Candidates – GE2021


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Presidential Candidates

[subheader]Rayane Issa[/subheader]

Hello Dinos! My name is Rayane Issa and I am running to represent you as SU President!

I am a fourth-year science and arts dual major student, a former SU Arts Representative, and current executive for several SU clubs.

I have a vision for this role that comes from extensive student consultation, ongoing advocacy, and my experience leading students.

I envision an SU that:

  1. Champions Institutional Advocacy
    1. Work alongside the elected Students’ Legislative Council (SLC) to fight against upcoming tuition and fee increases. This will be accomplished by demanding an evaluation of proposed increases, spearheaded by proactive student engagement.
    2. Advocate for improved campus wide infrastructure with student-centered renovations that emphasize accessibility for all students. Proposed renovations include the introduction of multilingual signs, improved elevators, and renovated ramps.
  2. Defends Students’ Rights
    1. COVID-19:
      1. Student Support:Collaborate with the university to create a student-centered return-to-campus strategy.
      2. Work alongside the VP Academic to advocate for a compassionate grading system, standardized course outlines and reassess student awards eligibility criteria.
  3. Prioritizes Social Equity
    1. Work alongside the VP Student Life to strengthen the SU and the university’s commitments to EDI by:
    2. Collaborating with the Wellness Centre to create and expand accessible and diverse counselling services for all students.Introducing anti-racism training into existing SU club executive training.
  4. Proactively Engages Students
    1. Implement an “Intro to the SU” introductory module for first year students.Engage the student body in developing the SU’s three-year strategic plan. Develop a new synergetic SU strategy focused on engaging underrepresented groups on campus.
    2. Work with residence students to reform the Residence Students Association as an independent and autonomous representative body.
    3. Create an ‘End of Year Celebration’ consultative body to understand students’ desires around end-of-year programming and celebrations.

Together, WE will fight to improve YOUR undergraduate experience at the University of Calgary.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns at (403) 608-8815, via email on, or on my website at Vote for Rayane Issa on March 2 – 4! [/content]
[subheader]Nicole Schmidt[/subheader]
My name is Nicole Schmidt, and I am a fourth-year Political Science student running to become your next Students’ Union President! I have previously served as the Chair of the SU Review Board, recently completed a Civil Litigation internship with the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia, and am a three-term Faculty of Arts representative on the Student Advisory Council. The Students’ Union can make a meaningful difference in the lives of students, and I have a plan to fight for you!

  1. Fight Against Tuition Increases and Cuts:
    1. Directly oppose further tuition increases as a member of the Board of Governors.
    2. Lobby the provincial government for increased student financial support services including grants, bursaries, reducing the loan prime interest rate, and re-evaluating the removal of Alberta’s tuition tax-credit.
    3. Advocate to administration for improved student education quality and educational resources proportional to tuition increases.
    4. Implement a plan to maintain media and public pressure on the provincial government in order to fight further cuts.
  1. Critically Re-evaluate Mental Health Services: 
    1. Fight for per-student provincial funding to ensure adequate mental health and therapy service provision at the University of Calgary.
    2. Increase student accommodations for mental health grievances in light of the pandemic and online coursework.
    3. Implement a permanent pass/fail option and compassionate grading as seen at other universities.
  1. Redevelop Undergraduate Employment Opportunities: 
    1. Fight for the reimplementation of the Student Temporary Employment Program so students can gain work experience and save for their education.
    2. Increase funding for internships, part-time employment, and co-op terms so that students can gain entry-level work experience before graduation.
  1. Ensure SU Transparency and Engagement: 
    1. Engage in meaningful consultations with students to receive feedback by performing direct and regular outreach via social media by utilizing social platforms such as Reddit and Instagram.
    2. Directly consult with students to provide feedback on student tuition concerns, economic well-being, and the financial inaccessibility of post-secondary education.

For my full platform, check out my social media. #GiveASchmidt and vote March 2-4! 

Instagram: Nicole4SUPresident
Reddit: Nicole4SUPresident
Email: [/content]

Faculty Representative, Arts

[subheader]Fayo Abdi[/subheader]
[content]Hello Arts!

My name is Fayo Abdi and I am a third year Sociology student here at the University of Calgary. I am running to be re-elected as one of the representatives for the Faculty of the Arts! I have learned so much in my last term, I would love the opportunity to continue many of my initiatives and goals from this year into the 2020-2021 school year. I have outlined two of my main platform points down below.

  1. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

A bulk of my work in this current term focused on equity, diversity and inclusion and I would love for that to continue into the upcoming year. I have been privileged to sit on many committees and be involved in many meetings where students’ voices are not always heard. I have and will continue to voice the concerns of students regarding this while also holding those who have made anti-racist statements and bold promises accountable. Equity, diversity and inclusion are important to the existence of many racialized and minority groups and should be equally as important to the faculty.

  1. Career Development Opportunities

If I am re-elected, I hope to be able to continue to provide diverse events and resources that promote career development within the Faculty of Arts. More specifically, I want to ensure that these opportunities are equally accessible for all students. There is a lack of support and resources for some programs, I want to focus on developing new opportunities for those that are often overlooked to attend panels, workshops and networking events that cater to their field of study.

I understand how important consultations are with students in order to hold ourselves accountable and ensure our actions and advocacy reflects the wants and needs of the students in my faculty. If I am elected, this will be an ongoing priority for me throughout my term.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I hope I can count on your vote this election season, March 2nd– 4th!

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at

[subheader]Chaise Combs[/subheader]
[content]Hello Arts students, my name is Chaise Combs, and I’m running to be your Faculty of Arts Representative! I’m majoring in both Communications and Political Science, and I have more than three years’ experience in the Alberta student movement. Before transferring, I had the privilege of serving as a Councillor, Vice President Student Life, and President of the Students’ Association of Red Deer College. When I left office in 2019, I believed my days as a student leader were behind me. However, I can no longer sit idly by while the government dismantles Alberta’s post-secondary sector.

Previously, I was elected to serve as a board member on Alberta Students’ Executive Council, representing 110,000 students from 17 post-secondary institutions across the province. I had the opportunity to stand behind the Minister of Advanced Education as he announced Bill 19: An Act to Improve the Affordability and Accessibility of Post-Secondary Education. Bill 19 tied tuition to the Consumer Price Index and required student approval on exceptional tuition and mandatory non-instructional fee increases. Sadly, the current government reversed those decisions, allowing institutions to raise tuition by seven percent. Our student representatives were unable to offer much resistance, and that’s a problem.

