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By-Election 2023 Candidate Platforms

Online voting will take place on the 11th, 12th, and 13th days of October 2023 through Student Centre. Voting opens at 9 a.m. on October 11th and closes at 4 p.m. on October 13th, 2023.

All University of Calgary undergraduate students registered in these faculties: Arts, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, and Schulich School of Engineering in the Fall 2023 session are eligible to vote.

Faculty of Arts Candidates - 2 Positions Available

  • Hey Arts Students!

    My name is Naomie Bakana, and I’d like to serve our vibrant student community as your Student Union Arts Representative! As a fourth-year sociology student, specializing in Gender, Family, and Work, I’m here to be your voice. You deserve a champion who won’t stop fighting for you, and here’s a glimpse of what I’ve got in store as your representative:

    Enhancing Scholarships Opportunities: In a time where the cost of education continues to rise, the financial struggles of aspiring students cannot be ignored. I have already began addressing this issue through the development of a Quality Money application that targets students who face severe financial barriers to accessing their post-secondary studies. Additionally, I aim to promote various university-funded scholarships through different workshops that notify students of available funding opportunities. Arts students should be recognized for their incredible work.

    Supporting your Academic and Professional Development: Another goal of mine is to establish an outreach committee with the Faculty of Arts Students Association (FASA) that is dedicated to engaging with marginalized students on campus. The purpose of this committee will be to identify research opportunities, internships, and relevant mental health supports that are useful to our Arts community. These opportunities will be disseminated through monthly newsletters, social media engagement posts, and workshops in collaboration with University offices on campus. I believe that this outreach will not only benefit underrepresented students on campus but also contribute to diversity and inclusion in SU and SLC committees. Together, we’ll elevate our Arts community.

    Promoting Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: The SU represents a growing number of diverse students. As an Arts Representative, I would offer to sit on the Faculty of Arts Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion committee in order to integrate anti-racist values into our decision-making processes. I will ensure that the SU and the SLC acknowledges the value of “EDI” values in their decision making. This elevates the voices of marginalized students in spaces that have traditionally excluded them.

    Your voice matters! Remember to vote on October 11-13. Reach out with any questions at #NaomieForArtsRep

  • Hello fellow arts students! My name is Jonathan Barazzutti, and I am running to be your next Faculty of Arts Representative.

    As an arts student, I strive to give back to this community that I am a part of. In this pursuit, I have developed a three-point platform to empower students and ensure our needs are better advocated for and met.

    1. Tuition Costs

    For decades, our university administration has been raising tuition costs for ordinary students. Meanwhile, according to this year’s financial statement, the university has over $1.7 billion in accumulated surplus — enough to pay for every student’s tuition until graduation. It is time that we empower students to advocate for more fiscal responsibility from the university to drive down tuition costs, which is why I support:

    • Greater financial transparency and impact assessment by the university to see where our money is going and how it impacts students;
    • The introduction of an SU subcommittee to investigate the university’s budget priorities and practices.
    1. Budgetary Autonomy

    If we have the budget in the hands of students, we can better assert where our money should be. Rather than increasing our spending due to administrative bloat, we can focus on issues that matter to students, such as:

    • Student mental health;
    • Student food security; and
    • Arts student research opportunities
    1. Diversity and expression

    As art students, we know the importance of learning about new cultures and perspectives. That is why we need to further develop a culture on campus that holds these things as sacred, advocating for:

    • Ensuring that cultural diversity and diversity of thought/experience are sought after in arts faculty hiring processes;
    • Pushing for an SU statement ensuring they will seek to protect freedom of expression on campus.

    With these policies, we arts students can assert and fulfill our needs as we continue our educational journeys. Thank you for your time — and remember, vote for Jonathan Barazzutti!

  • My name is Sheroog Kubur, a 3rd year political science student and I’m looking forward to running as your Faculty of Arts representative in the upcoming by-election! The issues I plan to address are a result of poor social circumstances and a poor response from the university. As a Faculty of Arts representative, I seek to be the voice of arts students — asking the questions and getting the answers that will make this faculty function the way it is meant to.

