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  • This time next year I will be approximately 7,171 km away doing a Study Abroad program in Amsterdam. In case you didn’t know, the University of Calgary has partnerships with many universities in countries all over the world and they offer a multitude of programs for students to learn abroad. The full details can be […]

    March 11, 2016  |   Found in Editorial
  • BSD Fun Facts and Tips – How to have fun and be safe at BSD 2K16 BSD is on Wednesday, Apr. 13, 2016 (although I’m sure most of you knew that already). Did you know that BSD has been a longstanding tradition at the U of C for over 50 years? We are one of […]

    March 31, 2016  |   Found in Editorial
  • April 26, 2016 Yesterday the University of Calgary published a post responding to the SU’s announcement of the injunction court date set to block the takeover of MacHall. Instead of clarifying the record, the university’s statement deliberately withheld and misstated the facts.   University statement: “If the university assumes management and operations of Mac Hall […]

    April 26, 2016  |   Found in Media Releases // MyMacHall Dispute // News
  • The University of Calgary and the Students’ Union agreed today to extend the mediation period to March 21, 2016 with regards to ownership and an agreement to maintain the Students’ Union’s management of Mac Hall.  While significant progress is being made on the issues, more time is required. This demonstrates the continued commitment by both […]

    February 26, 2016  |   Found in News
  • It’s election season and we can see candidates and their posters all over the university campus. You may be confused as to how you can make an informed decision, or if you should vote. Well, if you’re an undergraduate student, you should vote because the SU has made it very easy! All you have to […]

    February 29, 2016  |   Found in Editorial
  • Notice is hereby given that an election will be held for the filling of the following offices.

    February 16, 2016  |   Found in Elections // GE-2016 // News
  • It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Making the Most of your Reading Break If you’re like me, you’ve probably been counting down the days to reading break since…the first day of class? And while you may want to spend the week in a Netflix-feuled, showerless, KD every day for every meal kind of bliss, […]

    February 11, 2016  |   Found in Editorial // Student Life
  •   Thanks to Quality Money, you can now borrow an SU PowerBank at Stör! PowerBanks will charge any USB device like phones, tablets, or cameras. You will be asked to leave your student or other form of ID, which will be returned to you when you return the PowerBank.

    February 1, 2016  |   Found in PowerBank // Quality Money // Stor
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