Join us for some Fitness in the Space! Starting September 14, head to a yoga class where you’ll improve strength, practice breathing techniques and relax in between classes. Make sure to register early as there are only 20 spots available for each class.

Note: Registration for each class opens at 1:00 PM, one week before the scheduled class. 

Upcoming Fitness in the Space: Yoga classes

Fitness in The Space requirements

  1. Registration is required. Drop-ins are not permitted.
  2. Providing proof of vaccination via QR code before each class is required.
    1. Out of province QR codes are allowed on a screen or paper.
    2. Out of country students can now request to have their vaccination status to be reviewed by the AB government and get a QR code. Visit Covid Records Helpdesk | and then click “Vaccinated outside Alberta” to get started. While you wait for a code, please bring your ArriveCan document as proof of vaccination.
  3. Government issued photo ID is also required.
  4. UCID is not an approved form of vaccination proof or a form of photo ID. Flashing your Thrive app is also not applicable.