    As your Faculty of Arts representative, I will be prioritizing:

    Advocacy for all students:

    It is no secret that tuition hikes have been happening at an exorbitant rate. My goal to address this issue is to empower students to take action against the hikes themselves. The government and university have shown no interest in stopping the hikes anytime soon, so I plan to collaborate with department associations and organizations to organize and mobilize students in their departments to take direct action against the hikes. As a student body, with the right tools and support, we can fight tuition hikes as a collective.

    Internal support from the higher ups:

    The Faculty of Arts is one of the largest departments in the university, housing thousands of students passionate about their studies and craft. My role is to give a voice to the students. I intend on putting pressure on the university administration to address academic issues and take tangible actions towards addressing them. Issues concerning how they plan for students to complete their degrees and have access to the opportunities to help them break into their careers when the course selection is unstable and lacklustre. Or how enrollment consistently increases without a change in the number of seats offered for each class. Or how students can have faith that their faculty prioritizes the students over how much money they give them.

    I look forward to representing you this upcoming year! I can be reached at for any questions or concerns.

  • Hi guys! It’s time to bring common sense solutions to the Faculty of Arts. My name is Mohammad Arhaam Mukati; a fifth year International Relations and Poli-Sci student. In the last four years, I’ve been in over twenty student clubs, five larger Calgarian organizations, and have experienced working around the world in thirteen countries. I’m confident that I will do my absolute best to represent our faculty’s needs and would be honoured to represent you.

    Let’s be honest here; there are many SIMPLE solutions to our needs as Arts students. Not only will we fight to make sure that our concerns are represented- but I will lead our department to finally be the voice we deserve.

    Firstly- we must fix the crisis of Arts student’s not being able to graduate on time because of the lack of required and cluster courses. Currently, there is no system for students to band together and collectively request for specific courses to be held in Fall, Winter, Summer, and Spring Semesters. My newly proposed Course Notification System will automize the effort for students to let the University know that they need those courses to graduate.

    Secondly– we need to fix the lack of communication Arts students have with our course/degree advisors. My newly proposed Advisor Liaison Initiative– will assign designated student volunteers to act as Advising Liaisons for every Department- that will have specific knowledge of the program (for example, Political Science, Comms, Economics, or Psychology)- so that we can have smooth and efficient interactions with the Advising department.

    Thirdly we must fight for the university to lower but also let us know about tuition well in advance, they need to indicate these proposed changes on acceptance letters; something everyone will benefit from- especially our International Students. That way, no one feels deceived halfway through their degree.

    With my thorough experience in leadership, public speaking (TEDx speaker), and people skills- we will elevate these solutions as well as many more. With your Vote, we can start bringing real solutions to our very real problems in our faculty and throughout campus.

  • Hi there, my name is Tanner and I’m a political science and COMS student. Earlier this year I took time off in Edmonton working for the government where I was able to foster ties in certain branches. Having government connections is useful in advocating on behalf of students’ because a large amount of funding this university receives is from the provincial government.

    My platform is this:

    1. Call for the freeze of the university’s Ahead of Tomorrow plan until the crisis of student housing is addressed.The university plan aims to bring in an additional minimum of 10,000 students within the coming years. There is already a shortage of residence and other student housing which is becoming more and more costly. In order for the university to have sustainable growth we must first make sure our current students have the adequate housing necessary.
    1. Push for more co-op programs so that arts students have better job prospects(something already being done for economics students). We know that certain programs in the arts faculty have better rates of getting jobs than others. Co-op programs for additional arts fields will mean that more students will get to have work experience before they graduate, making it more likely for them to get jobs.
    1. Facilitate a more engaging BSD by working with outside partners to make it more FUN!!Bermuda Shorts Day doesn’t seem as fun as it used to be. We need to allow for outside event organizers to focus on making the event FUN for students above all else.
    2. Ensure that university administration is spending it’s funds wisely and efficiently.Too often when faced with budget cuts the university’s first reaction is to increase tuition on already struggling students. Our university is a massive organization employing countless people which means that before tuition increases are approved, we need to take a hard look at how the university administration uses our money.
    3. Gas rebates for those who drive to school.Although the Upass is included in tuition, many who drive to university are left without the support they need.
  • Fighting for Languages

    As a language major, I understand how underappreciated the faculty is. As Arts Representative I will fight to ensure that the university is aware of the importance of language programs. To do this, I will advocate for increased funding, security, and advertisement of the languages programs. I will also fight against the attempts being made to cut back the program, and eventually close the programs by increasing connections between the language departments, and increasing awareness of the importance of the programs.

