like myself) have had to

increase their part-time work schedules to fund their studies, which can negatively affect their academic performance. As a critical part of my campaign, I am already working on a Quality Money application that will work to help Science students who are currently facing financial challenges.

Second, I believe that we need to rapidly increase research and experiential learning opportunities for students in the Faculty of Science. The hands-on experience that comes with research and experiential learning is invaluable, and it can give us the skills and knowledge that we’ll need to succeed in our future careers. By working with the Career Centre and the Co-op office, I am determined to connect Science students with more of these vital opportunities to put our knowledge into practice.

Finally, I think tailored mental health support for our student body has been overlooked for far too long. The demands of our coursework and research can be overwhelming, and many of us are struggling to cope. By working with my fellow Science reps and the Wellness Centre, I plan on hosting monthly de-stress sessions in popular study spaces within our Faculty. In doing so, we can help to ensure that all students have the right support they need to succeed both mentally and academically.

I am dedicated to investing in scholarships, research opportunities, and mental health support that can elevate your post-secondary journey as a Science student.

Hey everyone! My name is Navid Ghaderi, I’m a 3rd year Neuroscience student, and I’m running to be your Faculty of Science Representative for the 2023-2024 school year! Throughout my academic career, I have noticed that some of the struggles that students go through get lost amongst other agenda items before being addressed. As your Faculty of Science Representative, I will advocate for your interests, provide resources to become a better student, and enhance your academic experiences along the way.

Awards, Scholarships, and Bursaries:

Although our university provides an expansive list of financial opportunities, it is still a very difficult process to be recognized for your achievements or needs. I aim to take advantage of the SU Quality Money Program and other forms of external investment to create awards, scholarships, and bursaries with broader criterions. These opportunities will be developed with the intent to reach a larger demographic of students in the Faculty of Science, especially those who are underrepresented.

Career Development Opportunities:

All students deserve to enrich their educational experience and explore their academic career options. I aim to ensure that this opportunity is equally accessible for everyone. Through collaboration with faculty and field professionals, I will create networking events and workshops catered for students to explore all aspects of their interests through questions and feedback. Additionally, I will promote existing opportunities in research and develop new methods to inform students on the process of how to get involved.

Mental Health Support:

Unfortunately, some students are unaware of the resources that the university offers for mental wellness, or may be afraid to ask for help. I aim to work with the Wellness Services to promote and expand existing mental health, suicide prevention, and substance abuse services through a variety of mediums. Additionally, I will work towards destigmatizing mental health issues on campus to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Your mental wellness should never be neglected.

Thank you so much for reading my platform. I am absolutely confident that together, we can create the necessary changes to benefit all students!

Vote Navid Ghaderi for Science Representative!

Social Work (1)

I’m a 3rd year BSW student who wants to work in in death, dying, and bereavement. I’m passionate about helping others. I first graduated from University of Calgary in 2010 with a BA in Cultural Anthropology. I’m so happy to be back, having returned after spending the last 10 years working in victim services where I used my skills to advocate for others and provide support during crisis. I look forward to bringing those same skills to the table here as I listen to concerns raised by my colleagues and bring them forward. I come from a strengths based, anti-oppressive, and systems approach and I hope to use these skills and values as a representative of the Social Work Faculty. I also will bring our professional social work values with me as I address your concerns with the Faculty of Social Work and the greater community at the University of Calgary. I hope to also raise up the voices of my fellow students to make our campus community a safe and welcoming place for all. Please don’t hesitate to stop me and say hi, ask a question, or share a fun fact!

Werklund School of Education (1)

My name is Elsa Stokes, and I am a candidate for the Students’ Union 81st Werklund School of Education Faculty Representative. I am entering my third year of the concurrent Education/French program.

I am passionate about improving the quality of life of Werklund students. I have worked towards creating more social and professional-development opportunities for Education students, through my work with the Education Students’ Association, for which I am currently the Vice President of Community Engagement.

To Continue

There is plenty of “Werk,” that our current Representative, Dhwani Joshi, has undertaken to support the faculty. I strongly agree with these undertakings and plan to keep them in place as the next Faculty Representative. Some of these undertakings include:

  • Distribution of de-stress kits
  • Keeping up-to-date news and resources circulating on the Werklund Instagram
  • Spreading awareness about the U of C Teaching Across Borders program.
  • Informing Werklund students about upcoming events and resources that will aid in the maintenance of mental health and burnout prevention, such as Pet Therapy, and Wayback Wednesday.
  • Creation of a resource bank for Education students, which will include Indigenous Education Resources, LGBTQ+ Resources, and materials to support students doing field work with special-needs students.

New Items

  • Making Werklund students aware of the international opportunities that await them, via the creation of an International Teaching Opportunities Resource Bank, which will be a living document, available to any Werklund student upon request, containing contact information, and more, of international schools and teaching programs.
  • Strengthening the link between the Werklund faculty, and the Education Students’ Association. This will mean increasing ESA memberships among Werklund students and keeping them aware of upcoming ESA events, both social and professional-development
  • Long-term action item: Werklund alumni symposium, comprising Werklund graduates in a wide range of career pursuits, discussing their day-to-day work life, and how they implement what they learned during their BEd degrees into their careers. This will allow Werklund students to further understand the versatility of the BEd degree.

Board of Governors – Student at Large (1)

Hi Dinos!

My name is Arafatul Mamur, and I am on my fourth year studying Software Engineering at the Schulich School of Engineering. I am running to be your next SU Board of Governors Representative. As an international student I have experienced first-hand how lack of financial support and mental health resources can impact a student’s personal and study life. Currently, I am the President of Bengali Students Society and a former exec of leadership development Forum Bangladesh, I believe I have what it takes to be the voice of students at the Ucalgary Board of Governors Representative and deal with important issues by creating a bridge of transparent communication between the university and us and coming up with innovative solutions.

