2022 By-Election Candidates


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2022 By-Election

The 2022 SU By-Election will take place October 12, 13, and 14 via online and in-person ballot. Below are the platforms for each candidate appearing on the ballot.

A referendum vote will also appear on the ballot. More information on the referendum can be found on the /elections page.


Vice President External

[subheader]Jagat Inder Singh Chahal[/subheader]

Hello UCalgary!! My name is Jagat Inder Singh Chahal, I am running to be your VP External. I promise to advocate for affordable education and better representation of the student voices at all levels of government. I will make sure to use my position in the SU to make some significant changes, to make the university experience better for you. The three goals WE HAVE (Me and You All):

  1. Strongly oppose tuition increase, to keep the tuition cost as low as possible. The financial stress that a student goes through also has a detrimental effect on the studies and it is not acceptable. I promise to oppose the skyrocketing tuition fees, and to reduce the rate at which the tuition is increased every year. I will also make all the needed efforts to bring more scholarship opportunities to relieve the students of financial stress, making sure the scholarships/bursaries/financial aids are set up in such a way that anyone and everyone can apply for them.
  2. Study to stay visa for international students. I promise to advocate for a study to stay program in Alberta. This will make it easier for all my fellow international students to get a permanent residency without many hassles. I also promise to advocate for more internship opportunities for everyone so that we can have some valuable experience before graduating.
  3. Exceptionally good mental well-being resources. I will make sure that attention is paid to the mental well-being resources on campus. It is necessary for students to have good mental health so that they can focus on themselves and their careers. Therefore, I will make sure that the campus has phenomenal mental well-being resources.

I would love to hear about what you think I could do to make the university better. Please email me at jagat.chahal@ucalgary.ca and search me up on Instagram so that WE CAN WORK TOGETHER!!

Remember to vote for JAGAT INDER SINGH CHAHAL on October 12th-14th.



It’s all for us and not only me!!

[subheader]Mateusz Salmassi[/subheader]

Hi UCalgary students! I’m Mateusz Salmassi, a 4th year international student in psychology, and I am excited to run to be your Vice-President External. I bring grassroots organizing and institutional advocacy experience to this role, and I have built relationships on campuses across Alberta through fighting tuition hikes and budget cuts. I took a lead role in defeating the bookstore privatization, organizing the first student strike in Alberta, and responding to the student food insecurity crisis.

My advocacy priorities for all levels of government:


  1. Under our study permits, international students should be:
    1. eligible for Canada Summer Jobs.
    2. able to work for more than 20 hours per week.
    3. eligible for co-op placements without a secondary permit.
  2. Maintain the 2020-2021 doubling of Canada Student Grant maximum from $3,000 to $6,000.
  3. Advocate that the federal government invest $10 million annually into a pilot program providing grants for the development of more Open Educational Resources (OERs), creating greater access to free textbooks.


  1. Execute an aggressive Get Out the Vote campaign for the 2023 provincial election.
    1. Guarantee on-campus voting stations.
  2. Fight provincial budget cuts and tuition hikes
    1.  Build a provincial campaign to pressure the Alberta government
      1. Organize student strikes to create real political leverage,
      2. Partner with student faculty associations and staff unions, and
      3. Increase media pressure on the government alongside Alberta SUs.
    2. Policy demands:
      1. Re-implement 2019 tuition freeze,
      2. Reverse the $700 million in cuts,
      3. increase funding to postsecondary,
      4. Cancel performance-based funding models,
      5. Bring back tuition tax credits and Alberta Grants, and
      6. Forgive provincial student debt.


  1. Fight the housing crisis, support tenants’ groups in advocating for:
    1. Rent control.
    2. Establishment of landlord licensing, ensuring livable and safe conditions.
    3. Conversion of vacant units into emergency housing; expand affordable housing units.
    4. Cap ownership of rental units.
    5. Tax vacant units and out-of-province property buyers.
  2. Work with stakeholders, community associations, and the city to invest in food security and urban agriculture initiatives allowing students to access quality food throughout Calgary.

[subheader]Arlington Antonio Santiago[/subheader]

If you think education is expensive, imagine the cost of ignorance. Arlington Antonio Santiago is my name, and I’m a fifth-year Political Science and Law & Society double major with a Sociology minor. We must take control of our destiny by fighting for affordable-accessible, and high-quality post-secondary education to build a transformative democracy that results in a sustainable, innovative society that will achieve environmental intersectional justice.

To fight tuition increases and improve our post-secondary

education funding structure.