    Easing Transportation for Students

    If elected, I will work alongside my colleagues and the municipal government to fight for greater accessibility to and from campus. This would include having a more targeted bus schedule so that students who rely on this transportation can be transported to and from campus with dignity. I will also advocate for an opt-out option of the UPass for students who do not require this. Lastly, I will fight to increase safety on campus for students accessing these services with a push for increased outdoor lighting, and slip prevention during the winter months.

    Minimizing Registration Barriers

    All students are essentially competing to take the classes they require for graduation. If elected, I will work with my colleagues and the University to find ways to decrease these barriers. I will fight for greater acceptance of a wide range of courses that fulfill the same aims so that students are able to finish their degrees in a timely manner.

    Connecting Clubs

    I will work to increase the connections of clubs on campus. I believe that the collaboration that can result from clubs working together on certain aims can be of benefit to both groups and further foster a sense of shared community on campus. I will also work to find various funding opportunities in all levels of government to help campus clubs achieve their important goals.

Faculty of Nursing Candidates - 1 Position Available

  • We are all embarking on challenging journeys as nursing students. For myself, getting through that first statistics exam, struggling to get a manual blood pressure correctly, or powering through fatigue during our practicums were a few challenges to note. Despite our adversities, many of us, including myself, have persevered in the face of hardship thanks to the support of our resilient peers and staff.

    Seeing the cohesion and determination exhibited within our faculty inspired me to run as the Undergraduate Nursing Societies Third-Year-Chair, where a few peers and I created highly detailed pharmacological and pathological practice exams. While I am proud of my contributions, I still have a strong desire to achieve much more. So, I am running for the Students Union Faculty of Nursing Representative position.

    To add to what I have already achieved, I will continue supporting 3rd and 4th-year students during their intense pharmacological and pathophysiological preparation for the NCLEX. To achieve this, I plan to continue releasing NCLEX-style material such as case studies, summary sheets for complex conditions, and updated practice exams that will help students develop critical thinking.

    While academic support is critical in this challenging degree, it’s crucial to help students apply their learned theory in practice. After completing certain terms, many students are desperate to work in healthcare despite the difficulties associated with landing that first job. This is why I plan to provide more HCA, UNE, GN and RN positions through collaboration with external companies.

    Lastly, as the next generation of critically important healthcare workers, we deserve high-quality teaching that effectively develops our nursing process. So, I plan to collaborate with executive members of our faculty to enhance the exchange of constructive communication between students and professors while providing rewards for educators willing to go above and beyond.

    With the abundance of free time that I possess as a fourth-year nursing student, I look forward to serving every member of our faculty to the greatest extent that I possibly can.

    Thank you,

    Colton Channon

  • Hello Nursing! My name is Kristi-Anne Wingert, I am a third year direct entry student and I hope to be you’re next faculty of Nursing representative in the Student Union!

    Throughout my time at U of C I have gotten to know quite a few students through orientation and various events which have allowed me to realize what is important to our faculty and what I want to advocate for this year if elected! My top priorities include the following below.

    Clinical Affordability

    It goes without saying that with the rising cost of living within Calgary clinical placements within the faculty of nursing have become nearly unaffordable for students. If elected I will advocxate for compensation for students who cannot work due to clinical demands, reduced parking cost at clinical sites and the consideration of student preference when determining which site students visit. While ambitious this is vital as our students deserve an education that does not compromise their financial stability.

    Mental Capacity

    Unfortunately, with the recent pandemic and expectations for health care, we are seeing an increased burnout rate of nurses and nursing students. While many factors need to change within the system to decrease the mental strain, these changes take time. To help students in the meantime, I want to implement sessions and workshops to increase their mental capacity and learn new skills to combat burnout. I also will advocate to the faculty for increased tolerance towards mental health struggles regarding clinical attendance.


    One of the most important aspects of our society today is communication yet within our faculty students are often receiving notices of placement late or crucial information at the last minute. As students pay a great deal to study within the Faculty of Nursing, I do not think this is acceptable and if elected I will advocate the faculty has set deadlines that they will communicate important information to students.

