The SU provides essential services for students. Whether you want to apply for financial aid or awards, rent a locker, or get your taxes done for free, your SU can point you in the right direction.

The SU manages MacHall. MacHall (technically MacEwan Student Centre) is your home away from home and the hub of student life on campus. Besides hosting a wide variety of food court choices, the SU also owns and operates the Den and Black Lounge, Bound and Copied, the Stör, That Empty Space, SU Clubs, MacEwan Conference and Event Centre and the Q Centre.

The SU is the campus expert on getting involved. The list of ways to get involved is way too long to list here. Check out our website for a few of our favourites… the rest is up to you!

Last but not least, the SU represents you. We are your voice on the quality of education, student life, and the affordability and accessibility of your university education. Every year in March, undergrad students elect a student government – a president, four vice presidents, and nineteen faculty representatives – who represent you and your faculty.

Students’ Legislative Council

Each year, the Students’ Union (SU) holds a general election where U of C undergrads elect students to represent undergraduate interests for the following academic year (May 1 to April 30).

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Elected Officials

Currently your SLC is made up of 24 members. Nineteen of these members are Faculty Representatives, elected by students of their specific faculty. Five members are Executives, elected by all undergrad students.

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Your Student Legislative Council (SLC) members do not confine their work to regular SLC meetings but are involved in a number of Students’ Union (SU) committees. Appointed by SLC, these committees assist in developing policy, processes and initiatives as well as in making decisions regarding financial awards and recognition programs.

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For resources on our latest policies here at SU, click below.

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Learn more about any legislative documents that may of interest to anyone wishing to learn more about the scope of the SU.

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