  1. Fighting tuition increases entails more equitable disbursement by advocating for an increase in grants proportional to loans, comparable to other provinces, with the goal of transitioning to a 50:50 funding model for grants and loans.
  1. Fight to have the Performance-Based Funding cancelled. Postsecondary institutions are increasingly subjected to corporate control over which programmes are offered and which research is funded.
  1. Engage with student lobbies to create a national strategy for high quality affordable accessible post-secondary education. Federal government’s transfer to provinces directly for post-secondary education. For example, in 1992-1993, federal government transfers accounted for 0.41% of our GDP; in 2018-19, they accounted for only 0.19%.

To elevate our campus mental health and student wellness, we need Government investment and commitment to increase student engagement.

  1. Breaking down barriers to accessible mental health support by directly subsidising the upfront cost of regular mental health services for post-secondary students. Increasing counselling sessions for student therapy provided through a community and diverse culturally appropriate support.
  1. With the financial support of both the provincial and federal governments, collaborate with students and other student organisations to develop and implement affordable student housing and food security programme strategies.

To increase our professional development and economic stability; we need to expand our access to well-funded internships

  1. Lobbying the provincial government to become an active investor and value creator through student empowerment because we are the pillars of innovation and the driving force behind a diverse, sustainable economy.
  1. Creating economic employment opportunities for students prior to graduation is critical for making valuable career connections and professional development in their fields.


Haskayne School of Business

[subheader]Matthew Rowbottom[/subheader]

Hello everyone!

My name is Matthew Rowbottom. I am in my 3rd year at the Haskayne School of Business with a concentration in Finance. I seek to become your Haskayne Faculty Representative in the upcoming SU election. I grew up on an Alberta farm; I have a passion for learning new things and experiencing life to the fullest. My university experience includes involvement as a Senior Project Assistant within the HSA, Assistant Captain of my intramural hockey team, and assorted club memberships. I believe I have a lot to contribute to this role, and I intend to put forth my utmost effort within the position.

Increased Tuition Transparency and Awareness of Changes

One of the biggest issues facing Haskayne students is the lack of communication around tuition. As Haskayne students, we pay for many items such as “differential payments”. These payments amount to approximately $200 per Haskayne course. My goal is to better communicate what these payments are and the programs they provide for students. I want to investigate our tuition and ensure students have a say on whether the components are genuinely beneficial. In the future, we deserve to receive well-communicated information prior to seeing expenses tagged onto our tuition receipts.

Increased Program Engagement

Another important issue that requires awareness is an increased usage of the programs our tuition covers. There are many beneficial programs we already pay for that few students know about. The BOLD program is a good example of an opportunity that could be better advertised. Through my strong interpersonal skills, I will act as a conduit to properly communicate resources to better the student experience.

If you ever see me around campus, I always like to hear your concerns and ideas. Connections are an important part of our faculty. You can find me at most events, and I am always open to a conversation. Together we will enhance the student experience on campus.

Feel free to contact me at matthew.rowbottom@ucalgary.ca.

[subheader]Aly Samji[/subheader]

Hello Haskayne! My name is Aly Samji, I am a fifth-year business major and am running to be your faculty representative on the Students’ Union.

I have had the honour to serve you as Vice-President Student Life of the HSA, Haskayne’s Ambassador on the UCalgary mental health alliance, 78th Haskayne Students’ Union representative, a founding member of the Haskayne first-year mentorship program, as well as a senator at UCalgary. It was through these roles that I was able, not only to pioneer a myriad of programs and advocacy efforts for and on behalf of students, but also develop valuable skills and insights that will aid me in representing you this year. I take the time to listen and as such have based my goals around your feedback:

Accessibility – Financial and Educational 

It is vital that advocacy is performed, encouraging the Haskayne faculty toward the use of Open Educational Resources and away from exorbitantly priced textbooks.

I plan to work closely with the Neurodiversity Support Advisor and Student Accessibility Services to ensure students are familiar with their support and services and are provided with equal opportunities to excel academically and beyond.

Mental Health Advocacy

As an avid supporter of wellness, I have found success in spearheading the creation of countless events and programs such as the Wellness Roundtable and the Haskayne Wellness Society. I hope to continue my work this year by partnering with the HSA, CUS, as well as other student organizations to ensure the perpetuation of strong wellness champions for students for years to come.

Financial Transparency

I have been presented evidence of confusion surrounding the differential fee as well as the opaque communications students have received regarding the topic. Deconstructing this fee and providing students transparency of how this fee and others are being utilized by the institution, will enable our advocacy to guide the use of said funds toward more tangible benefits for students.

I am committed to making change and am confident that I will be able to achieve it through my dedication to the service of my fellow students.

Vote ALY SAMJI on October 12-14!