    Thank you for reading my platform and if you have questions please reach out to by email and remember to vote for Kristi-Anne for Nursing rep on October 11-13!

Schulich School of Engineering - 1 Position Available

  • Hello everyone! I’m Janela Alberto, a second-year Mechanical Engineering student, and I’m excited to share my candidacy to continue serving as the SU Engineering Representative. Over the past six months, my engagements in this role have enabled me to engage with our student community, learn about the inner workings of our university, and understand the power of advocacy in bringing positive change. Through these engagements and countless conversations with fellow students, I’ve gained valuable insights into the challenges our peers face, and I’m committed to amplifying your voices and bringing them to where they can be heard.

    One of the paramount issues brought to my attention is the mental health and well-being of our students. According to the 2023 SU Annual Survey, when engineering students were asked to rank their mental health on a scale of 1 to 5, our faculty ranked the lowest average scores of 2.76. As an engineering student, I resonate with how easily our academic workload can negatively affect our overall wellness, with many succumbing to burn-outs. Together, we can advocate to expand access to mental health support and create open conversations surrounding mental wellness. It is my goal to collaborate with our faculty in ensuring this remains a top priority.

    In my opinion, volunteering is not just about giving back to the community; it is also a means of personal and professional growth. I personally recognize the importance of having diverse volunteer opportunities, which allow students to gain valuable experiences and contribute to causes they are passionate about. If elected, I intend to expand and promote volunteer opportunities within our faculty. I want to focus on organizing engineering-related events and especially connecting students with local community initiatives. I want to foster a culture of volunteerism that enriches our student experience.

    As your Representative, I am dedicated to representing your interests. I will put mental health initiatives at the forefront of my goals and promote accessible volunteer opportunities to enhance our university experience. Thank you for your support, and I look forward to working with you all to achieve our shared goals!

  • My name is Jackson Cooper, and I am running to represent you as our Faculty Representative for the Schulich School of Engineering!

    As an active member of the university community and the community at large, I bring a diverse background with my experience in participating in and leading various non-profits and startups. I look forward to using this experience, knowledge, and expertise to represent and advocate for what matters to you.

    1. INDUSTRY EXPOSURE: The Schulich School of Engineering has been an excellent institution for preparing students for traditional careers in energy and extraction. However, many students are now drawn to roles in sustainability, advanced technologies, and more. There needs to be more exposure to these emerging industries in Alberta and beyond. I aim to bridge this gap and ensure our curriculum and experiences reflect the diverse opportunities available to us.
    2. AFFORDABILITY: Despite the high earning potential of engineers, the cost of tuition can still impact a student’s decision to pursue different opportunities or take risks early in their career. I will continue to advocate for reduced tuition and stand against unnecessary raises.
    3. BRIDGING THE TALENT GAP: In Calgary’s tech and startup community, there’s a recurring call for talent. Yet, our school of engineering is brimming with it! I will focus on promoting our students’ great skills and experience, ensuring that employers recognize the value we bring to the table.

    Together, we can guarantee your concerns are voiced! If you have any questions, please feel free to schedule a meeting:

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  • My platform revolves around two core pillars: Mental/Spiritual Well-Being and Campus Enhancement. Together, we can create an environment that supports personal growth, academic excellence, and a vibrant campus culture.

    1. Mental/Spiritual Well-Being:Our institution should be a place where students not only receive an education but also nurture their inner selves. I propose a shift of culture to one that embraces academic and spiritual pursuits. Mental health is one of the biggest challenges currently facing students in this society, and one of the best vaccines for mental health that I hope to revitalize is spirituality within the student body. I hope to do this by improving the mandatory seminars from basic knowledge to things more relevant to student lives. I also wish to introduce optional mental health workshops that will focus much more upon spirituality instead of any other things. I also aim to establish a designated prayer or multi faith room within the Eng or ICT building as I see it is a need for many students within engineering that do not want to make the trip to Mac Hall and back.
    1. Campus Enhancement:A vibrant campus life is essential for the overall well-being of the campus community. To achieve this goal, I will work towards introducing better food options within the ICT and Engineering buildings instead of having students constantly required to walk to Mac Hall. To further enhance our campus, we will consider suggestions like changing the color of the Engineering building or adding more to certain engineering lounges lacking in activities and making a first-year lounge.