Advocacy can be effective, but it’s not sufficient. To develop the institutional capacity required to fight back against harmful decisions made by the university and government, I propose:

  • Utilizing available Students’ Union resources to help organize and effectively mobilize UCalgary students in addition to and coordination with existing advocacy efforts,
  • Greater autonomy for the Faculty of Arts Students’ Association, reducing dependence on the university and pursuing financial independence,
  • Addressing food insecurity by establishing a student-run food cooperative,
  • Increasing funding and expanding access to the Student Hardship Fund, and
  • Approaching the mental health crisis from the perspective of meeting students’ basic needs.

COVID-19 presents unprecedented challenges and an incredible opportunity to reimagine what a post-pandemic world could look like. But we need to lay the groundwork now and begin asserting our collective power.

Campaign Social Media Links


[subheader]Justin Gotta[/subheader]
[content]Hey Arts! My name is Justin Gotta, a third year Economics student excited to be running yet again to be your Faculty of Arts Representative. Throughout the past two years being in this position, I have been able to speak to over hundreds of students, on a variety of issues impacting our Faculty. Although this past year has been online, the conversations have not slowed down, and speaking to so many of you is what motivated me to run yet again. My platform is focused around 3 key points to help students in a pandemic where nothing is certain.

-Fighting for Continued Academic Accommodations

As we continue our education online for the foreseeable future, many students continue to face an increasing level of difficulty when it comes to online learning. If elected, I will continue to advocate to ensure Faculty of Arts students will continue to be able to have a CR/F option, 24-hour windows to start examinations, and more flexible accommodations for students who are struggling with online learning.

More Bursaries/Awards for Faculty of Arts Students

Increasing numbers of students are facing financial hardship as we face cuts to education and bare the economic challenges caused by the pandemic. For this reason, I look to utilize SU’s Quality Money to provide needs-based bursaries and awards for students in the Faculty of Arts. These would be given to students based on factors such as loss of employment, and financial-academic stress.

-Prioritizing Vaccinations for SCPA and Co-op Students

As vaccinations roll out, vaccines must be prioritized vulnerable students. As Arts Representative, I will advocate at the provincial and university level to get School of Creative and Performing Arts and Co-op students vaccinated first. Due to the in-person and high interaction nature of SCPA classes, it is important to protect these students from their elevated risk of transmission. For our Co-op students, it is important to vaccinate them allowing them to safely return to in person co-op designations, while opening more employment possibilities.

To hear more about my platform and to follow me along the campaign trail, please follow @gotta4arts on Instagram!

[subheader]Sofia Huarte Aguilar[/subheader]
[content]Hello Art students! I’m Sofia, an international student from Mexico in my second year of a Drama degree, and I’m passionate about making students’ voices heard, here’s how I will make that happen:

  1. Students are now paying more money for lower quality education, especially since we’ve been online. I will fight the tuition hikes by:
    • Using student organizing strategies based on delegation to activate the student body to strategically fight back against the Alberta government’s budget cuts.
    • Creating a province-wide strategy and building a provincial body parallel to CAUS made up of faculty student organizations (such as UofC’s Faculty of Arts Students’ Association or Engineering Students’ Society), and other associations) that will coordinate a campaign to push back against the government cuts. With faculty student leaders at the table, we can launch campaigns and mobilize far more students much more quickly.
    • Raise awareness of the disproportionate burden international students face to ensure we’re not left out of the conversation.
  2. UofC student food insecurity was 30% and disproportionately affected BIPOC even before the pandemic.  Mac Hall is very expensive. I will build student food security by:
    • Working with the SU, student leaders, and the Sustainability Office to develop a food cooperative in Mac Hall that will provide delicious, affordable, culturally appropriate (e.g. halal/kosher) meals. As a cooperative, students and employees will have a direct say in food options, pricing, and can be elected to the board.
  3. To improve accessibility, I will:
    • Work to raise awareness of academic accommodations that can be gotten from Student Accessibility Services.
    • Work with the Wellness Centre to humanize the process and ensure that you can still receive an intake appointment with a social worker even if you’re having difficulty filling out forms. Sending one email should be enough.
    • Advocate to create more course flexibility so that international students in their home countries don’t need to be awake at 2 am to complete classes.
    • Advocate to expand the new universal undergraduate needs-based bursary.
I look forward to representing you! Please feel free to contact me at any time.
IG: @sofia4artsrep

[subheader]Rody Visotski[/subheader]
[content]Hi Everyone! My name is Rody Visotski, and I am a second-year student pursuing a Political Science and International Relations combined degree! A lot has changed over the past year, but my commitment to our Faculty has not. If elected to be your Arts Representative, I will be someone who;

  1. Promotes Wellness
    1. COVID-19 has been tough on all of us. We have been trapped in our homes for close to a year and it has taken a toll on everyone. So what can be done?
      1. Promote currently existing mental health services and push for their expansion via Quality Money.
      2. Advocate for the creation of an Arts Landing Page to provide updates on all news items.
  • Integrate first-years by creating online spaces to socialize and be matched with mentors.
  1. Creates Opportunity
    1. I have said this before, and I will say it again. Arts is the biggest faculty, by a clear margin, and to see it and its students, stuck, is unacceptable. How do we get unstuck?
      1. Create, expand, and promote current scholarships offered to students in Arts.
      2. Work with community partners to create more applied learning and working opportunities.
  • Create an information series on how to maximize your status as a student.
  1. Zealously Advocates & Represents
    1. The past year has not uncovered any new issues, but it has thrust issues that we were comfortable ignoring, into the spotlight. I have no intention of continuing the previous trends of blissful ignorance and I will outline how I will be tackling the following issues in my expanded platform, found on Instagram!
      1. Building Modernization
      2. Committee Expansion
      3. Communication
      4. EDI
      5. Food Security
      6. International Students
      7. Operationalization of FASA
      8. Tuition
This is an ambitious platform, no doubt, but these are necessary changes that must be made and necessary ideas that must be advanced. If you have any questions, or you just want to chat – please reach out to me at or on Instagram, @Rody4Arts.21.

Vote Rody on March 2-4, because my heart is in the arts![/content]
[subheader]Kanchan Dhanoa[/subheader]
[content]Hello Faculty of Arts students! My name is Kanchan Dhanoa and I am a Psychology student hoping to represent you this coming year.