Faculty of Kinesiology

[subheader]Brandon Chiew[/subheader]

To my fellow kinesiology students,

As your student union representative, I hope to make your experience in the #1 North American sports science school the best it possibly can. Since I am currently in my 4th year, I believe I have the experience to understand the needs of our faculty’s student body. My 2 goals would be to help lay the groundwork for increased scholarship funding and job programs.

To begin, scholarships are dry in kinesiology despite being the best sport science school in North America. Why is this? Many public scholarships need a source of funding, yet these sources are drying up faster than students running away from KNES 363. My solution would be to begin looking at private donations through companies and alumni. This would give the corporations hefty tax breaks while students would benefit from the scholarship.

From personal experience, I know we produce the brightest, most enthusiastic kinesiology students in all of North America. Why is it that we don’t get the top end job offers despite being the top faculty? As your representative, I would investigate creating relationships between companies that you want to work for and the University. Ideally, we would have a wide range of companies that boost your resume, whether the ultimate goal is CSEP, medical school, strength training pro hockey players, or graduate school.

To close, I envision U of C kinesiology as being the top sport science school in North America while still being affordable for students and providing opportunities for its undergraduates to succeed in whatever their path is. I will work hard to lay the groundwork for programs that will ultimately help kinesiology students in their undergraduate degree and beyond.

You are always welcome to give me suggestions. Email me at brandon.chiew@ucalgary.ca or come find me on campus! I’m the one with the neon green backpack so I’m never too hard to find.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the polls soon.


Brandon Chiew

[subheader]Jessie Dinh[/subheader]

Hey Kinesiology! My name is Jessie Dinh, and I am extremely excited for the possibility of serving all of you once again for this 2022-2023 year! Throughout my time as a student in the Kinesiology community, I have had the privilege of meeting many of your remarkableselves. Throughout my previous term, I have had meaningful conversations with Kinesiology staff and students which has allowed me to compile a list of initiatives that, if elected, I hope to continue and complete this year. It is of utmost importance that Kinesiology students are heard but moreover, action is taken against these issues.

Action towards Inclusivity

One of the most common student concerns is the lack of inclusive fitness spaces for individuals to engage in physical activity. Not only is this an issue within Kinesiology, but it pertains to everybody on campus! If elected, I would like to continue working towards an inclusive gym space where women, members of the LGBTQIA2S+, and anyone who may feel uncomfortable using the main Fitness Centre can exercise their rights to exercise!

Action towards Academic Support

KNES 363. I am aware of the struggle. If elected, I will work closely with the Associate Academic Dean, in reviewing the course curriculum and work towards a higher success rate. I will monitor the feedback of the course following the new PASS Session implementation and provide this information to the faculty for further improvement. I will also work with the KSS to provide tutoring opportunities for all KNES courses.

Action towards Mental Health

Many students have reported extreme stress, and do not know where to turn for help. If elected, I will promote different programs and services offered throughout the university every week to provide all students an opportunity to de-stress. Student wellness is one of my priorities and it is important for all students to be aware of what is offered to take advantage of the benefits. In addition, I will advocate for more mental health support throughout Kinesiology.

Do you want to know more about my platform? Contact me at:

Email: jessie.dinh@ucalgary.ca

Instagram: Dinh4Kin


Schulich School of Engineering

[subheader]Jacob Artuso[/subheader]

Hello, I’m Jacob Artuso, a fourth year software engineering student. I’m hoping to represent engineering students as SU Engineering Representative. I’ve had the privilege of talking to many engineering students over the past week about issues they’ve been facing and many of the discussions I’ve had led to a few key topics. I’d like the opportunity to address these issues as Eng Rep.

Tuition and Affordability

Recently Engineering students have seen large tuition increases, with the price for new domestic students rising around 30% in only one year and current domestic and international students facing increases of up to 10%. These increases show no signs of slowing, and many are already struggling with rising costs of living. It’s unreasonable to expect students to maintain a budget and plan for their future when tuition changes year after year, as such it is critical to prevent any further increases in tuition for students. I’m hoping to work with the faculty to create a plan that works for students long term.

Flexible Grading for Engineers

Engineering students are not able to request flexible grading (CR/F) for any course applicable to their degree. After COVID, many other faculties kept CR/F in some capacity, reducing mental strain on their students. For Engineers, it was not so. I’m hoping to rectify that. While engineering is a professional faculty which must adhere to strict standards, as a software engineering student, a course taken which is not particularly relevant to my degree, for example CHEM 209, should not necessarily have a permanent effect on my GPA. Engineering is stressful, but I’m hoping to find a solution which can alleviate stress for engineering students.

Representation and Accountability

Currently, while engineering SU reps have a seat on the Engineering faculty council, they have no vote. I hope to change this, aligning the Faculty of Engineering with other faculties such as the Faculty of Science. It is important to increase student responsibility in decision making at the faculty level as to increase accountability and ensure student views are not compromised.