    In summary, my platform focuses on creating a supportive and nurturing environment at the University. We aim to shift the cultural focus towards academic and spiritual growth while ensuring students’ mental health remains a top priority. By empowering students academically, financially, mentally, and culturally, we can work together to transform our university into a place where every student can thrive, learn, and flourish.

  • Hey Schulich!

    I’m Seniru Ruwanpura, a 4th Year Software Engineering student, and I am running to be your next Faculty Representative. In my 3 years, I have watched engineering student representatives fall short. Some who enter student leadership seek not the prospect to enhance the lives of their fellow students, but rather opportunistic ways of bettering their own portfolios. With this vacuum of representation, we’ve been rendered powerless in holding our faculty accountable academically, in research, and with internships. We as a student body have given up on believing our student leaders will stand up for us. But collectively, we can build a faculty we’re proud of.

    1. Greater Academic FlexibilityAcademically, I’ll be your voice when grading guidelines or professors put you in challenging positions. Having won numerous formal academic appeals, I know how to put pressure on our faculty. From Day 1, I will lobby our academic leadership on bringing back CR/F grades for terminal courses, simplify the appeals process, and collaborate with the SU’s VP Academic to reverse the University’s unfair decision requiring supporting documentation for student illnesses.
    1. Greater Co-Curricular OpportunitiesFor Schulich students, internships remain the top priority. Unfortunately, many find our jobs board to be ineffective at finding top-level internships and go it alone. Our internship program is becoming drastically uncompetitive within Canada. By collaborating with academic leadership, I will pursue its improvement. Further, when it comes to research opportunities, too many undergraduates get allured to positions which do not yield publications for them. As a published undergraduate, I will push for more clear publication opportunities.
    1. Greater TransparencyThese promises are all earmarked with the need for transparency. The relationship between the SU and the ESS has been frosty- I will work to repair this relationship and the view of these organizations as only interested in symbolic action. I will push my fellow SU representatives to constantly seek student input and will hold all of us accountable by publishing monthly reports detailing our clear objectives and actions.

    For implementation details, please contact me at Together, let’s write a new chapter at Schulich!

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - 1 Position Available

  • I am Nancy Ngo, a third-year DVM student running for the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Representative position in the upcoming by-election. Witnessing the rapid evolution of our veterinary school during my time here, I am dedicated to amplifying student voices and ensuring their recognition. As we prepare to welcome 100 first-year students by 2025, I’m dedicated to being your advocate, working towards meaningful change that benefits both our current 200 and future 400 DVM students.

    Since my appointment as the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Representative in mid-June, I’ve been working on projects to enhance the student experience. If elected, my priorities are:

    1. Enhancing Campuses Connectivity:

    Efficient Transportation: Recognizing the challenges posed by our campus separation (Main, Foothills, and Spyhills), I propose a shuttle service linking all three. This initiative ensures reliable and convenient transportation for undergraduates, graduates, faculty, and staff, fostering collaboration and solving issues like umbrella fees and limited main campus access.

    1. Advocacy for DVM students:

     – Accessible SU Engagement: Your voices matter. To overcome the lack of awareness regarding SU support for DVM students, I’ll create user-friendly, confidential platforms for voicing opinions, suggestions, and concerns. Transparency and accessibility will empower us to shape academic experiences and ensure swift issue resolution, with DVM student interests at the forefront.

    Immediate Solutions for Current DVM Students: As we anticipate UCVM’s expansion in a few years, we must not forget the current students. I’ll work on swift solutions to address the resource gap and construction-related challenges during this transitional period.

    1. Promoting Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) and Wellness Initiatives:

    Pathway Program: UCVM must embrace diversity. Many professional programs have implemented such programs, and with the new expansion, I will advocate for the Pathway Program’s implementation, actively recruiting and supporting underrepresented groups in veterinary medicine. Fostering a diverse student body and faculty enriches our learning environment and cultivates a culture of inclusivity.

    In summary, my candidacy is about action, not words. Ensure your voice counts by participating in the voting process. Don’t hesitate to contact me at for further details about my plans and initiatives.