Over the past three years, I have been fortunate enough to engage with the university community in a multitude of ways. Despite everyone’s best efforts to navigate the new challenges we faced, it’s clear that the student body has not had those same opportunities this year. Students are unable to connect with others, access vital resources and reach a healthy school-life balance. With that being said, my goal is to bridge the disconnect between students and the university to create and maintain a more holistic experience.

Incoming students have been especially affected by the lack of communication regarding the goings-on of the university/faculty. By facilitating events, forums and opportunities for students to engage with the university community, we can make our online experience feel a little less deprived. When it comes time to return to campus, I am committed to facilitating the in-person experience they missed this last year. This includes in person orientation, on-campus activities and networking events.

With a Faculty as large and diverse as ours, it’s easy to feel lost in the crowd. Sometimes, it seems we only become aware of opportunities when they have already passed us by. While our faculty does a great job of creating these services and opportunities, the issue lies in access. Do our students know that these opportunities exist? Or where to find them? I want to demystify the university experience and provide you with easy access to all the tools you need to succeed in one place.

Lastly, it would be my job to represent you in the way that serves you best. Therefore, my biggest effort in connecting you to the university is to ensure that your voice is heard.

It would be my pleasure to represent you and deliver on these promises. If you’d like to get in touch with me, please email me at: I’d be happy to address your questions/ concerns or even just have a conversation!

Thank you for your consideration![/content]
[subheader]Matthew Herring[/subheader]
[content]Hi arts students! My name is Matthew Herring. I’m a second-year geography major and I’m running in the Students’ Union election to advocate for all arts students as your faculty representative. My platform has three main points:

  • Strengthen Arts Advocacy

Currently, FASA gets its funding from the Faculty of Arts (specifically, the Dean’s office). This compromises FASA’s independence, as it may hesitate to push for arts students’ needs for fear of losing funding. I will work with the SU and FASA to help FASA become self-funded, eliminating conflicts of interest and empowering arts students to organize for our interests.

Empowering arts students, FASA, and collaborating with the SU will allow us to push UCalgary administration to invest more in arts research, compassionate grading (e.g. ensuring CR/F for our whole degrees), and more.

  • Enhance and Clarify Mental Health Services

Wellness check-in emails are no replacement for quality mental health care, especially while we’re isolated and very stressed. I will work with the Wellness Centre to give students more clarity about what services are available, and then do dedicated outreach in the form of class talks, SU social media, and department emails.

The SU Quality Money Fund is an underutilized tool for bolstering funding for the Wellness Centre to improve and expand services. I will work with student leaders in mental health to identify how Quality Money grants can fill in the gaps where students fall through the cracks, whether that’s long wait times or a need for longer-term counselling.

  • Improve Communication

During my time as a UCalgary student, I have received very little communication from both the Faculty of Arts and FASA. With the pandemic forcing students online and tuition hikes making university even more of a financial burden to students, outreach from these resources is more important than ever. I will work with both the Faculty of Arts and FASA to ensure that students receive communication about scholarships, job opportunities, events, and more.

Thanks for taking the time to read my platform! Remember to vote Matthew Herring for Arts Rep!


Instagram: @matthewherring4arts [/content]

Faculty Representative, Kinesiology

[subheader]Haris Ahmad[/subheader]
[content]Hey KNES! My name is Haris Ahmad and I am running to be your SU Faculty of Kinesiology Representative. I am a second-year student passionate about making a difference in our faculty.

So why vote for me? Through my leadership roles, I have gained valuable insight on how to organize, plan and execute my ideas. For instance, outside of academics, I lead the YYC branch of a national non-profit and serve in executive roles in many on-campus clubs. In my free time, I also enjoy reading and playing basketball.

What ideas will I implement if I’m elected? Firstly, as a student researcher I understand the importance of research as places to pursue an interest, gain hands-on experience and hone transferable skills. Therefore, I’ll work towards not only campaigning for more internship/ practicum and research but make existing ones more accessible by applying for the SU Quality Money Program, reaching out to KNES graduates and compiling and raising awareness about these opportunities.

Secondly, I will focus on renovating the current study spaces of which there are only two in the kinesiology building. I want to improve our faculty building so KNES students won’t have to go to TFDL or other faculty buildings to study. To secure funding for this I will apply to the SU Quality Money Program and Campus Improvement Fund to renovate these spaces.

Lastly, in conjunction with KSS and other student organizations, I will create a variety of social events and promote attendance at athletic events. Due to COVID-19, many students especially current first-year students were unable to have the authentic experience including KSS events and cheering on our teams at games. I will work with KSS to adapt events so that second-year students can participate. I will also plan activity hours where people have the opportunity to explore a different sport and find resources to continue to play it.

My vision for Kinesiology is not only reflective of my own experiences but the experiences of all of you. So KNES are you ready to elect me and show them how we get down?[/content]
[subheader]Carlos Martinez[/subheader]
[content]Hey KNES! 

My name is Carlos Martinez and I want to be your next faculty representative. We all know that we are studying in the best faculty in the world, but there is still some work to be done. For those of you who have yet to meet me, my background of service includes sitting on the board as the director of youth and student outreach at my local electoral district association and volunteering at a private medical office. Around the university, I am a tour guide and Peer Helper to first year students.

Private Investment, Public Opportunities

My overarching goal is to ensure that funding is always flowing into the faculty through a strategic program called “Private investment, Public Opportunities.” This means that we contact philanthropists, investors, sponsors, and charitable organizations to partner with the faculty to ensure that we can keep all of our professors, increase class offerings, and establish an endowment for kinesiology-only scholarships.


In the faculty, we only have one time during which we are able to meet with industry leaders and enhance our career options, Kindustry. As much as we have the KSS to thank, being able to find an internship opportunity should happen year-round. If elected, I will partner with the KSS and reach out to industry leaders around Calgary to form a database of internship options available to students. This will allow students to reach their communities while enhancing resumes.

Quiet Study Spaces

The Brew, the atrium, the upstairs secret study place … what do they all have in common? You can’t really concentrate. Students in the faculty need a quiet space just for kinesiology where they can finish assignments and study for midterms without noise. If elected, I will apply for a quality money grant to convert a space in the faculty into a quiet study space for all students to use.

That’s it for now, remember to wash your hands, wear a mask, and vote through your student centre March 2-4!