Vote Jacob Artuso for Eng Rep!

[subheader]Abhari Limbu[/subheader]

As an avid participant in several communities in our city, I strive to the best role model and inspiration I can be for other individuals who share the same mission and interests as me. Our school has an incredible academic program and a very diverse community. Thus, why we have so many academic gifted and committed students. However, within those students, there is a large number of students who struggle daily to maintain their schoolwork and focus with other important aspects of their lives. I personally understand the daily struggles students in engineering and other major faculties face worldwide. Between keeping up with invasive schoolwork, having a social life, working, and committing to other extracurricular activities, finding a good balance within those responsibilities can be a challenge. This experience was truly eye opening for me as it saved me, my future, and lead me to the success I have achieved till this day. Now, I am more than able to construct a schedule in which I can balance and hold myself accountable for all my responsibilities while maintaining my mental health state. As to why I would like the position is because by being in a leadership position, my goal is to not only be able to promote the importance of having a healthy lifestyle but also to advocate and give guidance to students so that they have an opportunity to find their own rhythm and maintain that relationship with school without having to go through the struggles that I did. I believe that because I can relate to so many other students, I am able to build strong rapport, gain trust, give guidance, be a support system so that I can ultimately be someone they can reply on and look up to making me a strong candidate for this position.


Board of Governors Student-at-Large

[subheader]Muntaha Aamir[/subheader]

Hello UCalgary, my name is Muntaha Aamir, and I am running to be your next Board of Governors Student Representative! If Elected I will work to do the following with the Board of Governors

Student Safety and Wellbeing

Making Campus Safer, and more accessible is one aspect I will work on with the Board of

Governors, to do this, I will advocate for

  1. Greater support and funding for Sexual Violence Support, and the Sexual Violence Support Team
  1. Improvements to Campus Security to ensure that immediate safety concerns are resolved quickly
  1. Resources in place for students needing to escape difficult, or abusive situations at home, to ensure that such students have alternative housing options, funding opportunities or more.

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

Every student deserves to feel heard, included, and happy with their peers. With the help of the Board I will introduce policy to the university to ensure that

  1. UCalgary’s statements on the surrounding issues in our community stay consistent, and do not contradict motions that affect other students- especially those that stem from generational trauma.
  1. There will be more learning opportunities for staff and students in a way that will allow for easy and unrestricted conversation between our peers at the university.

And additionally

  1. To be on the forefront of the proposed Presidential EDI task-force in collaboration with the Office of Indigenous Affairs


With the cost of living increasing dramatically for students, I will discuss the following with the board

  1. Increasingly more students are facing issues regarding food security. At the BoG, I will work to ensure that healthy, and affordable options are available to students on Campus.
  1. If elected to the BoG, I will ensure that the issue of rising Tuition due to Provincial Cuts is heard, and ensure adequate student consultation is done in order that solutions are found on a Board level
  1. I will work with the Board so that concerns around Transparency with Residency are heard, and advocate for greater support to be given to students with off campus housing.

[subheader]Renzo Pereyra[/subheader]

Hello everyone! My name is Renzo Pereyra, and I am running to continue serving as your student representative on the University of Calgary Board of Governors. Just last year, I had the privilege of serving as your 79th SU VP Academic in which I proudly championed the values of affordability and accessibility so that all students can receive a quality education. Having recently been nominated to serve as your interim representative on the Board of Governors, I have spent much of the last few months building new relationships at the Board level to ensure that students have allies on our side when it matters most. My past experience, pre-existing relationships with the relevant university stakeholders and background in economics and political science well position me to be an active board member from day 1 on behalf of all students. Here are my commitments to you:


There’s no sugar-coating our current reality: students are paying more and receiving less. Tuition has gone up for consecutive years as a direct result of provincial cuts to the Campus Operating Grant. If elected, I will fight tooth and nail to oppose any further cuts from being placed on the backs of students.

I will also advocate for the use of advanced metrics to ensure that there are specific and measurable targets in place for any future fee increases. Bottom line: if students pay more, there needs to be data in place to ensure their money is being accounted for.

Student-Centred Future Direction of UCalgary

As the Eyes High Strategic Plan is sunset in 2022, the process for a new University strategy is set to unfold.  During this process, I will ensure that student voices are at the forefront of these conversations and uphold a particular emphasis towards ensuring that students in equity-deserving groups are able to shape the future direction of our institution. This includes a focus towards flexible future focused programming, enhancing experiential learning opportunities, and unleashing UCalgary as a leader in EDIA amongst our peer institutions.

For more information on my campaign, please contact renzo.pereyra@ucalgary.ca or visit my Instagram page @pereyra4bog.