Election Documents


The Official Nomination Package for the SU Election (with the forms) is available online once the Notice of Nomination has been posted. The package contains the SU Elections Policy, which describes the rules for the SU Election from the nomination to appeals process and the Elections Manual which contains specific procedures, guidelines, and forms for the current SU Election. All potential candidates and their volunteer teams must familiarize themselves with the contents of these documents. Candidates will be held accountable for their own and their volunteer team’s breach or infraction of any rules and procedures. Accordingly, it is strongly suggested that each candidate make their respective campaign teams fully aware of the election rules and their importance.

  • Candidates are also highly encouraged to familiarize themselves with the SU Union Bylaws.
  • Individuals wishing to make a complaint about the Election may fill out the form below and email it to elections@su.ucalgary.ca.


The Official 2024 General Election Nomination Package is now available for download if MS Word and PDF formats.


Other Election Forms and Documents

Elections Calendar

Important dates for the upcoming SU Election can be found in the Elections Calendar. Dates for each election are tentative until the official Nomination Package is released along with the Notice of Nomination.