For more info follow me on:

IG: @Carlos_for_KinRep
TW: @CJP_Martinez
Discord: Carlos_for_KinRep [/content]
[subheader]Areeb Qayyum[/subheader]
[content]Hello, everyone! Now, this faculty is absolutely magical – I’ve always firmly believed in this community we have created. I’m choosing to run as a representative for the Faculty of Kinesiology for my final year – this community has given me so much, and it would be an incredible honor to have an opportunity to give back! On top of, naturally, representing the students of this Faculty to the broader SU, I have a few platform points I’m looking to achieve over my year as rep!

First and foremost, I’m going to work towards improving the relationships between Kinesiology staff and students, directing attention to the diversity of research and achievement this faculty offers, and connecting you with professors that research in fields important to you! I intend to do this through events and seminars, be it about research, networking, or discussions on how we cope with the many stresses of being a student. Your mental health is critical, and is never worth ignoring.

I wish to increase the transparency of communication between the SU and students ‐ SLC meetings are publicly joinable, and yet, little is widely known about what occurs within them. Having a summary of these meetings, the decisions that affect you as students, is critical, and knowledge of this will allow you to make much more informed decisions about your money and time spent on campus.

Keeping up with the theme of communication, I’ve always desired to create an open submissions box about where you want money to go! Once we’re back in person, KNES could certainly benefit from some exercise study desks, or maybe some new study spaces! Small, quality of life improvements that simply make day‐to‐day life on campus (haha!) a bit more manageable. I need to know where the students
want money going, because I firmly intend to get it there.

While less grand than many of the platforms you may read this year, I’ve chosen to focus heavily on goals I can reasonably expect to complete within a year – there’s no sense in making unachievable promises. After all, we ARE all best friends![/content]

Faculty Representative, nursing

[subheader]Alice Choi[/subheader]
[content]Hello! My name is Alice, I am a third year nursing student, and I am running to be your next SU Nursing Representative. I know there is an uncertain future ahead of us, but I promise to adapt, listen, and work hard to support you through challenges and enhance your university experience. I am excited to present the ideas outlined in this platform.

Clinical Placement Preferences 

From terms 3 to 6, nursing students can be placed in any off-campus site throughout the city. However, being placed across the city from where you live can cause many frustrations. I want to advocate for the option to submit clinical placement preferences based on location so that clinical is more easily accessible for everyone.

Career Exploration and Networking Events

One of the many advantages of pursuing nursing is the amount of flexibility we have with our degree. From nursing professors, nurse administrators, travel nurses, nurse practitioners to doctors, I hope to connect with working professionals in a wide variety of fields that graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing to teach and inspire us about their career path and experiences.

Nursing Quality Money Committee

Every year the SU is provided with approximately $1.65 million to invest in student projects. However, the application is lengthy and can be intimidating to tackle alone. By organizing a Nursing Quality Money Committee, I want to provide an outlet for nursing students who have an innovative idea or a passion for change and improvement within the faculty to come together and bring their vision to life.

Along with these initiatives, I hope to maintain consistent and open communication throughout the year through town halls where you can bring forth ideas and concerns. Other areas I plan to explore include free/discounted NCLEX review resources, more accessible research opportunities, educational workshops to improve clinical practice (ex. practicing cultural sensitivity, communicating with patients with dementia, etc.), ensuring quality of teaching, and creative social events.

Thank you so much for reading my platform! You can contact me at or follow me at @alice4su on Instagram for updates 🙂 [/content]
[subheader]Dorsa Zamanpour[/subheader]
[content]My fellow nursing students,

My name is Dorsa Zamanpour, and I am running to serve as your Faculty Representative this year.

As a third-year student, I have gained valuable insight on the strengths and potential areas for expansion within our learning environment. I believe my experience founding and leading non-profit organization Advocates Alberta for the past year has equipped me to be the most eligible candidate for meaningful improvement in our faculty. My passion for activism will aid me in lobbying for the changes we want to see!

  • Virtual Advocacy

In this recent shift to online learning, we have been working hard to translate online learning to practical nursing skills and I think there are accommodations that the faculty could provide to support this process. Examples of these are recorded lectures, flexible online quiz intervals, and extra time during quizzes to allow for the suboptimal test-taking environment of home.

  • Autonomy and Accessibility

Many students are travelling 30-40 minutes each way to clinical practice on a daily basis, as our area of residence in the city is currently not factored into clinical placement assignments. Assigning clinical placements with regard to location is a realistic way we can make clinical practice safer and more accessible to all students and save some time that is much needed for completing course work.
I would also like to lobby for split-placements to maximize experience, and placement preferences for Terms 5 & 6.

  • Curriculum Change

First year nursing students are isolated from the rest of the faculty due to a lack of clinical practice! It has recently come to my attention that clinical placements may be considered for Term 1 and 2, and I’d like to personally push for that change to be brought forward.

  • Celebration of BIPOC

I would like to collaborate with the program to create opportunities for public recognition of BIPOC excellence within the Nursing faculty. In doing so, we can encourage more diversity and POC representation in healthcare, which is the starting point for building trust between healthcare and minority populations. [/content]


Acclaimed candidates will not appear on the ballot on March 2nd through 4th.

[subheader]VP Academic: Renzo Pereyra[/subheader]
[content]Hello! I’m Renzo Pereyra and I am running to be your next VP Academic! I hear the academic challenges that you are facing, which have unfortunately only been magnified by the recent pandemic. My goal is to make sure that all students have a fair chance to excel at their education.

Student Re-Integration

  • Establish positive relations with the incoming Provost to ensure that resources are provided to address student needs in the transition away from online learning
    • Re-imagine the structure of courses in the post-coronavirus world by advocating for the expansion of optional-blended learning options for students
  • Organize workshops to re-integrate students and address challenges with the transition back to in-person learning

Improving Accessibility

  • Initiate an Open Educational Resources working group and continue to consult with the Library Resources Team to demonstrate their value, expand, and ‘highlight’ their use on campus
  • Work alongside the Vice Provost (Teaching and Learning) to improve course outlines and develop a comprehensive set of guidelines required for professors to follow in the structuring of course dates and office hours
  • Advocate for the expansion of support programs, scholarships, and bursaries to relieve students of mental and financial stress, especially underrepresented students
  • Serve as a resource for students by guiding them through the academic appeals process

Enhancing Communication

  • Go Digital: provide frequent social media updates about the VPA’s agenda and personalize the role to students (a day in the life, polls, virtual Q & A)
  • Engage with clubs and societies a minimum of twice per week to address the academic challenges that students are facing
  • Collaborate with faculty representatives to create faculty-specific briefing templates that improve student awareness of available resources

Advancing Research

  • Improve the Undergraduate Research Symposium by introducing a new blended format, expanding donor relations, diversifying workshops, and drawing high-level speakers to raise attention to the event
  • Promote experiential learning by working alongside the Vice Provost (Teaching and Learning) and Vice President (Research) to address challenges surrounding its implementation across faculties
Instagram: @pereyra4vpa
Vote “Renzo Pereyra” for VP Academic!