My focus will be:

Reduce the Tuition Fees and bring a stop in the Tuition Fee Hike.

As an International student, the increased tuition fee has made the academic life and financial situation of the students terrible. It is not affecting the International students only, it has a similar affect on the Canadian students as well. I will work fully on making the tuition fee reasonable and a proper installment option, which will give the students an ease and help them focus on their studies. Providing options where students can take courses even their fee is pending for previous semester.

Increased mental health awareness and resources.

Creating an opportunity to connect with peers, make friends but also opportunities for those who like to do tasks alone. I will support, uplift and recognize SU Mental health related clubs and create a community where no one will feel left-out or fearful of speaking up.

Increased Grants and Bursaries

I will work relentlessly to help create new grants and bursaries for those in desperate need. Bringing bursaries every semester Fall & Winter so that it help students. Providing financial aids to students based on financial state.

As a Board of Governors Representative, it will be an honour to be a voice for YOU and together, we can make sure our concerns are heard! Thank you so much!

Hello everyone, I am Taimur Akhtar and I am running for the position of Student Representative on the University of Calgary Board of Governors. I am passionate about advocating for students and making sure their voices are heard at the highest level. My experience as a student leader has equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary to make a real difference for students.

Affordability and Government Cuts

I understand the financial struggles that students face and the impact that rising tuition has on their lives. As a member of the Board of Governors, I will fight against any further cuts to the Campus Operating Grant and stand up against any unjust tuition hikes. I will also advocate for the use of advanced metrics to ensure that any future fee increases are transparent and accountable to students.

Student Safety and Wellbeing

I believe that every student deserves to feel safe and supported on campus. I will work with the Board of Governors to ensure that there is more significant support and funding for sexual violence support and resources for students in need. I will also advocate for improvements to campus security to ensure that immediate safety concerns are addressed promptly.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

I am committed to promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion at the University of Calgary. I will introduce policy to ensure that the university stays consistent in its stance on important community issues and provides learning opportunities for staff and students.

Tuition Reinvestment Bursary

I support the continuation and expansion of the Tuition Reinvestment Bursary as a means of providing support to students in need. I will fight for its development to ensure that students receive the help they deserve.

For more information on my campaign, please contact me @

I am ready and eager to serve as your student representative on the University of Calgary Board of Governors.

Senate (2)

Hello UCalgary! My name is Aly Samji, and I am running to be your representative on the University of Calgary Senate. Over the past few years, I have had the honour to serve students through the capacity of an executive in my faculty association, the 78th Haskayne Students’ Union Representative, the founding President of the Haskayne Wellness Society, the interim 79th Senate representative, as well as the 80th Vice President Operations and Finance of the Students’ Union.

I have developed a thorough understanding of the workings of the university and its functional groups as well as have established good standing relationships with members of administration. Most importantly, I have developed a strong relationship with students, being fastidious in the learning of their concerns and working to ensure that they are addressed.

If elected, I hope to pursue the following goals:


  • Through increasing awareness of the Senate, I hope to provide students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful ways, aiding students in their academic and career development goals through mentorship with the senators.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility         

  • Representation:
    • I will raise awareness of the immense struggles that students are made to face daily. Food insecurity, neurodivergency support, mental and physical health, systemic discrimination, among other pain points, must be brought to the forefront of discussion and action within bodies such as the Senate.
  • Scholarship/Bursaries:
    • As tuition continues to increase at unprecedented rates, I will advocate for the creation of increased scholarships and bursaries to be made available to students.


  • Historically, Senate representatives have existed at arm’s length from the Students’ Union, leading to individuals acting within a silo and failing to be held to the same standards of accountability as other student leaders.
    • I hope to correct this through the implantation of new reporting mechanisms through which student-at-large representatives can communicate effectively with the campus community.

If elected, I hope to prioritize the establishment of strong student voices on the senate for years to come, ensuring that YOU are fully represented!

Vote Aly Samji for Senate Representative! #Samji4Senate

Hello, fellow UCalgary students! 

My name is Reeana Tazreean (she/her), and I am located on the traditional territories of the Blackfoot, Treaty 7, and Métis peoples. I would like to thank the Indigenous peoples for the privilege of working, learning, and living here in Mohkinstsis. 

I am in my 3rd-year of BHSc Health & Society with a concentration in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies. 

I have been a part of numerous SU working groups, including the Undergraduate Research Symposium and the Teaching Excellence Awards committees, and I served as your 80th Cumming School of Medicine Faculty Representative. Through my involvement with UNICEF Canada as a Youth Advocate and a Public Relations Intern, I have learned that in order to be a good advocate, you must listen to the concerns of those around you and directly involve them in the initiatives you plan. 

Here is what I intend to do for you: 

  1. Fight against tuition spikes through strategic advocacy initiatives based on the quality of post-secondary education that students are currently receiving. 
  2. Promote and improve student wellness resources by assessing effectiveness. 
  3. Through consultation, foster an environment of transparency, equity and accessibility for all aspects of student life at the university. 
  4. Further, develop relationships with the community and external organizations that beenfit the university. 

Want a guarantee that your voices and concerns will be heard and addressed? 

Vote Reeana Tazreean for your Senate Rep! 


The following positions are declared VACANT at the close of Nomination Days and will not appear on the ballot:

  • Faculty of Arts Representative (2)
  • Schulich School of Engineering Representative (1)
  • Faculty of Nursing Representative (1)
  • Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Representative (1)