Thank you![/content]
[subheader]VP External: Marley Gillies[/subheader]
[content]Hello UCalgary!! My name is Marley and I am running to be re-elected as your Vice President External! I
hope to earn your vote for a second year to continue my fight for more affordable education and a government that prioritizes the student voice, on all levels.
For my second term, there are three theme areas I hope to stand for:

I. Engagement with UCalgary Students;
The most valuable experiences are my interactions with students. This is why I hope to create a CJSW Radio Show dedicated to SU advocacy. The VP External role has traditionally existed behind the scenes – it’s time for this to change. Through the radio show I hope to engage with students and community members.

II. Amplify UCalgary Student Voices;

It is a big year – a municipal election is right around the corner. I worked with City Council to improve the lives of students in this city. But it’s time for you students to have your say – by voting. I promise to run an active and engaging ‘Get Out the Vote’ campaign to bring information to students and leading them to the polls to vote – so that we get a Calgary that is for students.

III. Standing Up Against the Cuts;

The post-secondary sector has been hit hard. Budget cuts have lead to increased tuition, and students can expect another year of increases. The Alberta 2030 review has been an attempt to redesign the system. I will be the strong student leader to be a part of Alberta 2030 implementation to ensure that our tuition stays low and our quality of education stays high. I promise to do this and to keep students informed throughout.

I would love to hear about what you’re looking to see from your SU and from your government to help get us through the most trying time of our lives. Please email me at or find me on Instagram! Remember to vote for Marley Gillies for your Vice President External on March 2nd – 4th![/content]
[subheader]VP Operations & Finance: Mickail Hendi[/subheader]
[content]My name is Mickail Hendi, and I’m running to be your next VP Operations and Finance. Quite simply put, we’ve been through a lot this year, and the SU needs to swing for the fences in terms of student advocacy. I believe the VP OpFi portfolio is uniquely capable of empowering student voices, and here are a few ways I plan to do that:

– Empowering faculty-level representation. I plan to do this by instituting “dedicated fee units” allowing the SU to help faculty student associations collect fees. The SU is not the only group that advocates for students, and I believe it would greatly benefit the student body to have greater engagement with their faculty associations.

– Pushing for a student-run food co-op, with the goal of bringing it to referendum in 2022. Existing food services do a great job, of course, but the issue of student food insecurity remains. A student-run food co-op will be essential in the fight against food insecurity.

– Pushing for more democratic governance structures within the SU. The SU’s businesses and services are built by students, for students. It only makes sense for us to have more of a say in how our spaces should operate.

– Reimagine BSD. 2022 might be our first in-person BSD in a while, and will have to be celebrated accordingly! But with its decreasing popularity, even before COVID, now is a better time than ever to change how it looks. I will work closely with the VP Student Life on making this the best possible experience for everyone.

As VP OpFi, my main priority will be making the SU more accessible to the student body. The SU does some very important advocacy work externally, so it’s crucial that the advocacy continues internally as well.

If you have any questions for me, I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to email me at [/content]
[subheader]VP Student Life: Assad Ali Bik[/subheader]
[content]HELLO DINOS,

My name is Assad Ali Bik, and I am running to be your Vice President of Student Life (VPSL). As the current VPSL, I believe that I have the skills, personality and the passion to continue to excel in this position.

My biggest goal as VPSL is to create a unified community where everyone is welcomed.

My platform consists of four main pillars:


  1. Advocate for renewed and permanent mental health funding
    • The existing mental health funding is set to expire on March 31, 2021
  1. Continue to bridge the gap between the student body and resources
  2. Advocate for a re-entry process for students through special orientation week



  1. Clubs empowerment
    • Club Award for Equity Diversity and Inclusion
    • Club of the Month initiative
  1. Social Benches in MacHall
    • To facilitate new interactions within the Dino community, when safe to do so
  1. Dino’s Athletics
    • Connect Dino athletes to Senators
  1. Residence Students’ Association
    • Advocate for the reestablishment of an independent and autonomous council of students
    • Formalizing a relationship between the SU and RSA is vital to student life on Residences


  1. Implementation of the Indigenous Strategy
    • Continue working with Vice Provost Indigenous Engagement in joint efforts
  1. Anti-Racism
    • Work with Vice Provost EDI to develop and implement an Anti-Racism strategy
    • Continue to advocate for anti-racism training for SU representatives and staff as well as University Staff and Faculty.


  1. Reimagine BSD
    • Work to create a cost efficient celebration without compromising the integrity of BSD – through consultation.

Thank you for your consideration and I am looking forward to being a liaison between the Student Body, the Student Union, and the University. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns at (403) 993-9580, via email on or on any of my social media. Vote March 3 – 5! [/content]
[subheader]Faculty Rep. – Cumming School of Medicine: Rafael Sanguinetti[/subheader]
[content]Hello! I am Rafael Sanguinetti, and I am a 2nd year Biomedical Sciences student hoping to earn your vote for Faculty Representative of the Cumming School of Medicine (CSM). I was inspired to run for this position by the diligent work that the Students’ Union has been doing this year in advocating for the undergraduate student body. As a Faculty Representative, I will continue to advocate for the interests of BHSc and BCR students to make sure that our voices are heard by the University. My platform is based on three core points:

Academic and Social Support

The 24-hour stress-buster bonuses offered in MDSC 308, 341, and 351 have been extremely helpful for providing academic and mental support for students. I would like to implement this bonus into all courses under CSM so that students have increased flexibility and reduced anxiety when completing assignments. I would also strive to install TV monitors throughout Foothills Campus which can be used to promote student clubs and events, while also serving as a potential source of revenue from third-party advertisers. This income could be used in conjunction with SU resources to fund CSM social events and Feasby Lounge renovations.

Encouraging Environmental Sustainability

COVID-19 has provided us the unique opportunity to completely undergo an election season in an online environment, meaning that candidates this year will have to resort to unconventional campaigning strategies to raise awareness for their platforms. I believe we can use this opportunity to evaluate alternative campaigning methods that do not plaster our hallways with excessive posters and banners. As Faculty Representative, I will push to limit the amount of posters that are allowed to be used for future election campaigns to encourage other creative and sustainable ways of engaging with the student body.

Spring/Summer UPass Alternatives for Summer Research Students

Having UPass program for summer research students would significantly decrease the financial burden associated with commuting to the Foothills Campus. As Faculty Representative, I will push for the implementation of a UPass or discounted transit pass program for future summer research students.[/content]
[subheader]Faculty Rep. – Law: Saliha Haq[/subheader]
[content]Hi Everyone! My name is Saliha Haq and I am running to be your Faculty of Law representative. I think we’ve heard it enough that we are going through “unprecedented times” and I understand the difficulties we, as a collective student body, are facing with classes being conducted over Zoom.

With this in mind, mental health, especially over an online schooling platform, is a priority for me. I want to work with the SU, the University and the Faculty to ensure students have access to mental health programs, services and initiatives. I plan on providing mental health awareness throughout the faculty, and work with the Wellness Centre, Assist and the Faculty of Law to ensure mental health services are more accessible, especially virtually. This plan includes ensuring we have access to counselling, drop-in peer support groups, stress-coping workshops, and mental health awareness campaigns.

As a faculty with students coming from multiple provinces, and with everything being virtual, I understand it is hard to connect with other students outside your year and class sections. It is important that we are able to build connections within the law school community, but also build connections with the larger campus community as well. To minimize this, I propose a few virtual engagement strategies. The first is to host student panels, with a focus on connecting first year students with upper years. As well, I propose to host seasonal socials to help students, professors and faculty staff to connect with one another better. I would like to act as a liaison between the Faculty of Law and resource centres such the Q Centre, Native Centre, Women’s Resource Centre, the Faith and Spirituality Centre and others to ensure these campus wide resources are available and accessible for law students.

As your Faculty Representative, I will work as a liaison between our Faculty and the Students’ Union to ensure I am able to advocate for you all!  I will always maintain an open line of communication with students and members of the faculty. Together, we can make this experience the best for our students! Vote Saliha Haq! [/content]
[subheader]Faculty Rep. – Science: Pragya Chopra[/subheader]
[content]Hey everyone! My name is Pragya Chopra and I am running to be re-elected as your 79th Faculty of Science Representative! I am a 3rd year Computer Science student.

In my 3 years at the University of Calgary, I have been deeply involved in enriching the student experience. I am currently the 78th Faculty of Science Representative. I have previously been appointed as the Communications Ambassador for the Faculty of Science, a Student Representative for Yamnuska Hall, a member of the Student Advisory Council, alumni engagement team and the Science Mentorship Program.

As your representative this year, my main aim was to provide you all with all the help and support you needed. Here are a few things my colleagues and I have worked on this year:

  • Advocating for a better educational experience by hosting Science Learning Community Exchange programs in order to get student input on the shift to online learning.
  • Working on Quality Money renovation projects in order to give the students a better campus experience once we all do come back (hopefully soon!)
  • Advocating for an increase in scholarships and bursaries.
  • Voicing the concerns and needs of the international students at the International Engagement Committee.
  • Helped organize a virtual introduction to research for the Department of Computer Science

Going forward, these are my updated goals:

More External Opportunities:

  • Work towards introducing new scholarships and bursaries from both internal and external sources.
  • With the support of the career services and alumni, hold regular career-based workshops.

Being transparent:

  • Hold regular sessions to keep the students updated about the current opportunities
  • Staying active on social media for instant communication.

Enhanced workspaces and study spaces:

  • Work towards bringing new and improved technologies/accessories to existing labs.
  • Strive to create more quiet areas for collaborative learning that are easily accessible and have a good ambience for positive learning.

As your faculty rep, I aspire to not confine myself to these initiatives alone but to take action for every voice that is heard. I am with you every step of the way. Vote PRAGYA CHOPRA for Science Rep![/content]
[subheader]Faculty Rep. – Science: Megan Raivio[/subheader]
[content]Hello! I’m Megan Raivio and I’m a first year biosci student who is eager to be your next Faculty of Science Representative. While experiencing my first year online I have heard the growing concerns from my fellow students, which encouraged me to fight and amplify their voices. After hearing countless student’s worries, I have created a platform that can inspire student involvement and make positive changes in our community. My promise to you is to focus on advocacy, opportunity and support.

Advocacy: While I represent your voices, I want to hear from you directly. Here’s my plan:

  • Flexible office hours to ensure transparency between students and faculty
  • Continued use of the Faculty of Science D2L and the SU Science Rep Instagram to conduct surveys, collect feedback and address concerns brought directly by students
  • Fight for your voice surrounding proposed changes that directly affect you and your education

Opportunity: Every undergraduate student should get every chance to meet and talk to professionals in their field, attend career fairs and participate in research. This means:

  • Continue the Research Night workshops
  • Host Graduate Nights to allow undergrads to ask specific questions and learn more about graduate education from current graduate students

Support: Online has made it difficult to access support and representation. I hope to improve this by:

  • Working with Career Services to provide writing workshops for science students
  • Advocate to expand PASS programs to other disciplines and upper year courses across a mixture of science majors
  • Support student well-being by having workshops aimed at tackling stress, working on time management and how to cope in a Covid-19 world
  • Inviting underrepresented student populations such as bipoc, lgbtq+ and women to speak about the difficulties of being represented in STEM fields

As your next Faculty Representative, I want to assure that every student voice is well represented. I will push to improve the university experience and the well-being of all the students in our faculty. Vote MEGAN RAIVIO for SCIENCE REP! Together we can make this a great year![/content]
[subheader]Faculty Rep. – Science: Chaten Jessel[/subheader]
[content]Hi there! My name is Chaten Jessel, I am a 3rd year Neuroscience student, and I would be honored to be your Faculty of Science Representative for the 2021-2022 school year!

Serving as your representative this past year has been an incredible experience. I worked to promote open education resources, to create a holistic support network for EDI advocacy, and to improve study spaces in the science buildings. Looking forward to next year, there is so much more I want to accomplish.

Advocating for Open Education Resources

As tuition continues to rise, there is a huge financial burden being put on students. I believe that advocating for the adoption of open education resources is a novel way to combat it. Open education resources are free alternatives to expensive traditional textbooks and offer an innovative way to lower the cost of education independent of tuition. If elected, I want to further the growth of open education on campus to create a more affordable university experience for all.

Better Study Spaces

Though a majority of us didn’t get to see the science buildings this year, we should all remember one thing. They are very old. If elected I want to continue working to update our buildings to make them effective for modern learning. This includes creating more study spaces and improving existing space functionality through the addition of lights and outlets.

Increased Accountability to Students

I want to help all of you better understand the work that your SU representatives do for you. Using the Faculty of Science Representatives Instagram account, I hope to share the important meetings, initiatives, and advocacy that your representatives engage with to ensure that you’re in the loop with what the SU is up to.

These are just a few of the ways I want to work for the betterment of Science students. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my platform and for your consideration.

Together I know that we can make the Faculty of Science an even better place for all students!

Vote Chaten Jessel for Faculty of Science Representative![/content]
[subheader]Faculty Rep. – Veterinary Medicine: Lauren Stoffregen[/subheader]
[content]Hello! My name is Lauren Stoffregen, and I am a first year DVM student running to be your Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Representative in this 2021 general election. This year UCVM has seen dramatic change to the student experience. As a first year when the class size was increased to 51 and the whole academic year is taught online, I understand the struggles of my own class and empathize with the incoming class in the Fall. I am committed to ensuring our campus is equipped to handle 135 students and that students have the tools to succeed, whether classes are online or on campus. I anticipate any transition away from online learning will be challenging for students, particularly those who have no experience with typical campus life. Our representative should be proactive and adaptable to help struggling students. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine needs a committed representative to advocate for issues specific to our students and for our students when we are excluded from solutions to common issues. This includes the ongoing issue of our lack of access to on-campus services that are included in our fees.

A major source of stress for students as spring and summer approaches is employment opportunities. We have lost our summer work experience program due to government cuts, and consequently collaboration with rural and large animal practice has become less accessible to students and clinics. I would like to make mixed animal summer employment available to students by networking with clinics and providing incentives to take us on as employees. This is especially important since UCVM was founded to produce more high-quality large animal veterinarians to meet demand and students without a strong background in the field are struggling to gain paid experience.

Thank you for your consideration![/content]
[subheader]Faculty Rep. – Haskayne School of Business: Adrian Alcantara[/subheader]
[content]Hello Haskayne! My name is Adrian Alcantara, and I am running to be your next Faculty Representative for the Haskayne School of Business. Throughout my university career, I served as your Director and Vice President of Student Life for the Haskayne Student Association, your Executive Student at Large on the Haskayne Wellness Society and as a mentor for this year’s First Year Mentorship Program. My experiences reflect my passion for community building and empowering student voices within our faculty.
I intend to focus on the following:
Wellness Initiatives
With the large number of workloads and stress students are receiving I plan on increasing student accessibility towards mental health resources available to them. Additionally, I intend to increase collaborations with Haskayne clubs to promote and help improve both physical and mental wellness within the faculty through events, speaker nights and bi-weekly postings on wellness routines.

Student Relief Initiatives

Many junior and senior students are often stressed and struggle with keeping up with important dates and resources available to them by faculty. To relieve that pressure, I will aim to create resource guides that contain frequently asked questions including required courses, important academic dates, and wellness resources. I would also work on providing programs catered but not limited to international students to be able to build up a casual network and be able to get a better feel for life as a U of C student.

Voicing Student Concerns and Transparency
You cannot know if your voice is being heard if you do not know what we are working on! I plan on improving transparency between student and faculty and what is currently being done to honour student concerns. Moreover, I would work on the transparency of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) work being done in the faculty as well as collaborating with Haskayne clubs and centres in creating events or programs to promote EDI within Haskayne.

Thank you for considering me as your next Haskayne Representative. Remember to vote on March 2 – 4th. If you have any questions or concerns email [/content]
[subheader]Faculty Rep. – Schulich School of Engineering: Taimur Akhtar[/subheader]
[content]Hello Engineers! My name is Taimur Akhtar and I’m a 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student looking to represent YOU on the Students’ Legislative Council. Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of representing Engineers as a council member on the Engineering Students’ Society (ESS) as well as a 3rd year representative on the Mechanical Engineering Students’ Society (MESS). My prior experience has helped me become a strong student advocate – which we need now more than ever! My platform is based on the following points:

Mental Health Support

Without proper care of our mental health, we end up compromising our personal and academic lives. As Engineering Rep, I will be communicating with the VP Student Life as well as the Director of the Mental Health Strategy – Andrew Szeto – in addressing the implementation of the Campus Mental Health Strategy in Engineering. There are 28 recommendations in the strategy some of which have been marked as completed; however, I will push to see a re-evaluation and stronger implementation of the strategies.

Faculty-Student Relationship and Accountability

The faculty and students alike have experienced setbacks in the transition towards virtual teaching. It’s important that we work together in mitigating our communication gap for the betterment of our academics. I hope to communicate with students in all disciplines and their departments in tackling issues presented due to our new learning environment. It’s also important that we hold our faculty accountable if they have not followed university policies, supported our mental health, and provided a fair opportunity for students to succeed.

Accommodations Advocacy

Schulich celebrates its diversity with its students – coming from around the world. However, with the unexpected rise of the pandemic, many of our fellow engineers have moved back to their homes. Over the past year of online learning, many courses in Engineering have shifted away from providing accommodations. Unlike the pandemic which continues to change, students abroad struggle with the same issues constantly, such as bandwidth and time zone. As Engineering Rep, I will make sure no student’s situation goes unheard and that accommodations STAY consistent!

Vote Taimur for ENG REP![/content]
[subheader]Faculty Rep. – Schulich School of Engineering: Khaled Elmalawany[/subheader]
[content]Dear Schulich! I am Khaled Elmalawany and I look forward to representing you at the Student Legislative Council, Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary, and the Elected Governments as your Representative at the Students’ Union. As a 3rd Year Engineering student, Teaching Assistant in Electrical Engineering, Student Researcher, Club Executive, and company owner, I am the most qualified to represent you, especially during these coming difficult times.


Advocacy and representation are of the utmost role for this position. Due to my numerous involvements and successes, I will always be able to connect to the proper individuals to assist me and carry your ideas forward. Furthermore, I promise:

  • Keeping an open door for all your questions and concerns through all media platforms.
  • Assist any club and individual to achieve their goals and ideas within the faculty and even the University, which may include providing the proper connections, resources, and funding depending on your need and request.
  • Create a system to receive advocacy suggestions and requests at any time through an online and physical method on campus.


Even in 2021, mental health is still a “taboo” subject. With tuition increase and the current pandemic situation, this is an important topic now more than ever. During my term, I will be completing the following:

  • Work on destigmatising mental health by bringing awareness of succesful Engineering students, professors, and alumni and their mental health stories.
  • Making mental health resources available and easily accessible to all.
  • Providing mental health experts to answer your questions and provide the explanation you need.
  • Create the “Mental Health Buddy” program to provide CPR and QPR certifications as well as proper practices to recognize mental heath concerns in yourself and your peers.


It is unfortunate to hear that tuition will continue to rise for the upcoming years to come. I promise to:

  • Fight back to try and reduce the rise as much as possible.
  • Advocate for resources to be implemented for our direct learning and use in Engineering!

[subheader]Faculty Rep. – Werklund School of Education: Dhwani Joshi[/subheader]
[content]Hello fellow educators!

My name is Dhwani Joshi. I am a 3rd Year BEd student, specializing in English Language Arts – Secondary Education. I hope to be elected as your Faculty Representative for the Werklund School of Education. My past experiences in various leadership/community roles have shown me how important community outreach & access to resources are for the student body.

This has brought me to feel that we, as a faculty, could truly benefit from the following initiatives:

Well-being: Mental Health is something I value highly, and feel should be enforced to help alleviate the daily stresses we face, especially during practicums.

  • Promote mental health resources on campus, as well as resources for suicide prevention and alcohol/substance abuse, via online forums and on-campus awareness.
  • Broadcast various de-stress events taking place, in-person and online, for students/staff to take part in.


  • Build a bridge between students, faculty members, and concurrent students by continuing to adopt the current Undergraduate Programs in Education’s D2L resource shell.
  • Collaborate with faculty advisors to help share this group with any newly enrolled or transferred education students.
  • Integrate multidisciplinary opportunities for Werklund students to work with peers from other faculties, expand their skill sets, and collaborate in fields of research.


  • Create an Instagram page focused on the Faculty of Education to bring awareness for students in regard to various resources, events, programs, etc., that are available.
  • Build a foundation of resources for Indigenous education, LGBTQ+ community, and working with special needs kids in field work/practicums.
  • Bring awareness to TAB (Teaching Across Borders) program available for students.


  • Provide workshops and networking opportunities to connect students with professors, fellow classmates, graduate students, and advisors to gain feedback, knowledge on various fields of studies, and share their past experiences.
  • Research has become a strongly implemented factor to the field of education, my goal is to work with faculty leads to incorporate a Werklund scholarship or program that is directed towards research topics related to education, in order for students to further incorporate it into their learning paths.

[subheader]Senate: Shagufta Farheen[/subheader]
[content]Hey Dinos!

My name is Shagufta Farheen, and this past year, I had the honour to serve and advocate for students as a SU Haskayne Faculty Representative. My versatile experience as a representative and Ambassador for World Vision Canada has equipped me with a strong voice to advocate for students on the UCalgary Senate.

I will focus on:

  1. AWARENESS: Student Roundtables

Many students are unaware of the Senate’s role and its impact in the broader community. Student ingenuity and achievement deserves to be represented in the senate’s ecosystem. I will host semesterly Student Round tables to connect both students and senators. This will also grant senators the opportunity to learn more about your work on campus!

  1. ENGAGEMENT: Improve Senator Mentorship Program

Due to the success this program witnessed in the past year, I believe that further innovating it is a must. First, I will prioritize new clubs being matched with a Senator to ensure their sustainable growth. Secondly, I will create an online booking system that will allow all undergraduate clubs to consult with a Senator. This will ensure the program is inclusive to all clubs for their continued success.

  1. ADVOCACY: Equity Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Initiatives

UCalgary must be at the forefronts for EDI initiatives both on and off campus. I will advocate for race-based data collection to determine the student landscape and highlight which groups need the most support. Hence, the Senate will be better equipped to find donors, bursaries and scholarships that are well-suited to the student profile on campus.

  1. ACCESSIBILITY: Scholarships & Bursaries

It is no surprise that increased tuition fees will have an impact on your student debt. I will advocate for more scholarships for students in need, while investigating other innovative solutions. I intend to develop a Quality Money grant to create new scholarships and support the work of students on campus. By engaging the external and internal campus community, I will prioritize YOUR growth and success.

As your Senate Representative, I will advocate for YOU, and make your voice heard! Thank you for your consideration, and don’t forget to vote March 2 – 4, 2021.[/content]
[subheader]Board of Governors Student at Large: Frank Finley[/subheader]
[content]Hi everyone, my name is Frank and for the past nine months I have had the pleasure to serve as your Students’ Union President. My work as SU President has been a deeply meaningful experience, and I have been proud to fight for students, advocating for academic options like CR/F, for increased student bursaries and support, and against reckless government cuts. I want to return to the Board of Governors to continue to fight and do my best to make a difference in the lives of students.

  1. Tuition and Government Cuts

There is no worse time to raise tuition than in the middle of the largest economic and social crisis of our lifetimes. Rising tuition is a direct result of provincial cuts, and if elected as a board member, I will remain outspoken about the disastrous consequences of these cuts. Further, I commit to fight for alternative arrangements to offset university deficits, such as increasing amortization periods.

  1. Tuition Reinvestment Bursary

As SU President, I advocated for the continuation of the Tuition Reinvestment Bursary, which has provided support to our friends and peers. If elected, I will fight for both its continuation and expansion to ensure students receive the support they deserve.

III. Infrastructure and Accessibility

The BoG manages the major infrastructure projects and maintenance of the institution. I pledge to ensure that new infrastructure projects take student needs directly into account. U of C must be a safe and accessible place for all, making improvements on everything from accessibility to safety.

  1. Student Voice in Institutional Plans

As the U of C continues work on its new strategic plan, I want to ensure students are the focus. I pledge to support student academic flexibility, support ties to external community, and ensure students continue to be at the forefront of these discussions.

Together, we can fight to improve the undergraduate experience at the University of Calgary. Ensure your voice is heard, and let those in power know we are paying attention! For my full, expanded platform, check out my social media.

Instagram: Frank4BoG
Email: [/content]